A/N-Not quite sure what this is...It happens at the end of Newborn King. Tony doesn't go to Leyla's with Gibbs, but instead goes off on his own. I've always wanted to write a story about Tony and another character being in love, but never knew how to start it-maybe as a bunch of one shots or one shots leading up to a case...don't know yet.

If you guys like it, I'll continue or say the word and I'll stop-I don't want to torture you! BTW...I own nothing of NCIS!

Tony stood alone in Gibbs' basement. His boss' words rung in his head 'Don't be like me! Learn from it!' Tony ran up the stairs and outside we he saw Gibbs loading presents into his car.

"Got something to do Gibbs, tell Leyla I'm sorry" Tony shouted as he jumped in his car and sped off, leaving Gibbs standing in his driveway with a perplexed look on his face.

Tony raced down the road, heading back towards his apartment building. He parked his car and ran up the stairs. Reaching apartment 3B, he knocked on his neighbor's door. He was taking a chance by knocking as Tony didn't know if she was alone.

The door opened and a woman, in her late thirties with long brown hair and incredible blue eyes, answered. Tony turn on the charm. "Kat, you are looking very nice tonight in your sweats and sweater!"

"Tony! I thought you had plans. What are you doing here? Did your boss kick you out today?"

"You alone?"

Kat smiled and said "No, my boyfriend is here."

Tony felt his eyes widen. He surely thought Kat was single. Everyday, for nearly a year, he had talked to Kat in the lobby of their apartment while they got their mail, in the hallway and on the stairs. She never mentioned a boyfriend, but then again he never asked. Embarrassed, he walked backwards down the hall as he sputtered "Sorry. I didn't mean to bother you guys. I just thought...I don't know what I thought. I'll leave you alone with your boyfriend."

"Tony, stop! I was teasing you. That's what we do when we see one another-we joke back and forth. I don't have a boyfriend. I thought it'd be funny if I said that but I didn't know you'd be so serious! Give me a moment." Kat walked back into her apartment and quickly came out with her coat and purse. "Would you take me out for some Chinese? I know a place that's open today, but it's a little bit of a drive."

Tony still staring at his neighbor, finally spoke. "Who needs presents when you have Chinese food and a beautiful woman with you. Let's go!"

She rolled her eyes and followed Tony to his car. This was going to be an interesting Christmas.