A single tear slid down the red head's cheek as she clutched her PEZ in her pale hands. The witch on it appeared blurry as the tears kept filling her eyes. Oz had left her. It's all Veruca's fault Willow thought sadly. If she and Oz would have never done what they did he'd still be here. Now all she had left was a stupid toy. In an uncharacteristic burst of rage, Willow scooped up the goofy dog PEZ she had bought to go with her little witch and threw it across the dorm room she and Buffy shared. The head of the PEZ broke off from the body of it. Willow remembered the day she bought it perfectly...

"Oz! Lookie, it's a little doggy PEZ! We can pretend it's a werewolf and my witch can finally have a boyfriend! She was getting lonely," Willow said with a grin as she squeezed Oz's hand. He gave her a small smile and squeezed back.

"I don't know he's a bit goofy looking. Is there a striking resemblance?" Oz asked as he held the PEZ up to his face. Willow giggled and decided then and there that she needed to have that PEZ.

Its shattered form on the floor resembled Willow's insides. She felt hollow, lost. Buffy was out with Riley, she didn't know Oz had left yet, so Willow was alone to deal with her heartbreak and grief. She felt sorta betrayed in a way. She had been there through all of Buffy's heartache with Angel and Parker, yet Buffy was too tied up with Riley now to care. With a defeated sigh, Willow opened up their mini fridge and was hoping to find some nice ice-cream to gorge herself with. As with the theme of the night, luck was not on her side. There was no ice-cream, just a questionable piece of cheese. Willow's tears turned into full on sobs. The whole weight of his absence just smashed into her like a semi-truck. He was gone and he'd left her behind. She curled under her covers after that, and finally fell asleep when she ran out of tears.

"Bloody hell!" Spike yelled as he bolted out the exit of the secret soldier place. Wanker soldiers. If that poor sap with the skull t-shirt wouldn't have been there, it would have been him who'd have gotten dusted. Spike shivered at the thought. He was too damn attractive to go up in a puff of smoke. Speaking of smoke, Spike thought as he dug around in his pockets. He sighed exasperated. They took his cigarettes, but left his Zippo lighter, as if to torment him. "Well then, I guess I'll just have to get em the old fashioned way. Wring somebody's neck," he said with a devilish grin.

After only a short while of walking, he found the perfect lil convenient store with a cute cashier. "Hello luv," he said slowly, grinning seductively at her. She practically melted under his gaze. "I'll be needing some cigs, but pity, I'm fresh outta cash, mind giving me a freebie just this once?"

She giggled nervously, but replied, "my boss is gonna kill me," as she grabbed the packages of cigarettes he had gestured to.

"Won't need to be worrying about that, pet, I actually need a drink as well." Without warning he lunged across the counter and tackled the girl to the ground. She opened her mouth to scream, but he covered it in time. "Now, now, none of that sweetie, it won't hurt...too much." His fangs slowly grazed her soft throat as his game face shined through his human fa├žade. He bit down, hard, only to pull away in agony, clutching at his aching skull. "OWWW! What the hell did you do you silly bint?"

"I-I didn't do anything," she sobbed as he stood up, clutching her almost munched neck. She trembled in fear as he glared down at her.

"As intoxicating as your fear smells, I need to figure out what those soldier boys did to me. I can't even bite anyone!" He threw his hands into the air and walked towards the door. Just as he was crossing the threshold, he looked back at the still cowering girl. "Thanks for the cigs by the way, 'preciate it, luv." He cackled at the expression on her face. Now who can figure out something like this? Spike asked himself before the light bulb went off in his head. Time to pay a little visit to Red, and maybe the store clerk was a fluke; maybe the Big Bad still had it. He grinned at the possibility of tasting the Slayer's little witchy friend.

Willow jerked awake to the sound of loud knocking on the door to the dorm room. Buffy must have forgotten her key...again. Willow was too groggy to realize that thought made no sense since the door was already unlocked. "Come in," she said sleepily, burrowing herself deeper into the covers.

"Don't mind if I do. Long time no see, Red," came the smooth, clearly British-voiced reply. Only one person had ever called Willow Red in her live. She gasped, leaping up, tangling herself in the sheets in the process. "Spike! What are you doing here?" She asked in an attempt to distract him.

"Well you did just invite me in," he replied mockingly. As he picked up the shattered PEZ from the floor, Willow made a mad dash for the door. She was promptly grabbed by the throat and tossed back towards her bed when she tried to duck under his outstretched arm. "Tsk-tsk, aren't scared of the Big Bad Wolf are ya lil Red?" He then looked at the PEZ wolf he was holding. "No, just looks like you have some fiery rage against them."

"Spike, w-what do you want? Another spell? I-I can do that," Willow was terrified. This was the man who had kidnapped her and almost killed Xander with a Bunsen burner. And now he was sober, which was worse than drunken Spike.

"Listen, I'll give you a choice. Now I'm gonna kill you, no choice in that, but I can let you stay dead or bring you back... to be like me," He said as he slowly stalked towards her. His face morphed into his vamp face as Willow replied, "I-I'll scream," while stumbling on her words. Thanks Buffy, first Oz and now I'm going to get eaten by a bloodsucking fiend. Way to be here for me Willow thought sarcastically. Spike's fangs become exposed when he leers in her face and grins.

"Bonus," he said before attacking her. She screamed like she had warned, and he just turned up her music that was playing softly to a volume that left her certain nobody would hear her, even if he took off his hand from her mouth. She pretty much gave up after that, she was going to die in this dorm room and nobody was going to save her. She prepared herself for the worse when Spike threw her down on the bed, pinning her down. He snarled and bit down on her neck.

"OWWW!" He yelled, pulling back from her. "What the bleeding hell is wrong with me!" He yelled once again, coming to a sitting position on the end of the bed. Willow cautiously sat up, a hand on her neck. She pulled back her hand, he had barely broken the skin before he had freaked out, clutching his head in pain. "A-are you ok?" she asked and Spike snorted. "Yeah yeah, let's try this again," he replied before trying to bite her again. He got the same results, a sharp agony pounding through his skull.

He slouched over on the edge of the bed and complained. Somehow after thirty minutes of talking and trying to figure out what was wrong with him, he asked her to go get a drink with him. He had claimed, "I really need a drink right now, drowning of the sorrows and all that." She shrugged and reluctantly agreed; it's sad when a soulless vampire is the only one that notices her pain. She kicked him out so that she could change into some jeans and a baggy sweatshirt. Spike appraised her when she stepped out of the dorm room. She gave him a questioning look and he replied, "Just cos your heart got broken doesn't mean you should lose all awareness of your appearance. I mean even when I was devastated by Dru leaving me, I still looked bloody brilliant." Willow rolled her eyes and said, "C'mon before I get some common sense and change my mind," Spike shrugged and started leading her out of the building. They walked in comfortable silence, until they ended up in the seedy part of Sunnydale. I must be miserable if I'm going to drink with a demon she thought as she sighed and shivered. Her nerves were frayed and she was terrified to be near a demon bar with a vampire, especially Spike. A.k.a William the Bloody, the super evil vampire whose evil deeds almost match those of Angelus's. With her luck, they'd get attacked by a demon and Spike would leave her to die.

"C'mon, luv, at least pretend to be excited. I mean you're out with an attractive guy like myself and all you're doing is moping about the wolf boy who didn't know what he had. I bet he's finding out now," Spike told her, almost as if trying to cheer her up. Willow shrugged and they walked into Willie's bar. Willie sent Willow a questioning gaze that was silenced when Spike approached the counter and said, "A round of drinks for my lady and I. We'll be needing a lot." After waiting for Willie to scramble to get their drinks, Spike grabbed Willow's hand and led her to a booth near the back of the bar.

Willie came by with an armful of drinks, and sat them down on the table. "Ya know, just because I serve demons doesn't mean I serve minors," Willie said, gesturing to Willow. She was about to stutter out an embarrassed response, but Spike beat her with his own type of reply. Willie made choking sounds as Spike's hand shot out to grab him by the throat. He made sure not to exert too much pressure, considering it seemed to him like he was unable to hurt anything. "Sod off," was his only command before he dropped Willie to the ground and the bartender scurried away like the rat he was.

"Finally some bloody peace and quiet," Spike stated before downing his drink. Willow sipped lightly at hers, nearly gagging. "Red can't handle her liquor?" He teased her. She glared and choked down her entire drink, and got some more just to prove him she was tougher than everyone thought. I'll show him! She thought. I'll show everybody that I can be cool like Veruca. Willow bet that Veruca could hold her liquor.

Hours later, they stumbled out of Willie's bar, laughing hysterically. They'd been tossed out for being too boisterous. Willow was totally smashed, and Spike was right along with hereven though it had taken a lot more for him to get inebriated than it took her. Willow was telling a drunken tale of how lame Oz was and they snickered and staggered about, keeping balanced by clutching onto each other.

"Your face is so pretty," Willow said before giggling. Spike laughed too and wrapped his arms around her, planting a kiss on her mouth. She sent him a questioning look, "why'd you do that?" "I don't really know, pet," was his reply. Suddenly they tripped and fell in an alley. They were both out cold.

The sun peaked over the horizon, casting a ray of sunlight on a pale, bare arm. The arm began to sizzle until a flame burst up, slowly taking over the hand. Spike yelled out in pain, screaming all sorts of profanities while trying to put out his burning hand. He was flapping his arm about like a psychotic bird. Willow squeaked and sat up from her place entangled with Spike. She saw him and screamed and jumped back. He had finally gotten his flaming hand under control and was confused for a moment. What's Red doing here? He thought, before remembering the events before he started drinking. "God, I have the worst hangover ever, getting sober is bloody terrible," he complained, his uninjured hand pressed to his forehead. Willow was feeling similar pain, and also the fact the wonderful numbness went away.

"Crap! Buffy!" Willow yelped, looking for her sweatshirt that was a couple feet away. "Bollocks, what about the Slayer?" Spike was putting on his duster and realized he was trapped in that alley til the sun came down again. "Bloody hell, now I'm stuck here!" Willow shrugged apologetically and was about to wander off, but at the last second she turned back towards Spike. "So...um I'm free tonight if you want to...I mean if you don't it's ok I'll just-" Spike interrupted her before she could continue. "Sure Red, I'll be here, you can show up if you want. 11 o' clock." Spike perked up when he spotted a manhole cover with the lid slightly askew. He turned his back on Willow and uncovered it. "O-ok, well um goodbye then, see you tonight," Willow said with a small awkward wave as she walked out of the alleyway and into the sunlight. She grimaced and squinted as the light hit her eyes; it made the pounding in her head even worse. She shook her head confused as to why she was going to meet up with Spike again tonight, it just didn't make sense. I guess kissing him didn't either though. Oh my god! We kissed! I locked lips with a demon! Oh god... Willow thought as she blurrily remembered him kissing her before they both passed out. Guilt immediately surged through her. She felt horrible for leaving with a demon, Spike of all non-people! The guilt washed away and was replaced by anger towards Buffy. She hadn't been a loyal friend as of late.

Spike watched as Red walked away and down the street. He shook his head, puzzled. Just a year ago he was threatening to shove a glass bottle through her face, and now they were drinking together? Spike licked his lips remembering the brief kiss they shared. He quickly pushed the thought from his mind, it was just too weird. Spike glanced down at the now uncovered manhole, shrugged and then dropped down underground. He landed with a thump and a slight splash as his feet connected with a small puddle. It smelled absolutely putrid as he started off in the direction of his crypt. He had become well acquainted with these sewers in his time in Sunnyhell and knew which way to go. As he took a step forward he heard a soft crunch and picked up his foot to see what he stomped on. It was an egg of sorts. Bollockshe thought when he realized he was in some sort of nest. Spike immediately took off down the sewers; he didn't want the wrath of an angry mama demon upon him.

Willow scurried to her first period class, Psychology with Professor Walsh, and squirmed under the Professor's hard stare. "Tardy Miss Rosenberg, next time I won't be so nice about it. Take a seat. Quickly now since you've already interrupted my lecture and have disturbed your classmates' learning," The professor stated bluntly and Willow sheepishly took her usual seat next to Buffy. Buffy was too busy making googley eyes at Riley to even notice Willow taking her seat. She rolled her eyes and pulled out her notebook and pen and started scribbling down her notes. After class ended, Willow picked up her supplies and started to leave. Her head ached and she honestly just wanted to sleep until eleven came around. Buffy was still gathering her stuff, so Willow figured she'd be able to sneak out unnoticed until a strong arm landed on her shoulder.

"Willow, are you alright? I've never seen you tardy to class before or so willing to leave it. Buffy was worried about you." Willow looked at Riley and forced a smile, "I'm sure she was, but I really need to get going, lots of important collegey stuff to do, you know how it is, tell Buffy I'll see her later," Willow said and walked away as fast as possible. Riley scrunched his face up in confusion, but shrugged and hugged Buffy when she approached him. "Where's Willow going? I haven't seen her since class yesterday," Buffy commented as they walked out hand in hand. That's the last Willow heard before she made it around the corner and away from the couple.

Spike sighed with relief when he made it to his crypt. He took a nice warm shower thanks to the running water he had installed earlier that week, and then he peeked at the clock by his bedside. Only five...what to do til I get to see lil Red? He wondered as he walked into his un-living room area. Spike switched on his TV to Passions and went into his mini-fridge. He had some blood bags he'd filched from the local blood bank during his last raid there. He sighed and tore it open, guzzling it down. It was horrible cold, but it was better than nothing. Spike pulled out a bottle of scotch and seated himself in front of the screen. He dug in his pockets until he found his Zippo and lit up a cigarette.

It was going to be a long six hours. He hadn't a clue as to why he was looking forward to seeing Red.