I know that there is like 105 year difference or something close to that, but lets just say that both fall onto the same timeline.


Chapter One


He picked up the white envelope as he stared at the emblem. The royal emblem. He wasn't surprised. What kind of earl would he be if he was? After all, receiving a letter from the Queen of England was a regular occurrence. Taking his letter opener in hand, he cut open the sealed envelope. He, uninterestedly, opened the folder letter to read its content.

Mid-way through the letter his blue eye stopped to read the letter again. Again. And again. Surely the queen wasn't serious. However whenever her watchdog is involve, she is always serious.

In a strong authoritative voice-yet not yelling- he called, "Sebastian."

Immediately he received a response. "Yes, Young Master," Sebastian said with a devilish grin. He already knew what his lord wished.

"Fine as much information as you can of this," he handed him the letter, "then make preparations for our departure." He spun in his chair to have an overview view of his yard.

Sebastian gave a slight bow placing his right gloved hand above his heart. "Yes, My Lord.


Cornelius Fudge wasn't positive what to think.

Of course the royal family of the British Empire had always known of the existence of magic despite they themselves didn't possess such thing. With the false rumors of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named returning, the queen was being cautious. As always, she was being controlling. So much that she was sending a muggle into their world. Their magical life. Sometimes Fudge thought that she was losing her head.

Because of her, he personally had to pick up her watchdog. This wasted much of his time when he had much work to do. Especially with all the commotion.

It didn't matter too much longer anyway. He would simply give the man a quick guide with the rules. He was to stay with him overnight. Tomorrow was Harry Potter's trial. Fudge would take the guy with him then hand him off to Dolores. She was suppose to infiltrate Hogwarts as the new Defence Against the Dark Arts professor anyhow. Which meant the queen's dog, could waste as much time as he likes there. Far from him to give himself some peace.

He was startled out of his musings as he heard an unfamiliar voice directly behind him. "Mr. Fudge I presume."

Fudge rapidly turned around to meet the queen's dog only to be faced with a young boy who could only be 13 at most. Even worse was that he wore a black eye patch. A butler behind carrying a few suitcases. Why must people waste his precious time? "Yes, now I must be on my way. I have private matters to attend to."

"I'm Earl Ciel Phantomhive."

This statement seemed to make Fudge freeze in spot. He was Ciel Phantomhive. He had imagined some buffed man, not some child playing dress-up. How could the Queen put her faith in him. Staring at the older man, he felt shivers descend his back

Ciel scowled. He hated always being underestimated.


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