Hey, world of FanFiction! CW here with an announcement!

Obviously, this isn't an update or a new chapter or whatever, but it could be! How, you ask? It's very simple:

On my profile, I'm holding a poll: which story should I make a rewrite of? Simple, right? Exactly!

I've chosen eight of my favorite/most popular stories that I feel I can improve on, and I'm leaving it up to you, the readers, to decide which one I'll rewrite/continue.

Like I said, it's so simple! Just go to my profile, click on the poll at the very top, and vote for this story or another favorite of yours. I'll be keeping close tally of the votes.

To make this feel more official, I do have just a few guidelines, but they're not anything, really. Here they are:

*1* The poll closes on August 31st, 2013 (8-31-13). I'm setting this deadline so I'll have time to write it. I want to get the winner up by my birthday, which is 9-20. Just make sure to cast your vote by then!

*2* I've set the rules so that you can vote for a maximum of two (2) stories. I do this so that you won't complain about not being able to choose. You're welcome. :)

*3* I don't know if this is possible on these polls, but please vote one time only! I don't want this to be swayed in any way, so vote once.

*4* You don't necessarily have to vote for this story. Like I said, there are eight (8) choices, and you can pick your favorite(s) of them. I also encourage you to read the ones you're not sure about!

*5* If a one-shot does win, I will rewrite that one, but I will also rewrite the runner-up oneshot as well, just to make sure that everybody's happy.

Anyway, pretty please take the time to vote! I want this to be a birthday treat for me and a fun treat for you guys. Like I said, take the time to read the other options if you'd like, and most importantly, CAST YOUR VOTE(S)!

Thanks so much for your continued support and encouragement! As for current stories, especially Exchangeability, I'm working on getting them updated, so stay tuned!

Vote for your favorite for the 2013 CW Redux!