So yes...pornography happened. It's been a while so why not eh?

Helen's kiss left James decidedly breathless and when she eventually released him he looked at her through sleepy eyes. She smiled back at him wickedly and twisted out of his arms to reach for the bottle from the table. Her hair tickled his nose as she moved and he watched her profile intently as she refilled his teacup and passed it back to him. He took it from her and drank slowly as she poured herself another drink and raised it to her lips with a small sigh.

The logs in the hearth behind began to catch and the heat of the flames warmed his back so he set his teacup down on the tiles and slowly began to unbutton his cuffs. "Is there something on your mind Helen?" he asked and Helen watched him through slitted eyes as she took a drink, pressing her lips together thoughtfully as she swallowed.

"There is," Helen mumbled and crawled across the floor towards him to give him another kiss. James hummed against her mouth in pleasure and amusement as she unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it down his shoulders. He did not protest when she pushed him onto his back and shuffled closer. He reached up to stroke his fingers through her hair as she began to unbutton her own blouse slowly, her lips quirking up into a crooked smile as she let the fabric fall to the floor. James smiled back and tucked his hands behind his head, settling back comfortably as Helen rose up on her knees and unbuttoned her skirt, sliding it down over her hips until she was clad only in her petticoat.

"James, darling," she cooed as she shuffled closer and raised her knee to straddle him, the lacy frill of her garter appearing for a moment as she settled atop him.

"Take this off," he murmured, running his hands up her thighs and giving her hips a gentle squeeze. Helen smirked at him and rubbed against him purposefully as she reached for the hem and pulled it up over her head. James growled at the sight of her in her girdle and bra, his eyes trailing down to the little blue bows of her garters. "Very nice darling," he murmured and Helen chuckled, blowing her hair out of her face with a little puff of breath.

"Do you like it? I confess I had grown rather accustomed to wearing a corset but this is much more practical really," she teased, leaning back so that her crotch rubbed against the bulge in his trousers.

"May I say that in this instance I wholeheartedly support your endeavour to follow the latest developments in fashion," he told her earnestly, stroking his palms up and down her thighs as she leant down on her hands and knees to kiss him wetly on the lips. James let his fingers slip under the fabric of her girdle to tug her knickers down and Helen moaned in approval as her tongue delved into his mouth. He was somewhat distracted as her hands stroked up and down his chest, teasing his nipples between her thumb and forefinger and she laughed again as the scrap of her knickers tangled in her garterbelt.

"Oh dear," she murmured, her hair tickling his face as they both peered down to where there bodies pressed together. Helen leaned to one side and James rolled them onto their sides, his fingers pressing intimately against her sex as they went.

"Wretched thing," he muttered even as his hand brushed her clit and Helen immediately moaned and spread her legs wider. Unable to resist the compulsion James pressed his finger deep inside her and she jerked her hips into his hand.

"Oh James," she groaned, grinding her hips around in a circular motion and James scowled in frustration as her underwear inhibited his attempts to spread her legs wider. Helen however seemed singularly disinterested in removing her knickers and reached up instead to bury her fingers in his hair, kissing him insistently as he rolled her onto her back.

"Helen," he choked as she flopped back against the carpet but Helen merely smirked at him wickedly and slid the straps of her bra down her arms. James smacked his lips together loudly at the sight of her ample bosom threatening to tumble out of the top of the starched white fabric and buried his face in her cleavage, twisting his head from side to side and blowing loud, wet raspberries against her flesh.

"James!" Helen gasped, laughter erupting unbidden from her chest and he took advantage of her distraction to tug the offending material of her bra out of the way and close his lips wetly around her exposed nipple. Helen clutched at his neck and James collapsed on top of her, grinding the hard lump in his trousers against her where his hips lay cradled between her legs. She let her head fall back against the carpet and scraped her nails up and down his scalp before wrapping her arms about him tightly.

"Helen. Helen. Helen." he chanted, punctuating her name with a wet, open mouth kiss across her breasts, her flesh trembling as she giggled beneath him.

"Kiss me," she rasped and James reached up to press his lips to hers hungrily. Helen dragged her fingers down his back and slipped them under the belt of his trousers, squeezing his backside firmly and pressing him down against her crotch. James writhed atop her as one hand slid awkwardly around his hip to rub against his straining erection, bending his knees and pushing up on his elbows to give her more room. Helen chased his lips with her own and kissed him again as her hand slid around his hip to join the other in fumbling with the buckle of his belt. James meanwhile was growing decidedly more irritated with her knickers and gripping them tightly in his fists, tugged hard at the lacy material until a loud ripping sound erupted from between Helen's legs. "Damn it, confounded thing!" he groused,

"James!" Helen gasped in surprise.

"I'm sorry darling," he murmured in contrition, tossing the offending scrap of lace to one side. "Blessed thing, there really was nothing for it," he tried to explain but the look on her face had morphed from shocked to mischievous and James found his trousers being yanked unceremoniously down his thighs.

"Oh my, Doctor Watson," Helen drawled wickedly as his erection jutted out proudly from his body. Helen wrapped her hand around his not inconsiderable girth and James found himself rendered suddenly mute as he stared into her eyes. Helen chewed on her lip and regarded him intently as she gave him a few idle strokes with her fingers. James clasped her knee and shuffled closer between her legs, his palm stroking down across her thigh towards her crotch. Helen watched as his fingers moved closer and closer and licked her lips as she met his gaze. James narrowed his eyes at her, his breathing laboured as she rubbed the pad of her thumb across the sensitive ridge where the head of his cock met the shaft.

"Lie down," he grunted, pressing her firmly by the shoulder and Helen obliged although she did not release her grip on his cock until he grasped her hands and raised them to his lips. James planted little kisses on each of her fingertips and when he sucked on her thumb Helen stroked her palm across the rough fuzz of his sideburn. He blinked at her sleepily for a moment before reaching forward to kiss her on the lips once more. Helen stroked her nails across his scalp and sighed as he kissed her deeply for a long moment before he began to make his way slowly down her body, dawdling at her breasts for a good long while before he kissed his way across her stomach downward until he reached his goal.

Helen chewed her lip and let her eyes fall closed as James stroked his fingers over her centre. It was his custom to take a good long look and she wondered, as she lay completely exposed to his scrutiny, what he could possibly still find so enthralling but a well placed finger put an end to that thought. The wood snapped in the hearth and the music seemed to have stopped, she mused but before she could dwell on the fact any further James tongue was on her and all coherent thought ceased. Helen groaned uncontrollably as he swirled his tongue hotly across her aching flesh, the scratchy bristles of his beard against the soft skin of her inner thigh doing unspeakable things to her body and setting a serpent of arousal coiling around inside her belly.

"James James James," she babbled, her chest heaving under his ministrations and his chuckle reverberated through her body causing her to gasp loudly. "Oh my!" she exclaimed as hot stab of pleasure spiked through her and she clawed uncontrollably at his shoulders, overcome by the sudden and irrefutable need to have him inside of her. She squirmed beneath him, clutching his head tightly in her hands and pulling on his hair so that he was forced to raise his head and meet her needy stare. "James, darling," she whimpered, pouting her lower lip and he smiled at her beatifically.

"Poor thing," he mocked as he pushed up onto his hands and loomed over her with a teasing smile.

"James," she repeated in that soft voice she knew he could not refuse and stroked her nails gently up and down his arms. He hummed and twisted his head from side to side as he lowered himself across her and kissed her again sweetly, his thick cock brushing torturously against her sex to bump her clit. She groaned again and wrapped her legs around his hips, urging him on with a menacing squeeze of his backside, her fingernails scraping dangerously close to his anus. James twitched and heaved a loud breath, peering down at her with a wicked gleam in his eye. Helen made a taunting, kissy face at him and so he twisted his hips and thrust into her in revenge.

Helen gasped and her mouth fell open, her head twisting on the carpet and making her hair fan out enticingly across the floor behind her. James could not resist burying his fingers in it as he began to slide in and out of her with a deep, slow roll of his hips. His eyes dropped to her breasts to watch as they moved with every thrust.

"Hmm...James," she murmured, stroking across the side of his face with her knuckles and he leaned down close to kiss her. The fire crackled in the hearth beside them and when Helen shifted beneath him, he allowed her to roll them onto their sides. He knocked his now empty teacup with his elbow and Helen chuckled as it clattered against the tiles of the fireplace.

"Let me," she murmured against his lips and he did not protest as she slipped out his arms to straddle him. James reached behind her to unclasp her bra, fumbling with the newfangled hook and eye design and Helen laughed again as she arched her back and moved to help him. He arched an appreciative brow as she tossed the offending item to the side.

"Certainly much less effort than a corset," he commented and she smiled, her hands coming to rest on his chest as she began to rise and fall in a lazy rhythm that was sure to send him out of his mind. James attempted to distract himself by sliding a hand up her thigh to rub her clit in small, slow circles and Helen hummed in appreciation, already quite some way ahead of him in that regard. James had just settled back to enjoy the sight of his cock disappearing between her legs when she gasped loudly and his mouth dropped open in surprise at the sensation of her muscles clenching around him as she came.

"Oh my, Helen," he said with a smirk and she looked at him through sleepy eyes as she sat astride him, her chest heaving. "Yes you have been rather wound up lately haven't you?" He did not give her the chance to reply, insinuating his hand back between her thighs and nudging her clit with his fingertip. Helen jerked above him, her face contorted into a grimace of pleasure and James smiled devilishly at her.

He buried the fingers of his other hand in her hair and pulled himself up a way to kiss her on the mouth. Helen mumbled incoherently and James chuckled again as she slouched to the side, wrapping his arms about her in a firm embrace before kissing her again soundly. Helen lay prone in his arms and James could not resist the compulsion to take advantage of her compliant state. He hovered over her and took his fill of her bosom, marking her pale skin with lovebites before kneeling above her with his cock in hand. Helen peered up at him and allowed him to guide her hand to his balls, kneading them gently in her palm.

"Hmm that's it," he mumbled, his eyes narrowing to slits as she took him in her mouth, her tongue swirling agonisingly over the swollen head of his cock before she took him in deeply and he wondered idly if John had shown her how to do this. He buried his fingers tightly in her hair and she did not protest as he took control, guiding her movements up and down his length until he felt the tension building unbearably in his thighs. He pulled her head away abruptly, his cock leaving her mouth with a wet smack and Helen looked up at him in confusion. Panting, James stared down at her face as she pressed his hard length against her cheek and placed a tiny kiss against his stomach.

"Turn around," he murmured, stroking the back of his knuckles over her cheekbone and Helen meekly shuffled backwards towards the sofa. "There's a good girl now," James breathed, stroking his hand down her back and squeezing the round swell of her backside appreciatively. Helen glanced over her shoulder and wiggled her behind against him and James growled slightly, a low rumbling chuckle in his throat as he moved between her legs and ran his fingers down the crease of her buttocks to plunge them into the wetness at her centre. Helen moaned and squirmed against his hand as he stroked her for a long moment before dragging his now soaking fingers back up and pressing one finger against the puckered skin of her anus.

Helen twitched and let out a rasping breath but did not protest, merely let her eyes fall closed as James' hand was replaced by the blunt head of his cock. They groaned in unison as he slid gradually inside her and Helen turned her face into the fabric of the chaise to stifle the sound. James reached forward and brushed her hair away from her neck and wrapped his palm around her throat, pulling her head up out of the cushions. He liked to be able to hear her moan.

Without further preamble James began to thrust into her intently and Helen screwed her eyes up tightly as the cries fell unbidden from her throat. James clenched his jaw and grunted as he slid in and out of her body, pleasure swirling through his limbs to bundle as a hot pulsating ball in his belly. He reached around Helen's body and pulled her up a way, pressing his chest against her back and sliding his hand up across her face to press a digit into her mouth. Helen screwed her face up, whining loudly as she sucked on his finger while James muttered obscenities in her ear. When she opened her eyes she could see the vein on the side of his head throbbing, his face red with exertion and when she met his frenzied stare he rasped out a ragged, choking breath in her ear and came hotly inside her.