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One Million Loves Before Me

by: orangepumpkins

"Kurt! Kurt! I found him! I found my soul mate!" a dapper young brunette yelled as he dashed across the Dalton common room, to his best friend.

"Blaine! People are studying! It's nearly time for midterms, you idiot!" Kurt whispered sharply as he continued to hover over his own books.

"Fine, fine." Blaine said as he pulled up a chair beside Kurt. "Sorry everyone. Just met my soul mate, and am really excited."

"So, who is it this time?" Kurt asked nonchalantly, resting his chin in his hand.

"Kurt, you make it seem like meeting my soul mate is a common occurrence!"

The taller boy couldn't help but half smile. "Blaine, with you, it is. If you're forgetting, this is your fourth "soul mate" this term; and we're barely even half way through."

Bringing his hand dramatically to his chest and opening his mouth wide, Blaine replied, "Kurt! You offend me! I was a shallow child back then. I was fickle about true love, but now, now I know real true love."

Kurt was starting to get bored; he heard this speech every time Blaine "met his soul mate". "If you want me to pretend to care, tell me who it is."

Although Blaine said he fell in love so often, for some reason, he was still cherry faced as he revealed the identity of his crush to Kurt. "Well….well, it's Mikey Tyler, the tall, blond, and beautiful guy in our gym class."

Kurt then burst out laughing. "You mean to say, you like Mikey? Mikey? The Mikey which slapped the old, fat, and balding Mr. King's butt and called him "hot stuff" on a two dollar dare?"

"...maybe…well, he's actually a really nice guy! He was helping Miss Moore carry a box of heavy books to the library."

"That was detention. He fell asleep in Miss Moore's physics class yesterday." Kurt chimed in, although left ignored by the babbling curly haired teen.

"And he also volunteered at the animal shelter last month, and…"

Despite knowing he would be ignored, Kurt once again chimed, "How do you even know that? Last month you were still hooked on about Jasper Simmons. Remember? "the fashionista with silky black hair and soft olive skin?" "

"…and that is why I fell for him! Mikey is perfect!" with eyes reflecting stars, Blaine took hold of Kurt's hands and pleaded, "Kurt! Help me win his love! Please!"

"Oh, I'm visible again? What do you know." Kurt mumbled to himself. "Blaine, are you sure that he actually likes boys this time? I don't really want to do so much work and then have another Arthur Shin incident."

"I thought we would never talk of that ever again. But yes, Mikey is at least bi-curious and is definitely willing to date a guy right now."

Kurt grimaced. Right now, right now was not assuring. "Let's go to my room. I don't want anything which could mess up your rep getting out, I mean, being best friends with one of the most popular guys at school has its perks." Gathering up his books, Kurt got up and led Blaine to his room.

In Kurt's dorm room, Blaine made himself comfortable on Kurt's desk chair and started surfing the internet as he waited for Kurt to change.

"Are you sure you want me to help you confess to Mikey? Can't you just look at him from afar until you meet your next "soul mate?" Kurt asked when he finally emerged from his washroom.

"Kurt, would you let true happiness slip through your fingers if you had it within arm's reach? I wouldn't! There is no other soul mate. Mikey is the one."

"Argh. Fine. Go to his facebook or something. We need to research on his likes and dislikes. If we're lucky, he's an idiot who puts up everything about him online." Kurt said as he walked towards Blaine and glanced at the computer screen. "aaaaand, what you know, he is an idiot. Shove, Blaine.

Sliding on to the bed, letting Kurt take the chair, Blaine waited for Kurt to work his confession magic. Although Kurt was a hard headed realist who was pretty unsuccessful at his own love life, Blaine always insisted on having his help.

"So, Mikey is one of the star players on a hockey team in the community and seems pretty proud of his skating speed. Ask him out on a date to go skating, easy." Kurt said as he went through Mikey's profile.

"But I can't skate. There's like not enough surface area for me to even stand on the blades of ice skates." Blaine confessed.

"You don't think I knew that, Blaine? I feel like you just forgot that I'm your best friend! My heart is hurt, Blaine!" Kurt said jokingly.

"Such the diva." Blaine replied, rolling his eyes. "But seriously, why would you even propose a skating date if you know I can't skate for shit?"

"Tell him you want to addition for some musical on ice, and want him to teach you. Offer him lunch too, teenage boys like food."

"Kurt, you're a genius! I'll go ask him right now!" Blaine exclaimed before he dashed towards the door. "Seriously, I love you, man!"

By the time Blaine was long gone, towards Mikey's room in the other dorm building, Kurt mumbled under his breath, "Yeah, well I love you too, Blaine warbler." before smiling bitterly with building tears in his eyes.

Later that night, Mercedes called and Kurt spilled everything to her. Mercedes was well aware of how Kurt was frustrated by the fact that the person he loved most was asking for love advice to use on other guys.

"Mercedes, I just can't take it! He keeps on coming to me with a different one of his "soul mates," at least three a month! This time, it's a blond idiot who probably will end up using Blaine to experiment or double check his sexuality. If Blaine keeps on finding so many people to fall in love with, how come he can't fall for the one for sure gay guy that is head over heels for him?" Kurt cried into the phone. "it's killing me inside, so much, every time I need to help him think of a way to ask the new "true love" out. I just want to shake him and scream, "Ask me out, you loveable idiot!" "

"Baby," Mercedes cooed, "you don't need to help him with dates and whatever all the time. If you are so set on waiting for Blaine to love you back before making a move, then you're probably going to die alone. Follow Blaine's lead, and take chances, make mistakes, and let your love get a little messy."

"'Cedes, that isn't Blaine, that's Miss Frizzle."

"Oh, shut up, white boy, you know what I mean!"

"Well, I can't refuse him! He'll know something's up, since I've agreed so many other times before." Kurt said as he paced around his room. "Curse you past Kurt, who was willing to do anything Blaine asked."

"Kurt, you still do anything he asks." Mercedes pointed out with a snicker.

"Shut up." Mercedes continued to giggle. "But really, what pisses me off the most is how Blaine claims each and every new guy to be "the one," or "his soul mate," or even "his true love." Things like that just don't exist! Forever is a lie."

"Kurt, people have a right to believe whatever they want."

"…sorry. It's just…can't Blaine be happy with me? In the present, not worrying about eternity?"

"Somethings you just need to ask him yourself, honey. Look, I gotta go now, but call me, okay?"

"Alright. Bye."


Pressing the little red button on his phone, Kurt sighed and slumped onto his bed. "Why are relationships so complicated?" and soon, Kurt was fast asleep, forgetting even about his nightly skin ritual.

In the morning, Blaine ran to Kurt's room to pick him up for breakfast and to tell him the news. Using the extra key that Kurt entrusted him with, Blaine jumped onto Kurt's bed, on top of the boy himself, all giddy and happy.

"Kurt, Kurt, Kurt! Mikey said yes! We have a date tonight!"

Groaning to himself, Kurt rolled over onto his stomach. "Ugh. What was I thinking, giving you a key? I mean, you wake me up with bad news…."


"I mean good news! Oh that's great for you, Blaine!"

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