Ciel was not happy. Ever since he first received the mission from the Queen, his patience and temper were being tested. After that scrawny boy's (Harry Potter's) trial, he was passed off by the minister into the hands of some pink toad. Everything she wore was pink, and she had an obsession with cats. He was just glad the cats she kept with her weren't real because of his allergies, not that moving and meowing kitty plates weren't creepy either. She was more cat crazy then Sebastian.

Sebastian wasn't a fan of the 'teacher' either. Nor did he like her display of cats. He much prefer regular three dimensional cats.

Then Umbridge ushered them through a brick wall at King Cross. A wall! It lead them to another platform. Stupid magic. A train was a train. Did it matter who saw them get on? Either way only magical people— mages, witches, wizards, wand pointers, whatever you wanted to call them— would be on it anyway.

Ciel was currently sitting in a compartment across Dolores Umbridge, new Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor at Hogwarts. They were alone. With Sebastian of course, not that the new teacher knew this little fact.

Sebastian was currently standing on Ciel's shoulder in the form of a crow. To Umbridge it was just some type of pet. In the future that overlook would be her misfortune. "I'm going for a walk." There wasn't really he could go since they were in a train headed to who know's where. Ciel didn't know the exact location of the school. Just that is was somewhere in Scotland. It didn't matter. He just needed away from the woman.

When Umbridge went to retort, the crow hollered giving Ciel just enough time to escape.

Harry, Hermione, and Ron were all discussing that Harry was lucky to be allowed at Hogwarts. They were scared that he wouldn't be allowed. After all, the ministry seemed to do whatever they could to blame Harry of his underage use of magic.

"I know," said Harry exasperated to his female friend.

"He's got a point Hermione."

The bushy hair girl slapped Ron who was seated next to her. "Ron! Seriously—"

"Why what do we have here? Potter, Weasel, and Mud-blood," sneered the platinum hair Malfoy who stood in the middle of the doorway to their compartment. Crabb and Goyle standing large behind him.

It wasn't a surprise. It was a regular occurrence. The Slytherin;s and the Gryffindor's were always clawing at each others' throats.

"Move. You're in my way." The voice was strong, bored, and demanding. The six turned to the new figure. He was a younger boy with an eye patch. His visible eye hard, and a scowl present on his face.

"And who are you," snarled Draco. No one talked to him in that tone of voice if they knew what was good for them.

Harry was the only one who showed any kind of recognition. How could he forget about the Malfoy doppelganger he had crashed into (quite literally) before his trial. Maybe he was a first year. It would explain his lack of knowledge on the magical community, however, he seemed a bit older than the other newcomers. "Phantomhive?"

Ciel finally took notice of the people in the compartment. He hadn't even paid attention before, because the people inside were not his problem, but the people outside blocking all the space. Seriously, two of the three needed to go on a diet. However, he noticed the saviour.

"You know that brat?" Ron couldn't believe it. He didn't even know Ciel but he had the same demeanor as Malfoy.

"Ronald." Hermione pulled out the use of his full given name. He was being so rude today. With an afterthought it was just like any other day. She was curious about the eye patch though.

Ciel only paid particular attention to the green eyed teen. "Oh. It's you, Scar head." The Gryffindor trio couldn't believe he had the guts to speak to the boy-who-lived in such a mannar. Whether they knew him or not, he was definitely a Slytherin.

Draco on the other hand smirked. He had a feeling they would get along just fine. He stretched out a hand to Ciel. "I'm Malfoy. Draco Malfoy."

Ciel didn't really care, but he treated it like business because that was what the blond reminded him of. Ciel gave Draco a small shake saying, "Ciel Phantomhive."

"You can come along with us. We wouldn't want you with the wrong sort now would we?" Draco though that he was surely a pureblood. The way he talked to Potter and his followers, his demeanor, the way he spoke and address himself with importance. Surely he was.

"That depends. Which direction are you going?" When he pointed in the direction he came from, he quickly rejected. "I'll have to refuse. I'm distancing myself as far as possible from the pink menace." Not one understood what he was saying. He squeezed through them anyway with his small stature. He was there for business not acquaintances. "Honestly Sebastian. What was her Highness thinking."

Sebastian cawed.

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