A Flower for My Love – Pure Love (Luneth)

"You're here again?" Frioniel asked, hearing the bell chime. "Luneth."

"Yeah." I said, looking over the flowers in the shop. "How are you doing?"

"Fine." He smiled, seeing my inquisitive eye. "What are you looking for? You always browse here, but for what?"

"Oh." I turned to face him. "Did I really not tell you? I'm looking for a flower for…T-Terra."

"Her?" He seemed pleasantly surprised. "That's sweet. Why? Are you asking her to be your girlfriend or something."

"Mm-hmm." I replied, face burning. "Yep. What do you think about violets?"

"No, that's not right. That's faithfulness, I believe." Frioniel tossed his hair back, coming around to help me.

"There's meanings?" I asked, picking up an iris. "What's for this one?"

"Uh, I think it means good news. Hold on a sec." He went to the back of the counter, picking up a book. "Here. It's a book of flower meanings. Tidus borrows it sometimes."

"Oh, wow!" I said, flipping through. "There's so many!" Frioniel chuckled, and left me to my own devices.

Buttercup, Camellia, Canterbury Bells, and…carnations.

Carnations – fascination, distinction, love


Red – Deep passion

Pink – I'll never forget you

Purple – Whimsicality

And then…

White – Pure love

"Do you have any white carnations?" I asked, putting the book back on the counter.

"You're in luck." Frioniel beamed, arranging a bouquet. I started to pull out my wallet. "It's free." He said, handing it to me. "Hope your luck will keep going." He winked.

"Thank you!" And the bell chimed merrily as I ran out the door.

"Terra!" I grinned, hiding the bouquet behind my back.

"Yes?" She turned, and I brandished the white carnations.

"For you! Do you want to be my girlfriend?" I rushed, closing my eyes tight, confidence suddenly faltering.

Her eyes seemed to widen impossibly wide, and she leaned forward, her face all smiles.


That was all I needed to hear.

A/N: Kind of short and sweet. Dedicated to amethyst-crystallite! If you want another chapter, I guess, suggest a pairing and a flower~