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Rin paced back and forth in the cramped room he and Yukio shared, his black tail swished restlessly. His blue eyes flicked to the clock hanging above the door's room for the umpteeenth times.

10.12 p.m., and still no sign of Yukio.

He growled and flopped carelessly on his bed. His hand snatched a random shoujo manga from his messy pile of his comics collection that laid scattered around his bed. After he had fitted himself leisurely on his bed, the half-demon's hand reached to his dirty brown drawer and rummaged it (flipping the things in it practically upside-down). His eyes brightened when he felt the smooth texture of one of the potato chips plastic wrapping he had stored for his late night snacks. He shoved the cheesy cheddar flavored chip to his mouth, munching tentatively while his eyes diligently scanned his favorite shoujo manga.

But before long, his blue eyes once again took a peek to the clock.


A tick later.

"That's it! I'm gonna find that four-eyes and teach him properly the meaning of curfew!"

The teen put on his checkerboard navy blue jacket and trudged down the wooden stairs, the steps groaned with every step Rin took. He headed towards the front door of the old dormitory building.

But before he was able to seize hold of the knob, the door was slammed open roughly by none other than his younger brother.

Yukio stepped inside and sighed blissfully when the heat of the warm living room melted his freezing body, the younger teen shrugged his heavy exorcist overcoat, white snowflakes rolled down from the fabric before floated slowly to the floor.

Only then that Yukio noticed the presence of his older brother standing dumbly in front of him with his arm outstretched.

Yukio blinked, "Niisan, what are you doing?"

Rin finally regained his composure and his face turned fierce in a split second, "What am I doing? I should be the one asking that Yukio! What didja do out there to be home this late? It's already ten o'clock Yukio, TEN!", the half-demon jabbed his finger above him pointing to the clock, his tail swished violently from side to side. Rin narrowed his eyes and glared at the younger twin, "Now give me one good reason why I shouldn't knock you down 'till you see stars!", he barked, obviously furious.

Yukio closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, "I'm sorry nii-san, I didn't mean to return home this late. There was this demon that infiltrated the academy and we had quite a problem dealing with it. We need to chase him to the forest and the snow made it hard for us to spot the white demon. But we managed to eliminate it at last. Sorry nii-san...", Yukio regarded Rin with tired eyes. His voice was so soft that Rin needed to strain his ears to make sure he catched the right words.

Rin sighed, the sight of his exhausted younger brother melted his previous anger, "Sorry Yukio, I didn't mean to yell", the young demon lifted his sapphire-blue eyes to stare at Yukio's slouched form, "I was worried you know."

Yukio gave a small smile.

"Yeah I know that.."

Rin returned the smile before putting an arm around Yukio's shoulders, "Come on, let's go upstairs. You need to lay down and rest properly."

Yukio shook his head but still walked alongside his brother, "No nii-san, I want to watch the fireworks at midnight later. The other exorcist teachers said that the fireworks in True Cross Academy is magnificent and I don't want to miss this chance that comes once a year."

Rin put a thinking pose, "Oh yeah now that you mention it, tomorrow is already the first day of new year eh? But to just sit down and wait till midnight is kinda boring...", the elder twin's face suddenly brightened, "Ah I know!".

Rin released his hold and dashed upstairs like there is no tomorrow.

Yukio blinked, "Nii-san?", before shrugging, "Nii-san is being nii-san". He walked towards the couch in the living room and flopped down. The young exorcist sighed contently as he feel his tense muscle began to relax, eyes closed.

Drifting off slowly, to sleep, to sleep, to sle-


Yukio jumped out of the seat, "Nii-san!", he shouted in a reprimanding tone.

"Look Yukio! We can watch this video while waiting for midnight!", Rin exclaimed, waving a CD-case clutched in his hand. "It's from Shima, I bet it's a porn movie!"

The younger twin fixed a glare to Rin, "We're not watching it..", he said with that dark tone of his that could make anyone cower in fear. But apparently Rin was an exception.

"Oh come on Yukio!", Rin pleaded.

"I said no. Return it back to Shima-san later."

"Please... just once?", the young demon offered Yukio his best puppy eyes, tail flicking behind.

"No, I'm going upstairs, I refuse to watch such an explicit film", Yukio stated in a final tone as he rose his body to stand.

Rin smirked and his eyes twinkled mischievously.

"No you don't!", he yelled before leaping forward, successfully tackling his brother off his feet.

Yukio yelped as he was shoved back to the couch with an 'oomph!'. Rin's face hovered above the younger teen, his face twisted to an evil look as he straddled his twin, preventing him from escaping. Yukio gulped nervously as he stared up at his brother's suddenly predatory look. Rin flexed his fingers and smirked widely showing off his fangs, before tickling his brother mercilessly.

"Nii-san! Hahaha stop... that tickles haha! Hey stop I sai- hahaha!"

"Say that you will watch the film with me!", Rin stated smugly.

"Nev-a! Hahaha!"

"Sure by that?", the young demon asked mockingly.

He was answered by a string of broken curses.

"Then you shall pay the price", Rin lifted Yukio's shirt revealing his stomach. Yukio jerked slightly feeling the cold air licking his exposed skin.

"Nii-san? What are-", Yukio's sentence was cut short as Rin's fingers lowered to his stomach and tickled the skin.

"Ah, st-stop! Ahahahaha, please stop haha!", Yukio's plea only went to deaf ears. Now that Rin's fingers tickled his bare and not to mention sensitive skin, Yukio was now a helpless laughing bundle, tears were already leaking out of the corner of his eyes. He tried to grab Rin's hand, but Rin snatched his wrists and pinned them both above his head with his left hand.

"Say the words, Yukio~~", Rin sang.

"No! Ah.."

"Tch tch, I'm afraid that was an incorrect answer, my dear little brother", Rin's fingers went on a faster pace, his claws dancing expertly on the skin. Yukio laughed harder and his stomach clenched painfully. Finally he gave up.

"Al- alright nii-san! Hahaha I'll watch- it!"

The young demon smirked, clearly sattisfied, and released his grip on Yukio's wrists.

"There, it's not too hard to say right Yukio?", Rin smiled brightly.

Yukio laid on the couch with his arms still above his head. His breath was harsh and his face was slightly red as he managed a weak glare to his brother, "Sadistic demon.."

"Aww~ don't say that to your own brother", Rin smiled patting his brother's flushed cheeks.

"Whatever, just start the video", Yukio grumbled softly.

"Aye aye sir!", Rin ran to the TV and turned it on along with the DVD-player, his tail wagging happily behind. The younger twin sighed, rising himself to sitting position and lowered his shirt back to cover his stomach. He fixed his glasses as Rin flopped beside him, holding a bag of popcorn and busily munching it.

"... Where did you get that popcorn nii-san?"

"Oh, this? I popped it before you were back, Yukio."

"... You already have this planned up in your sleeves, right?"

"Plan what?"

"(sigh) Nothing..."

"Sssh, it's already begun!", Rin exclaimed gleefully shoving a mouthful of popcorn in his mouth as the opening song played. The screen showed a dark gloomy mansion with small wisps of mist hung around it. A deep howl was heard before some bloody-red words floated down to the center to form a title,

"Fright Friday?", Rin screamed, "What the heck? That doesn't sound and look like a porn movie at all!"

"It's because it isn't, nii-san. I believe it's a new horror film that is currently popular and released by a famous produ-"

"Horror film? That liar Shima, he said that the film will make your eyes glued to the screen!", the young demon's face promised murder as he imagined pummeling the pinkette to death once he met him again (the cram school was on a holiday).

"Actually that is partly true, the film is so good that will make you unable to tear your eyes off the screen, that's what I heard from the other exorcists", Yukio glanced sideways to his wide-eyed brother and smirked mockingly, "What, got scared?"

Rin faced his brother and glared, "Of- of course not! I ain't scared with some ridiculous horror movie!"

Yukio just smiled, seeing his brother's restless twitching tail. He glanced to the clock, "10.27. I heard that the movie played an hour and a quarter. We get to watch it until the end and still got a while before the fireworks start, how convenient don't you think?"

Rin gulped.



Fourty five minutes later...

"Yumi? Where are you?", a sixteen-year old teenager girl whispered quietly. She walked carefully on the old wooden floor of the haunted mansion, glancing cautiously from right to left. A narrow hall stretched before her, the dim light of the candles barely provided a source of lighting as they hung distantly from each other. The girl took a huge breath before bravely taking a step forward towards the hall. The dimly lit hall had various photos hung on it, but one thing was the same, they all had a patch of blood smeared on the glass cover of the frame. Some even shaped distinctly like a human's hand.

Rin munched his popcorn slowly, his wide eyes were glued to the screen. Yukio, seated beside him, kept a straight face, but his eyes were glowing with interest.

Finally she arrived at the end of the hall. A giant photo was hung on the rusty wall. The brunette girl observed the picture and ran her fingers on the glass tentatively. It was of a young woman with long blone hand, holding a tightly-wrapped bundle which she guessed was her child. She jerked slightly when her fingers felt a thick liquid substance. The teen brought her fingers in front of her eyes and was surprised to see the dark-red colour of blood around her fingers. She glanced back to the photo. The red handprint on it was smeared, she guessed was by her fingers, indicating it was still wet...

Rin sucked in a surprised breath as he inched closer to his twin. His hand clutched the end of Yukio's shirt on its own accord. Yukio glanced sideways to his slightly trembling brother and smirked darkly, 'The real fright hasn't even come yet, Rin..'

Then out of the corner of her eyes, she noticed there was a shadow that shaped vaguely like a human, reflected by the photo's glass behind her.

"Yumi, is that you?", the girl whispered in broken voice while slowly turned her head behind her. A figure, clad by white fabric, stood in the middle of the hall.


In a split second it dashed forward and stopped in front of the trembling screen suddenly changed to the up-close face of the specter, the woman in the photo, the teen realized in fear...her face was writhing with her eyes hanging out of the sockets and maggots wriggling out of her mouth and nose.

Rin screamed loudly in absolute fear as blue flames suddenly burst and surrounded his body. As quickly as the flame's appearance, the demon reached beside him and hugged Yukio's chest tightly. His aflamed tail wrapped itself around Yukio's waist, seeking safety to calm its trembling length.

"Nii-san!", shouted Yukio, suddenly alerted by the sight of Rin's demonic blue flame. The elder teen whined softly and buried his face to the crook of Yukio's neck. "Just let me stay like this for a while, Yukio", Rin finally mumbled. After a while Yukio's tensed form began to relax and his face softened.

He could felt two source of heat on his throat that he was sure was courtesy of Rin's twin blue-flamed-horns. They felt warm on his neck and strangely nice, Yukio sighed softly, feeling the flame warmed him up like a scarf in the winter air. His blue-green orbs observed his twin's back that was covered with blue dancing flames. The younger twin had never seen his elder brother latched to him like this before and so he didn't know exactly what to do. At last he decided to hesitantly wrapped his arms around Rin's trembling body.

"Ssssh it's alright nii-san, it's just a film." Yukio rubbed soothing circles on Rin's back, the blue flames danced along with his fingers' movement. He watched, fascinated by the flame's elegant swirl, it flows along with his fingers, just like water.

Rin's tail wriggled restlessly before it found a perfect hiding spot, Yukio's shirt. The younger twin widened his eyes slightly and a gasp flew out of his lips when he felt the soft fur of the tail slowly circled his stomach. Yukio glanced downwards, hoping his shirt won't catch fire. But the shirt only glowed a soft blue colour, particularly around the area of his stomach. He sighed in both relief and content at the warm feeling on his stomach, he could feel the flame licking on his skin but it was only mildly hot. Yukio buried his face to his brother's hair and inhaled deeply. Mint and sandalwood, his favourite. He hadn't been able to get this close to his brother since a long time ago, but he was glad that his brother's scent stayed the same.

Always comforting.

The lovely scent,

How he missed it, so much..

Yukio smiled in Rin's hair, "Nii-san, if you are scared with horror films, you should say it before. We could watch something else."

The younger twin could feel the rumbling of a growl resonated on his throat, "I ain't scared scaredy four-eyes...", Rin mumbled.

Yukio chuckled softly, "Say what you want nii-san, but I won't forgive you if you burn the sofa to crisp"

Rin's eyes flew open as realization finally set in, "Ah sorry 'bout that", the demon quickly peeled himself off Yukio and turned his flame down. Yukio found himself already missing the heat Rin's flame provided and wish it stayed lit. But what was done was already done.

Rin's demonic appearance quickly dissapeared, leaving a slightly flushed teen for Yukio to see.

"You're blushing nii-san", Yukio stated smugly.

"I'm not!"

"Yes you are"

Rin pouted before leaning back to the sofa. The screen was already playing the trailer of another movie.

"Ah too bad we didn't get to watch the ending of the movie", Yukio said in a mocking dissapointed tone.

"... Shaddup.."

Yukio chuckled and glanced at the clock, "11.50, guess we better prepare ourselves for the fireworks, come on nii-san", the young exorcist offered a hand to his brother. Rin took it without hesitating, "Hey, how bout we watch it on the roof? It should give us a better view than to just watch on a window frame."

"But it's cold out there..", Yukio tried to reason.

"Don't worry, we'll manage we'll manage", Rin waved an arm dismissively. Both brothers walked up the stairs and went to their dorm room. They rummaged their own closet and brought out a thick jacket. After putting it on, they stepped out to the roof by the window and took a seat where the view was most clear. The sky was clear and moonless, pitch black with several stars glowing softly, illuminating the white snowy land below. They could see some people were already hanging out of their house, watching the sky patiently. Yukio shivered and wrapped his arms around his knees, "I told you it's still cold nii-san", he said through chattered teeth.

Rin glanced at Yukio and wordlessly wrapped an arm around his brother and brought him closer. Yukio blushed at the closeness but was thankful of the embrace. It did make him feel better.

The young demon looked at his wristwatch, "And now it's new year in 5.."

"4..", Rin's tail swished back and forth in anticipation.

"3..", Yukio lifted his gaze upwards to the sky.


"1..", The young demon riveted his gaze to the night sky.

TWEET... BOOM! The first firework exploded in the sky, streaking the blackness with beautiful red glow. Then a series of light soon followed and once again color the sky with its iridescent sparkles. The color spread out like a fountain of beautiful fire, filling the once black sky with colourful sparkles.

"Wow", a whisper came from the blue-haired teen's lips. Rin stared at the fireworks unblinkingly, his shiny sapphire eyes reflected the numerous colors in the sky.

"It's beautiful", Yukio said with barely contained awe in his voice. The younger twin turned his head towards his elder brother and he smiled sincerely at Rin's form that seem to glow with happiness.

"Nii-san, happy new year"

Rin turned his face to Yukio and grinned brightly, "Happy new year Yukio!"

Yukio smiled once more as his eyes flew to the sky once more. It was the start of a new year, and yet he felt a distant hollow in his heart. Only now that he noticed that the time was contantly moving, the clock was always ticking away. The time with his brother was ticking away.

The wheel is already rolling..

...Time is slowly drifting..

..I know you'll dissapear, leaving me behind.. someday..

...yet why do my heart still aches?



"Why are you crying?"

Only then that he noticed that a line of tears was flowing out of his eyes. He quickly wiped them off.

"Are you okay?", Rin's soft voice was laced with worry. Yukio lifted his head and stared at Rin intensely.

...What could possibly tie us together?

...a wish?..a hope? a prayer?...

Yukio nodded his head and gave a small smile, "Promise me nii-san."

"Promise you what?"

"That we will always be together.."

Rin's face broke into a toothy grin, "Of course we will you dummie! What a silly thing to ask!"

..a promise is all it took...

...the trust gives a ray of hope..

...the serenity answers prayers..

...and the love fulfills wishes..

The young exorcist said nothing as he just snuggled more to Rin. He closed his eyes. Feeling Rin's heartbeat in his ears and his tail brushing around his legs. He was content. It was enough for Yukio just to be at Rin's side, to have those arms around him, to feel the heat of his alive brother near him, to be with him, near him.. always.. and forever..

We will always be together...

...until the very end..

...the clock may ticks away..

..the time may drifts away..

...but our hands will be intertwined..

...and our heartbeats will keep the same rythmic beat.

..down to the path of sorrow or joy..

.stretched before our very eyes..




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I need to confess that I absolutely hate horror films and haven't watched any of it for a long long time. So forgive me if the scene totally sucked, especially for those who love horror movies. The truth is, when I was writing the horror scene, I got scared by my own writing ,furthermore it was midnight at that time. I even wasn't able to sleep because I kept remembering the photo!(I had it imagined in my head). Seriously, is there an author out there who gets freaked out by her own writing? Don't be shy people cause there's one right here...=3=

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