One Million Loves Before Me

chapter 5

by: orangepumpkins

Speed walking toward the Dalton café, Kurt made it with two minutes to spare. Taking those two minutes, the countertenor slipped into the restroom to fix his hair and by the time he walked out, Myles was already in line.

"Hey Kurt." Myles smiled.

"H-hi Myles." Kurt stuttered, internally cursing at himself. But then again, it is hard to stay composed when in the presence of a smile like that.

Stepping up to the counter, the senior jerked his head and asked, "Can I buy you a drink?"

Smiling and giving Myles his order for his usual grande non-fat mocha, Kurt teased Myles about his, "I never would have imagined the great and popular, honour roll student, soccer star would be a hot chocolate person. You remind me of my brother." the porcelain skinned teen teased.

The blonde reacted exaggeratedly and made a big show with his hands. "Why is it so hard to believe?! Hot chocolate is delicious and coffee is so, like, bitter. I find it harder to believe that more than half this school would bleed that nasty mud water if you cut them open."

"I'll promise you that I'll try my best to not bleed coffee if you promise not to try cutting me open." Kurt laughed, bringing his hand to cover his mouth when he laughed.

"It's a deal." Myles chuckled as he picked up their ready drinks and the muffin that he ordered.

Sitting down, the conversation continued with easy comfort...until it didn't, starting with the simple question of, "So are you and Blaine, like, broken up?"

"E-excuse me?" Kurt coughed out as he tried swallowing the gulp of mocha that he just took without choking (and failing..).

"Sorry, was that insensitive?" Myles asked in reply, clearly getting uncomfortable and running a hand through his orange-red hair.

"No, not at all. But to answer your question, I can't answer your question." Kurt said, attempting to gather up the pride that he felt that he had just lost with his earlier answer.

Looking up from the paper cup that he was playing with in his lap, grey met glatz in confusion. "What? So you, like, refuse to answer or...?"

"I am unable to answer because the two of us never dated. We've only ever been friends." Kurt replied, stretching his arm out to grab a piece of the muffin that Myles insisted on sharing.

"What? Oh. Okay. So..." Myles said, continuously blushing harder as he spoke.

"Yes?" Kurt egged on, starting to get a bit flushed himself. Myles was a nice guy, talking to him was easy, he made Kurt feel good, and perhaps Kurt was coming around to the idea of possibly dating someone other than Blaine.

"WouldyoumindifIaskedhimout?" came a mumble from Myles' lips.

"I beg your pardon? I don't think I caught that." Kurt requested, tilting his ear forward.

Now Myles was past pink, past plain old red, and sliding into a deep crimson. "Would you mind if I asked him out?" Myles spoke again. "Blaine, I mean."

Well there goes that though of possibly dating him. "Oh. Um..."

"I wanted to ask you at first because I thought you two were dating and had broken up considering how close you two were and then how Blaine seems to never come out his dorm room anymore and you seemed kind of pissed when people mentioned him. And considering how often that happened, I figured you were an on and off couple or something. Anyways, you seem like you would be a bitch of an enemy to have. And now that I know that you are only friends, I would still like your approval because you are his friend. So when Josh said that he set up a coffee date for us to talk since he had noticed me staring at you lately when I was trying to—" the short haired ginger rambled.

"Myles!" Kurt practically yelled.

"Sorry, I was rambling wasn't I? I tend to, like, ramble a lot when I'm flustered...I also say the word, like, a lot and—" Myles started again before he was once again cut off by Kurt.

"Myles, it is not my jurisdiction as to who Blaine goes out with, if you wish, you may date him all you want, granted he agrees. I would like to thank you for the coffee, but I really should be heading back to finish my English paper." Kurt hissed through gritted teeth and a false smile. He didn't really need to head back to the dorm quite yet, nor did he even have an English paper assigned, but the world is a bitch and Kurt did not need to lash out at an innocent schoolmate. Ignoring Myles' moment of confusion which was then replaced with realisation and then apologies, Kurt gathered his things and stomped out of the coffee shop.

Once he was outside, Kurt speed walked, which eventually turned into a full out sprint with no regard for his precious hair. By the time he had reached the other side of the campus, where his dorm was, the countertenor was dishevelled and sweaty; but that didn't stop him from snapping at the person who was perched at his desk when he opened the door. Pushing open the door, Kurt was greeted by the smiling face of one, Mr. Blaine Anderson.

"Kurt!" the lead Warbler grinned, "Guess who I just met?! Also, did the guys in the wrestling team try to get you to join after they saw you do yoga again?"

"Blaine." Kurt gasped. "What are you doing here?"

"I wanted you to be the first person I told! I just had coffee with the perfect man! Jeremiah! He works at The Gap and is in college! And oh my gosh, don't get me started on his hair! It's magnificent!"

Kurt snapped.

"I don't want to hear it." The blue eyed teen deadpanned.

"W-what?" Blaine questioned in return, clearly not used to not being put on the pedestal by Kurt.

"I am sick of you, I am sick of your little "soulmates", I am sick of my lack of ability to say no to you, and I am sick of the fact that everyone loves Blaine!" Kurt hissed as he paced around the room, angrily throwing down his coat and bag.

"Well excuuuuse me!" the shorter replied with an equal amount of sass. "Just because you can be less than likeable doesn't mean that you have to take it out on me! It's not that easy to be me, you know?"

"Of course it's hard to be you!" Kurt screamed sarcastically. "Oh Junior Warbler Blaine, let me give every freaking solo to you and anyone who disagrees is a mockery to the distinguished Warblers!" he added, attempting to mimic random Warblers. "And then how can I forget! The most excruciating part of the Blaine Anderson Show is when the boy he likes doesn't like him back! But don't worry! He'll find someone new in..." Kurt continued yelling, looking at his watch. "Oh I don't know! Three days? And then every other guy in the past will be totally worthless!"

"You don't know that!" Blaine attempted to retort.

"And do you know the worst part of it? I am sick of your guts but I can't get rid of you because you keep coming back!"

"If that's how you feel, I will leave from your life! I can and will take care of my own love life because I don't need you anymore, and you don't need me!" the honey eyed teen said with a tone of finalization. "Oh and here! Take your key!" Blaine said, tossing the said object at Kurt. Opening the door, he was greeted by a hallway full of dorm mates attempting to look casual from their spot around the door. Within that crowd, Jeff & Nick and Wes & David gave each other a look and then a nod. The older pair followed their lead Warbler down the hall as "Niff" headed in through the door that Blaine didn't bother closing.

Kurt's scream of, "Have fun with Jeremiah, you jerk!" greeted the pair as they stepped inside the room, where they saw Kurt getting a sports duffle from under his bed and violently throwing clothes into it.

"What the hell was that?" questioned one Nick Duval with an airless chuckle.

When the countertenor looked up, the duo was able to see that Kurt indeed did not look good. To add to the fact that he was already dishevelled from running back to the dorm, Kurt's eyes were rimmed rouge now, his jaw was pushed forward and his bottom lip was definitely going to be swollen from being bitten.

"It seems that my friendship with Mr. Anderson is over, and with good reason too. Anyways, I am going to go back to Lima for the weekend." Kurt replied as he started angrily folding the earlier thrown in clothes.

"Kurt, it's Thursday." Jeff stated.

"Early weekend for me then. Yaaaay." Kurt said in feigned joy. "Look, I really just need to see Mercedes and Rachel right now, okay?"

"Kurt, you are in no position to drive right now. You're feelings will take your concentration away from safe driving. And I'm sure your dad wouldn't be very happy to find out that you skipped a day of school after he spent his honeymoon money on tuition." Nick spoke again with a voice of reason.

"Yeah, Kurtie," Jeff added. "If you wait a day, Nick and I will personally drive you there first thing after school and we'll skip Warbler practice for it. I'm pretty sure we've got our doo-ops down, anyways."

"Fine." Kurt sighed, still fuming, "But you better help keep Blainey-boy the hell away from me tomorrow."

"We promise."

"Blaine! Please explain why you and Kurt were causing a public disturbance in the dorms." Wes spoke, channeling his Dorm Head spirit.

"I don't know! Kurt has got a stick up his butt and is jealous of me or something! He was going on about my love life and then the Warblers and.. Gah!" The lead vocalist exclaimed, throwing his hands up in exclamation.

Wes and David shared a look and David rolled his eyes while Wes sighed, but before he could speak, there was a knock at the door. Timothy Goldsworthy, resident man whore, leaning against door frame with one shoulder

"Warbler Timothy, how kind of you to join us." Wes said behind the gritted teeth of a smile. Blaine was having one of his diva fits and the last thing that Wes wanted to deal with right now was a creep to go after Blaine in his emotional state.

"Hey. I heard Kurt screaming. That little Banshee can really break pierce the ear drums, can't he?" Timothy said, pushing past Wes and taking a seat on Blaine's bed beside the boy himself.

Blaine laughed, "That's kind of mean isn't it? Although it does seem rather fitting..."

"Timothy, could we talk to Blaine alone, please?" David asked, holding Wes back from throwing the student in question out of the room.

Ignoring David, Timothy wrapped an arm around Blaine's shoulder. "I also overheard something about Jeremiah? The assistant manager at The Gap?"

"You know him?" Blaine asked, eyes widening.

"Know him?! Babe, we go way back! I also know exactly what you can do to get him!"

"Really?!" Blaine exclaimed, his hazel eyes glistening. "Wes, David, could you excuse us for a bit?"

"Yeah Wes, David." Timothy smirked.

Shooting Blaine protective glances, Wes and David left the room reluctantly after some silent urging from the curly haired teen.

Outside the room, David shot Wes a glance and dead panned, "I don't trust that kid. Do you?"

"Not at all." the Asian replied. "Are you sure we can let Blaine make his own choices?"


"Fine. I won't baby him." Wes pouted.

author's note:

Like I said above, I am absolutely sorry that this chapter took so long! Any excuse I have is no where near enough to pardon this! Anyways, I hope some of you original readers are still reading this and I gladly welcome any who have joined in along the way. Thank you for your reviews, favourites, and alerts! I shall do my best to write, so keep cheering me on, 'kay? I love you guys!