Come Back

By tenshinrtaiga

Disclaimer: I don't own Hellcats.

Summary: What happens after 1x11 when Savannah finds out that Marti and Dan hooked up. Having already lost everything she was afraid to lose, Marti decides to let go of her fear in order to win back the one person who means it all.

Dan slowly made his way up the steps and through the open door. He had barely made it past the front entrance when there was suddenly an obstacle in front of him. Looking up, he winced when he met the angry eyes of Lewis.

"If you're gonna hit me, can you please do it quickly. I have somewhere I need to be," Dan offered.

Lewis shook his head, an un-amused look on his face, "Nah, I'm not gonna hit you. What you and Marti did… I don't like it, but things between me and Marti were different than how thing were between you and Savannah," He shook his head, "Marti and I are cool which means you and I are too, but I'm not sure you being here is a good idea, man."

Dan nodded in agreement. He had been having some doubts on that as well, but this was the only place he knew he could find her. He was about to say something to that affect when a third voice interrupted.

"Dan?" Savannah asked in surprise and with more than a bit of hope as she came down the hallway.

He winced as he nodded his head in greeting, "Savannah."

"What are you doing here?" She asked as she moved closer to him. Lewis stepped away to give them a minute, but still stayed close in case she needed him.

"I-" Whatever Dan was about to say was cut off when Marti stuck her head out her dorm room door.

She looked around, clearly trying to locate his familiar voice when she spotted him. She walked out of her room and leaned against the wall as she gave him a weary smile, "Hey, stranger."

"M," He nodded, focused completely on her as his gaze wandered over her face trying to analyze what she was thinking, how she was feeling and whether or not her words on his voicemail had been true.

She gave a small quirk of her lips and nodded her head slightly toward her room. His legs began walking towards her before he even realized he was moving. It was only as he was passing by Savannah that he remembered she was even there. He studiously avoided looking at her, not wanting to meet her gaze. He knew that Marti had noticed because she too grimaced and looked away in guilt as the two entered her room.

She locked the door behind them and turned to face him, eyes wide as if she was still processing the fact that he was really standing in front of her.

"Hey," Dan greeted awkwardly as he stared down into Marti's shocked green eyes, "I made it all the way down to New Orleans before I listened to your messages. Sorry," He shrugged slightly as if he didn't know what else to do. "Did you… did you mean it?" Dan asked seriously.

Marti hesitated but nodded, "Yes, I meant it." Dan gave a huge, relieved grin and leaned down to kiss her, but she took a small step back causing his smile to fade into a frown. "But-"

"But?" Dan asked in frustration, "What 'but'? God, I can't do this again," He muttered as he took a step back and raked a hand through his already messy hair.

Marti reached a hand out to grab his arm, terrified that he was planning on leaving again, "But I just made things right with Savannah and I promised her that I wouldn't let her regret it."

"So, what?" He asked angrily, "We're just going to go back to being friends, pretending that there isn't something more between us?"

Marti hesitated but ultimately shook her head, "No. I don't want that. When I said I was all in, I meant it." Seeing that she had Dan's full attention, she worried her lower lip, wondering if she was making the right call, "I just think we need to sit down with Savannah and talk about all of this. Sort it out. It'll hurt, but I think it will be better this way." Seeing Dan grimace, she squeezed his arm, "She's been good to us. We owe her."

He gave a small sigh but didn't argue, "You're right. We should talk to her."

She gave a relieved smile and loosened her iron grip on his arm, "Now?" She asked hesitantly

"Aw, crap," He groaned, his hand rubbing over his face before finally nodding in agreement, "Alright. Better now than later," Seeing her agree, he let a smile overtake his face, "So, since we're all in, I guess that makes you my girlfriend."

Marti's lips twitched into a smile at his words, "I guess so."

His smile turned into a wide grin, "So, can I kiss my girlfriend now or is that something else we need to talk to Savannah about?" he teased lightly.

Marti winked flirtatiously, running a hand down his chest, "How about we talk to Savannah first and then we see."