Come Back

By tenshinrtaiga

Disclaimer: I don't own Hellcats.

Summary: What happens after 1x11 when Savannah finds out that Marti and Dan hooked up. Having already lost everything she was afraid to lose, Marti decides to let go of her fear in order to win back the one person who means it all.

Marti sat heavily down on the wooden bench. She could still hear the music and the wild laughter and partying inside the barn and the juxtaposition just served to emphasize her broken heart all the more. All the Hellcats had left behind Savannah and they had every right to. Marti was the one who…

She shook her head, blonde curly hair flying everywhere, refusing to think about it. She needed to stay level headed. Her ride had just stormed off (for good reason) so now she needed to find a way home. She brought out her phone and dialed the only person she knew would answer her call right now. "Hey, mom. It's me. I need you to come pick me up after your shift," Marti paused to listen to her mother's question, "No, I… I got into a fight with Savannah and the squad's not talking to me. Just come pick me up, please." A small smile crept onto her face at her mother's easy agreement and Marti hung up.

As she sat there alone outside, she couldn't help but look back on what had just happened right here on the very bench she was sitting at. Unable to take it, she stood up and began wandering around. But nothing could stop her mind from returning to what happened.

Unable to contain a sob, she wandered towards the woods, away from all the happy partiers and away from anyone who might see her break down.

This was what she had been afraid of. Losing Savannah. Losing Lewis. Most of all, losing Dan.

At that thought, her chest stopped moving as her heart began pounding in her chest. Oh, god. She couldn't lose Dan. She put her head between her legs as she attempted to both ease the nausea and try and breathe. Unfortunately, it did neither.

Standing up, she fumbled for her cell phone, her fingers already dialing the number she had long ago memorized. "Dan," Marti choked out around a sob, "I know that you're screening my calls, but I just thought you should know you were right. The guilt… it wasn't going away. I told Savannah. God, she hates me," She choked out a sob as she brought a hand up to push her hair away from her tear stained face, "And I just wanted to say, I'm sorry. You were right about us too. I am ready; I want to be all in, but I was just so scared that if we tried, that Savannah and Lewis would hate me and that I would mess things up and you'd go away, but this time you wouldn't come back and I'd lose not only my boyfriend, but my best friend too. But now look what I've done because you have gone away and Savannah and Lewis do hate me. So what was the point in holding back?" She laughed self-deprecatingly before biting her lip nervously at her last words, "I guess what I'm saying is… I'm sorry… and I love you. Please come back."