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Chapter 2

~Forest sector~

"The tower is just south of you." Jeremie's voice said from above them as they landed safely in the forest sector. "Sorry guys you're going to have to go on foot, I can't virtualize the overwing until at least one of the towers are deactivated, there taking up to many resources."

"Great looks like we're back to going on foot." Yumi said.

"Oh come on Yumi it's not that bad." Aelita said before running off, Yumi took off after her and soon pulled ahead. (Have you noticed she's the slowest runner?)

They hadn't been running very long when Jeremie's voice sounded over head again. "Tower dead ahead, but watch out XANA's sent some monsters."

"Well what do you expect? To activate five towers at once the way he did he has to be up to something big." Yumi said panting slightly.

Once the girls had the tower in sight a borage of red lasers headed toured them, and they were forced to duck behind a small grouping of trees for cover.

"Hold on. Well that's weird." Jeremie said to himself.

"What is it Jeremie?" Aelita asked taking out one of the five Kankrelat's that was firing at them as Yumi took out one of the two Krab's

"It seems that a timer has been set up on the supercomputer."

"Really? Can you tell what it's for?" Yumi asked taking out two Kankrelat's with her fan, but getting hit with a laser to do so.

There was a pause and then a sigh. "No, but I think it has to do with whatever XANA's up to."

"How much time left?" Aelita asked almost afraid to know.

"Less than an hour."

"What we can't deactivate five towers in less than an hour when we have all these monsters to fight!" Yumi glared at said monsters.

"I know I'm working on it, just try to hang on till Odd and Ulrich gets here."

"Alright, how many life points do I have left?"

"Um. . . Yumi-60, Aelita-80."

"Great, tell Ulrich and Odd to hurry it up." Yumi said taking down the last monster, but also taking another laser to the arm and taking 10 more points of damage.

"Will do." At that moment on Jeremie's end the elevator doors opened to reveal Odd. "Where's Ulrich?"

"He had to stay behind to explain, he should be here soon."

"Any attacks yet?"

"No not yet."

"Hum that's strange five activated towers and no attack, anyways get down to the scanners Yumi's been asking for you." He smiled.

"Well who am I to make a lady wait?" Odd grinned and pushed the elevator button to go down to the scanner room.

Jeremie turned back to the computer. "Odd's on the way Yumi, go on ahead to the tower we haven't a minute to loss."


Yumi and Aelita continued down the one-way path to the tower, only to be stopped by a mega tank right before Aelita could enter it. Before they had a chance to attack the Mega tank launched its laser (Not really sure what to call it) and devitalized Yumi. Aelita ran behind a tree and started charging her energy field.

"Hurry up Odd Aelita's all alone!" Jeremie yelled freaking out.

"Almost there Einstein." Odd had the Mage tank in his sights and was ready to fire when it opened up its shell only to have it explode before he could. He then saw Aelita running toured the tower. "Wow I feel needed." He pouted.

"Don't worry Odd there's still four more to go." Jeremie said as the tower deactivated. "Wow, this is insane."

"What?" Aelita asked exiting the tower and moving to stand by Odd.

"I just took a look at the count down and even though it's still going its slower now. Whatever XANA's doing its obvious that he doesn't need all five towers, but its making the process go much faster."

"Yes, but can we deactivate all the towers with in the time limit?"

"I don't know, but we have to try. Now that I can send you the overboard things should go a lot faster." Jeremie pressed the enter button after programing the overboard, virtualizing it right in front of Odd and Aelita. "Head North to the way tower."

"Way to go Einstein." Odd said back flipping onto the overboard then waited for Aelita to climb on behind him before taking off for the way tower.

~Mountain sector~

"Ok Einstein we're in the Mountain sector, where's the tower?"

"Take the path in front of you and it should lead you to the tower on the next Plato." Jeremie turned toured the elevator as the doors opened and Yumi stepped out. "Welcome back to Earth Yumi."

"Sorry Jeremie, any word from Ulrich?" Yumi asked as she came to stand beside him at the computer.

"Not yet, I was about to call him." Jeremie typed in Ulrich's number, Ulrich's face popped up as he answered the phone. (You all should know what this looks like ) "Hey Ulrich where are you?"

"I'm on the bridge, it took longer than expected to get away from Sissy's father."

"Alright head straight to the scanner room; Yumi's been devitalized, we still have four towers to deactivate, and it seems that there's a time limit."

"Wow anything else? How much of a time limit?"

"We only have fifteen more minutes." Jeremie said solemnly.

"Alright I'm in the elevator, worm up the scanners for me."

"You got it." Jeremie hung up. "Helps on the way Odd."

"It's about time." Said Odd shooting a laser arrow at a Hornet. "By the way thanks for the heads up." three Hornets had come out of nowhere and attacked them. (Hornets are my least favorite monsters.)

"Sorry, it looks like there are only three of them at the moment. No other monsters in sight." Jeremie was typing and started the vitalization process as Ulrich stepped into the scanner. "Transfer Ulrich, scanner Ulrich, virtualization."

Ulrich pixelated a few feet above the mountain floor (Don't know what else to call it), and landed on his overbike. "Great timing Jer."

"I know." You could hear the smile in his voice. "Now take the path in front of you; Odd and Aelita need your help, and we're running out of time."

"I'm on it." He said zooming off.

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