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'Those meddlesome kids and their stupid dog. (Sorry couldn't resist )There has to be a way to distract them wall I try to take over the world.' XANA was starting to get angry and desperate, he was tired of dealing with school kids and being defeated at every turn. Even with William on his side, he wasn't making much progress at all. (I wasn't sure at first if I wanted him under XANA's control or not, but I didn't feel like writing him in the story much)

He (I'm writing him as a he) went searching on the internet to try and find that would have a long lasting effect on the Lyoko warriors, and get at least two of them out of his hair.

After days of non-stop searching on the internet he finally found something that he knew would bring them to their knees, and he was going to use the strongest Lyoko warriors to accomplish it. The first thing he would need to do is get a copy of their human DNA code, or better yet a piece of hair or a sample of blood. XANA smiled, he was going to enjoy this part of the plan.

Once he had a sample of their DNA it would only be a matter of time. XANA started laughing into the surrounding darkness. 'Oh yes they won't know what hit them.'

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