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One Million Loves Before Me

Chapter 4

by: orangepumpkins

Two days had passed since Kurt had decided to give up on Blaine, and Jeff had been constantly pestering Kurt about potential dates. Thankfully, Blaine was currently in depressed hermit mode and had yet to find another "soulmate" to replace Mikey, so Kurt didn't have to go completely crazy from constantly being bothered. But either way, a moment free of anyone trying to tackle him with any form of romance related subjects, such as right now, had been complete serenity.

"Kurtie-poo!" A voice called, quickly coming up from behind Kurt, and tackling the poor boy with an energetic hug from behind. "I'm sugar high and you won't be lonely for much longer!"

…well that was short lived.

"Gah! Dry clean only!" Kurt practically screamed. The blonde's tray just barely managed to keep any of the breakfast that it was holding off of Kurt's uniform when he was tackled.

"Hi Kurt." The brunette greeted when he nonchalantly made his way to the table that Kurt was sitting, with his own meal in tow. "Jeff, you forgot your juice."

With a devilish glimmer in his eye, Jeff enthusiastically grabbed at the juice cup and embraced the shorter boy and pecked his cheek before scurrying off to sit next to Kurt in the spot where he left his tray. "Thank you, darling!"

"I'm not your darling." Nick mumbled, blushing, as he took his own seat, across from the other two. "Blaine not up yet?"

"He lost yet another "soulmate" merely two days ago. Meaning he will likely not show up for breakfast at all for at least another day." Kurt replied with a huff.

"Damn. I need to copy his notes for history. I'll see you two later, 'kay?" Nick said, standing up and grabbing his breakfast sandwich and his apple.

"Didn't you say something about having sexual tension with him? You did not seem…tense." Kurt questioned the blonde.

"Well after successfully getting into the "Niff pool" yesterday, I am doing my best to woo him with affection! Changing the subject, did you get my email?" Jeff replied, wiggling his eyebrows playfully.

Kurt groaned. "You are a friend, not a dating service. You do not need to send me pictures and bios about every out, single, gay kid in the school!"

"Did you see Blaine's picture in there? Or Jasper Simmons? Or Tyrone King? Or…"

"Okay, I get it. But seriously, you pretty much sent me a write up about every out, single, gay kid who is not you, Blaine, or was one of Blaine's supposed "soulmates"."

"Okay, that, I am guilty of." Jeff said grinning. "So, how did you like them? Was my research thorough enough for you? I'm practically ninja, so I can get more info if you want."

"So you facebook stalked people?" Kurt asked, raising an eyebrow.

Then, attempting a Japanese accent, Jeff replied, "A ninja never does reveal his secrets. First rule of ninjutsu, young grasshopper."

"That's a magician, dummy. But anyways, no. I did not even bother skimming that thing."

"Okay, fine. Whatever. And I figured that would happen. So, that's why…I printed out these!" Jeff announced, pulling out a folder from who knows where. "The cream of the crop, hand picked by yours truly."

Flipping through the folder, Kurt saw the pictures of the best looking, most athletic, intelligent, and musical guys in all of Dalton. "I must say I am impressed. But seriously, I don't really want to go out on dates yet. Shouldn't I have some more time to get over Blaine or something?"

"But wasn't the idea to use one of these hunks to replace Blaine in your heart?"

"But that's so…"

"Ah, ah ah! At least read through the bios! I spent the last two days doing them!" Jeff said, cutting the countertenor off.

"Seriously? You got that into it?"

"Well you trusted all of that Blaine stuff with me, and I said I was going to be there for you! Now go through it all, before I set up dates with every single one of them with you!"

Smiling fondly at the eccentric ways that are Jeff Sterling, Kurt finally rolled his eyes and gave in. "Fine. But seriously, I'm not going to go out on any dates yet!"

"Just look through them. It's all I ask."

"I'll see you in calc." Kurt said as he got up, taking his now empty tray with him.

"See you."

In AP French, first block, Kurt began to nod off as Mme. Dupoint gave yet another lecture about the importance of proper agreement in past tense. As his head nearly fell off of the hand it was perched on top of, Kurt decided he needed something to distract him from the boring lecture about things he already knew by the time he was ten…that's when he saw the corner of a familiar brown folder peak out from his messenger bag. With a huff, he pulled it out and opened it.

The first face to greet Kurt was one with a thousand watt smile, high cheek bones, and sparkling grey eyes. Myles Cunningham, one of Dalton's most popular boys, save for Blaine. Star of the soccer team, one of the smartest students, and also one of the best looking seniors. Okay, so maybe looking through the folder wouldn't be as much of a pain as Kurt originally thought it would be. Carefully shielding the folder with his arm from the prying eyes of his seat mate, Kurt continued through the pictures.


Fourth block was calculus. Upon walking into the room, Kurt was once again jumped by Jeff.

"So?!" the taller teen asked, literally millimeters from the brunette's face, obviously very eager to know.

"Geez, it's only been four blocks since I last saw you at breakfast!" Kurt exclaimed back, pushing the blonde away and making his way to his seat. But as luck would have it, due to Ms. Charington's great love for seating plans, Kurt's seat mate just happened to be Jeff.

"You haven't answered my question!" Jeff singsonged.

"Ugh. Yes, I've looked through the folder."

"Oh. I was asking you if you studied for the test, but that works too!" Jeff said jokingly. "But anyways! So Josh Perry, who you obviously know considering you apparently sit beside him in French, saw how you were looking at pictures of guys in class and he was telling me in bio! And then I explained that I supplied you with the folder and that you were looking for a potential boyfriend!"

"What?" Kurt exclaimed. "What if he tells the school? I'll look like a creep!"

"Not to worry! In fact, Josh said that his friend had been paying quite a bit of attention to you! And then he called the friend up and set up a date for you two!"

"You set me up?! I only looked at the folder to make you shut up! I wasn't planning on actually going through with it! If you haven't noticed, even if I want to get over Blaine, I can't automatically make it happen!"

"But…" Jeff began, pasting on a pair of puppy dog eyes. "but it will help you…" he added, strengthening his pout.

Kurt stared at Jeff intently for a full minute before finally giving into the pleading face. "One date! That's it! One!" the shorter boy said, practically forcing his pointing finger in between the blonde's eyes before the bell rang.

"Yay!" Jeff exclaimed as Ms. Charington told everyone to shut up and sit down.

As the class was given the full block to take the test, many of the students had finished early and had resorted to drawing whatever it was that boys draw on their test papers; or in Jeff's case, trying to pass notes to Kurt. Kurt held out from exchanging notes for ten minutes before Jeff's latest note had finally revealed who the mystery friend of Josh was. Kurt's date was to be none other than Myles Cunningham, and Kurt nearly shouted in surprise.

'Myles Cunningham?! What? I think I would have noticed if one of the most popular guys in school was paying attention to me!' Kurt quickly wrote, tearing the page from his notebook.

Reading the message, Jeff pouted before composing his reply. 'Damn, boy! You sexy! Work it! *insert black woman snapping* :D' it read, making Kurt smile in reminiscence of Mercedes while in her super black woman phase.

"Aaand that's time. Anyone who has not done so yet, hand in your test paper at my desk and put the desk dividers away." Ms. Charington said, interrupting Kurt's in-progress reply note.

Quickly packing up his bag, the countertenor went up to his blond seatmate and said, "Since I already agreed to a date and I know for a fact that you're going to hold that against me, I'll go out for coffee. No dinner, no movie, just coffee. But! I still don't believe you about him being attracted to me, and am still someone suspicious of this being a prank...I just want to say I went on a date with one of the most popular guys in school."

"That's all I ask." Jeff replied nonchalantly, swinging his arm around Kurt's shoulder.

"Does this look alright?" Kurt asked, doing a 360 in front of his friends and showing off his outfit.

"Like the other three outfits, you look great. Stop trying different outfits already." A bored Jeff called from his spot on Kurt's bed. He was lying on his back with his head hanging off the end, facing Kurt and his closet.

"Yeah, you're going to be late." Nick added while simultaneously shaking off any of Jeff's attempts to touch his face.

"Geez, both of you are terrible at giving fashion opinions." Kurt sighed.

"That's because we don't usually need to." Nick stated. "So why are you avoiding Blaine? He loves looking at your outfits."

"Nick!" Jeff hissed warningly

"What? After all that Kurt did for Blaine and all those dates of his, it's the least he can do, right?" Nick asked, slightly confused.

Jeff then proceeded to smack his hands over his face and Kurt pursed his lips when he swore he heard Jeff mumble something under his breath along the lines of, "Oh my god, you're so dense. I love you, but no wonder you can't even notice my advances if you can't even notice Kurt's feelings for Blaine."

"What was that?" Nick asked Jeff, lifting up one of his hands by the wrist.

"Nothing." Jeff replied with a grin that was much too big, but only got bigger after witnessing Nick's confused expression.

Glancing quickly at his phone, Kurt broke whatever little trance Nick was having due to Jeff's smile by almost screaming, "Oh god! Shit! I'm late!" As quickly as Roadrunner, Kurt zipped around his room grabbing the things that he needed and waited impatiently at the door, snapping at his two friends. "Come on! Move, move, move! I've got to go if I want to make it there before Myles!"

"We told you." Jeff singsonged under his breath as he walked out the door holding the annoyed looking(but still blushing) Nick's wrist.

"Oh, shut up."

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