"Stay still, soldier boy! I haven't finished tending your wounds!" Natalie pressed the red head to the ground even harder. He kept struggling for freedom.

"Bu- But my.. My gun! It got damaged! By that stupid Beholder! I need to get my revenge!" Lance, tear-eyed, whimpered to get her off of him, but to no avail as she pinned him down even harder.

"Matt! Help me keep him down while I heal him! We need to get ready for the next battle," Natalie shouted over Matt, who sat in front of the camp fire next to Nolegs. Matt turned to see her, his hand holding a huge meat. Outraged by his barbaric ways, she stomped towards him, leaving Lance to crawl back to his beloved guns. "You killed something and ate it! Don't you have any heart?"

"Hey, you said we need to prepare for the next battle, so I'm just filling my stomach. Like they say, you can't expect someone to fight on an empty stomach." The blond happily chomped his half burnt meat, giving little pieces to Nolegs, the trusty little cat with no legs who comes out of nowhere to aid them in their battles randomly. "Besides, this was from that Beholder we killed." Natalie calmed herself down. What can she do with a ruffian who'd eat anything, including the disgusting dead, for food and a ex-leader of an evil army who's in love with his guns way too much... An idea came to her.

"Lance~" She called his name in a friendly tone. It not only surprised him, but made him wary. He glared at her, wondering if she really is Natalie. But nevertheless, he nodded to her. "Let me heal you first, then you'll be strong enough to kill another Beholder~"

"Great idea!" He jumped in happiness, ready to let her heal him. After the glow of the white healing powers died, he was back to normal, not a scratch seen anywhere on him. He grabbed his gun, gripping it tightly, he shouted. "Now, REVENGE!"

As Lance dragged the two to find another Beholder to avenge his gun, Matt was still busy finishing his huge meal. It wasn't long until they found one. Without a tactic, Lance went ahead to attack it, his head was full of revenge. The Beholder sent its tentacles lashing to him. Natalie didn't move, she wanted to wait until the time was right, though occasionally she'd cast Regen to keep the war lover alive. Matt didn't move either, he was too absorbed in eating.

'Now', Natale thought. As the Beholder did its special attack, Natalie grabbed Matt's head to look at Lance's fight. It's tentacles entwined around the red heads body so suddenly, he didn't get the chance to escape its devastating blow.

"Not again! Ho shi-!"

Matt froze to see the horrifying scene. Natalie smiled to see his epic fail face. "Do you want to continue eating crap from the likes of them now?"

"Hell no!" The blond chocked the meat out of his system."Don't worry, Lance! I'll save you, brotha!" He sprinted towards the battle and joined in their fight.

"So, what did we learn today?" Natalie, crossed armed, stood in front of the two heavily injured men.

"... Revenge is bad, I can fix the weapon in no time. But not my body..."

"... Eating random things is bad, I don't know where it's been... Well, now I do... And I don't wanna know how it got in there..."

"Shut it meat shield..." Lance knocked Matt's head. Natalie smiled as she headed her two imbeciles.