We all remember how the dark forces from the O.Z came to an end. Now... ten years have passed and a lot has changed. So now you're about to find out what happens to our four marvelous friends. Do you really want to know? All right so here's what you missed for the last ten years.

After D.G´s Coronation she fell in love with the guy who was always most comfortable to her, Cain's son Jeb. The two married after two lovely years of being together and they had a sweet baby girl called Anne.

Cain was appointed to be the Captain of the new Tin Man fraction and to keep the whole O.Z safe. While a ball was given he met the charming servant of King Leonas from Calaquai, her name was Rose and her lovely smile reminded him of his beloved Adora. First they only talked, then they began to dance (after Glitch forced Cain to take the first step, of course) and then when their eyes met in the bright light of the luster, it was love. They haven't married but cannot be separated.

Raw who was now one of the bravest seers in all of the O.Z became the leader of his "herd" or however you want to call it. They travelled from one place to another and lived happily and in freedom. One day Raw was summoned by the queen to help her with her duties but most of the time he spent his visits talking to D.G and Jeb about their glorious days.

Azkadellia was now the Duchess of the East after her sister was chosen to be queen, but she was really happy about it. She didn't want to spend her life in the spotlight anymore. She regretted the things she had done while she was possessed by the dark witch. She knew it wasn't her fault at all but she kept staying behind her sister trying to catch up on the time she had missed with her family.

King Ahamo and Queen Lavender were happy as never before, because their family was reunited and D.G was intending to became Queen of the Outer Zone one day.

... But I guess you all want to know what happened to our lovely Glitch am I right? Yeah I bet you do.

Well, well I'm going to tell ya: After the dark was punished and the usual daily routine was restored, they searched for a successful way to reconnect Glitch with his brain! There were many alchemista with good features and properties but they all told them the same: It's too dangerous, we can't reconnect him with his brain! NEVER! Everyone was shocked about the sad decision of the alchemist but none of them wanted Glitch to be in danger, so he had to give up his dream of being one again. Annuals passed and Glitch sadness disappeared, he enjoyed his life with half a brain and didn't miss his other half anymore.

"Why should I miss my uptight and serious part? I think this one is much more enjoyable.. enjoyable...enjoyable..." he always said and didn't go crazy about his annoying glitching.

He spent his enjoyable life taking care of D.G's little daughter and soon he became one of her most beloved friends, because he had a warm and kind way with children and he was the best player of hide and seek, Anne's most favorite.

When Anne was five years old they decided to start giving her some lessons in magic, but the old tutor was much too deaf and tired to teach her, so they had to find another younger teacher. Soon they found one, a young and good looking guy called John. He had blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes which Glitch couldn't resist... Wait! Glitch is gay? Really? Of course my darling readers what did you think? And so John and Glitch spent a lot of time together because they both cared for little Anne. While John was teaching, Glitch stayed in the room and listened to his charming, soft voice, he couldn't even prevent himself from sighing sometimes. And luckily John felt the same way... they both were in love but didn't know that the other felt the same, they were too shy to reveal their feelings! Glitch was afraid John wouldn't accept him being half-brained and with a big ugly zipper on his head, but John loved him the way he was.

So that's what happened to our people in the last 10 years but the time is still running and Christmas is near, it's the 8th Christmas day for Anne and the most joyful day for our friends because they all celebrate it together as a big family and this year is going to be a very special Christmas eve because something special is going to happen that nobody would ever forget.

So have fun enjoying my story of : A Glitchy Christmas!

Chapter 1: Preparing Christmas.

It was the 24th of December and the servants of the Northern Island were in a nervous haste. They all had to prepare a marvelous Christmas and there wasn't much time left. There was a lot of running; much scurry and scamper, a Christmas tree which had to be chopped, a big ball room that had to be decorated, gifts which had to be turned into lovely looking packages, Cookies which had to be baked and much much more. But still there was a kind of warm Christmas spirit in the air. Within all this haste there was also serenity in one of many glorious chambers. There was a little, cute girl sitting on her bed. She bobbed up and down with her feet, while her relieved and pretty mother was combing her long blonde hair. She had the hair of her father but the lovely shining blue eyes of her mother. She wore a silky red dress and long white socks with some nice looking black sandals.

"Mom I'm so excited to see all our friends and family members again, can't wait until they arrive," Anne said with a happy smile.

"Me too, honey. Did you prepare the song you wanted to sing for your aunt Azkadellia?" D.G had to smile too while the brush was combing up and down.

"Yes I did, when do they arrive?" the little girl asked.

"At 4 pm, darling please don't be so nervous. I'm having a hard time trying to comb your hair, when you can't stop bobbing around?.. You want to look pretty am I right? So you have to sit still if you want me to help you with your hair," D.G tried to calm her daughter.

"I'm sorry mother, but it seems as if we haven't seen them in years. I want to know if Rose still has the lovely red dress, you know? The one she wore last year. And I can't wait to see Raw!" Anne now tried to sit still. After a few minutes D.G 's work was done and she sent her daughter for Glitch. It was 3:54 pm and the guests would arrive any minute.

Anne hurried down the corridor until she stopped in front of a huge wooden door, she knocked with haste and waited until a tall, friendly looking man opened the door.

"What's up doll?" he asked with a soft voice.

"They're coming Glitch, they're coming! You have to join us! come on!" Anne hadn't enough air to talk but her words were clearly spoken.

"Is it already 4 pm? Can't believe it you're right. Alright I´m coming with you," Glitch looked at his watch and with a surprised face he took the hand of the girl and followed her.

All the servants were standing in a row in front of the entrance, nervously waiting for the guests, when Anne and Glitch arrived.

" Anne, there you are. Come take my hand, darling." D.G was standing next to her husband Jeb and her parents. With a tiny smile Anne let go of Glitch's hand and bobbed to her mother.

Shyly Glitch positioned himself into the row next to John and with a sheepish smile he tried to resist looking at John's face. Both were getting more and more closer to each other. Suddenly the bell rang and a furious groan was going through the row. One servant gently opened the door and let all the guests come into the lovely decorated palace.

Cain and Rose were the first ones to pass through the doorstep, with a sudden joy Anne hurried to them screaming:

" Rose! Grandpa! I missed you so much!" When she used the word Grandpa in relation to Cain, Glitch always had to laugh.

" Yep and we missed you too Grandpa," Glitch grinned and hugged Cain who was going to kill him for being as nasty as possible.

" I missed you too, Zipperhead," he grumbled.

Rose was doing a great job, Cain always had a warm smile on the corner of his mouth. Behind them were Azkadellia and Raw who entered the castle now. Time had changed quite a lot and Az looked more relieved than ever in the past 10 years. With a huge smile both of them began to hug their family members. An exchange of niceties was done and the Queen assigned her guests into the big ballroom where an enormous dinner was waiting for them.

I know, I know you all want to know what was going on at this dinner, but I can tell you. It was only the same old family rambling. Questions like: What did you do since we last met? You look great, did you solve your sleeping problems? Darling could you please hand me the Peas? And so on, but do you really want to hear that? Are they really important to you? Some royals eating their dinner? I'm sure you didn't want to hear that and in the case you want to, I have to say sorry my faithful reader but that is the wrong story.

What I want to tell you is the story of a Glitchy Christmas! So let us flash forward until the end of the dinner and let us see what happened next. After the dinner Anne followed her grandpa and Rose into their room. The dinner had been full of loud rambling and much laughter and Anne hadn't the smallest chance to talk to her beloved Grandpa. When Cain opened the door, Anne hurried to the huge bed and let herself fall onto the fluffy pillows.

"Your pillows are the softest pillows of the castle!" Anne sighed and closed her eyes.

"All right Kiddo, tell your Grandpa what you wanted to talk about at the dinner, you know it was a long journey from our farm to the castle and we need a little sleep," Cain sat down onto the bed and stroked through the soft blonde hair of his granddaughter.

"Oh, Cain let her stay a little bit longer. She hasn't seen you since her birthday in June. Come on have a heart!" Rose stood behind him and embraced his burly shoulders. Cain had to laugh since their trip to Central City nobody instead of Glitch had ever used this last sentence.

"All right, All right you can stay a bit longer. I can't resist the lovely smile of my dearest darling Rose. But please honey, you look a bit confused. What's on your mind?" Cain stopped stroking Anne's hair and hoped for an answer. The little girl remained silent, staring at the ceiling and without any expression on her face. All of a sudden she bobbed up and looked into Cain's face.

"What I wanted to do, but never had the courage to, is to ask you one question," She began to speak shyly.

"And what question do you want to ask me ?" Cain was confused but he tried to look normal.

"It's something about Glitch ... He seems to be very unhappy about something...especially at Christmas. I always asked myself if it has something to do with this strange zipper on his head... umm could you tell me why he has this zipper?" Anne remained shy but her urge to get to know the truth was growing in her.

Cain and Rose exchanged some gloomy glances and after a long silence Cain began to speak.

"I knew this day would come, but I hoped it would be your mother who has to tell you this story. I think you're old enough to hear a very sad and gloomy story. Before you were born the O.Z was ruled by a terrible sorceress ... the dark witch (of course Cain didn't tell her that this sorceress was her aunt) she imprisoned your grandma and banished your grandpa Ahamo and your aunt Azkadellia (yes he really left out every single detail) and she wanted to kill your Mom. When your Mom was at your age your Grandma brought her to another world so that she would be safe. your grandma remained in the O.Z to defend her country. But she had no chance, as I told you before the witch imprisoned her! At the same time she ordered to remove the brain of the Queens advisor because he was the only one who had the plans for a useful machinery and didn't want to hand them over voluntarily. This advisor was a very intelligent and faithful man. He sacrificed a lot to save the Queen and her family but unfortunately his courage had a high price. After they removed his brain, he couldn't remember his past, his name, who he was and where he was and he couldn´t start a sentence without glitching," Cain made a break.

"This man was Glitch! Am I right? Geez they removed his brain? That's why he has this zipper? How does the story continue?" Cain had caught Anne's attention.

"Ok I will tell you. Yes this man was Glitch but before he became Glitch his name was Ambrose and he didn't have this zipper of course. We never got to know what happened after they removed his brain but we know that he was caught by some munchkins, they were resistance fighters and thought he was a spy. After spending sometime in a cage, he met your mother who had been back to the O.Z. He helped to save me from my prison in a tin suit, yes your grandpa was imprisoned in a tin suit because he was one of the resistance fighters and the minions of the Witch had defeated me. After your Mom and Glitch saved me, we made our way to Central City to find the adoptive parents of your mother. On our way we met Raw and after a long and dangerous journey we found out that your Mom was the princess and that she was the only chance to save the O.Z and we found out that Glitch was the Queen's advisor and what he did to save her. We made our way to fight against the Witch, I met my son, your father who had been kidnapped from a minion called Zero ... and in the End we defeated the dark witch and your grandma, your grandpa, your aunt and your mom were reunited again. I know I left out a lot but it's a long story and you're still too young for some parts of the story. There was a lots of fighting and well that's nothing for a young princess," Cain sighed.

"But when you defeated the Queen and they still had Glitch's brain, am I right? Why didn't you reconnect him?" Anne asked.

"Because the alchemist told us that it would be too dangerous and we didn't want to harm Glitch. Of course he was disappointed at first and I still believe that he wants to have his brain back, but he always says that he's fine." Cain looked gloomy again. Anne sighed but nodded.

"Ok, Thank you for telling me this story," she said.

"You're welcome but please don't tell your mother that you know something about our past. I bet she wouldn't be amused," Cain had to yawn now, " I think it's time for bed now, what do you say my darling?" he looked to Rose.

"Yes, I think it's time. Shall we accompany you to your room, Anne?" she asked the little girl.

"No thanks, I will find the way on my own. Sleep well, I love you both, Goodnight," Anne hugged her grandpa and afterwards she gave Rose a warm kiss on her cheek and left the room. While she walked to her chamber at the end of the corridor, there was only one thought rushing through her mind. How could she help Glitch to be happy again?