"Maura! Let me see the map," Jane snapped as she drove by the same gas station for the third time.

"I can't believe the GPS isn't working, my Prius has never failed me before. Make sure to keep your eyes on the road," Maura sighed, handing the map over to Jane.

"When I agreed to a 'relaxing weekend in the country' I didn't think we'd be seeing quite so much country. I still thought we'd be at a hotel, you know, with cable and beer," Jane frowned as she tried to scan the map, and keep her eyes trained on the road. It was getting dark and they should have reached their destination an hour ago.

"Maine is lovely this time of year, and I just thought it would be nice to get away from the city," Maura pulled her sweater tighter. "Maybe we should stop at the gas station and ask directions?"

"Out of the question! I am smarter than this stupid road, and this stupid map," Jane threw the map in the back seat and hit the gas, as she ran a hand through her tangled hair out of frustration.

As they circled the same Conoco station for the fourth time, Maura couldn't help but insist they stop. Jane's patience had worn thin, and she was acting like a tiger in a cage. Reluctantly, she pulled over and Maura hopped out before Jane could change her mind.

Maura opened the door to the gas station, causing a little bell to signal her arrival, and she walked over to the deserted counter. She looked around for an attendant, but the only other person in the store was a long haired man in a suit. Maura didn't hesitate to ask him, "Excuse me sir, my friend and I are a little bit lost. Are you familiar with the area?"

"Well, yes, I am. Tell me, Ma'am, what is your name?" The man in the suit replied politely.

"My name? It's Maura. I- we're trying to get to the Elk Grove lodge, and we thought we should be there by now."

"What a lovely name, I haven't heard that one in a long while. Hmm, well, Maura. You are certainly not far off, just take a left at the fallen tree 3 miles ahead and that should lead you right there," the man replied in a soft spoken manner with a mischievous smile.

His demeanor made Maura feel slightly uneasy, as she didn't quite trust him, but she pushed her feeling aside, and took him for his word, "Thank you, um..Mr?"

"Mr. Gold. You're quite welcome. Hope to be seeing you again, my dear Maura," Mr. Gold sneered as he tipped his hat in Maura's direction.

She turned quickly and exited the station to find Jane stretching near the car, "God, I've got a knot in my neck. You mind rubbing it out for me later?"

Maura smiled, "Of course, Jane, trigger point massage therapy has been proven to provide immediate-"

"I know, I know. Did you figure out where we're going?" Jane said as she got back into the car.

"Yes, we're not far at all. Just down the road and to the left- 3 miles," Maura answered, pleased that they would be settling in soon. Her head was starting to ache, and she was hoping that the hotel would have a nice bath she could relax in.

They hit the road again and headed left at the fallen tree. "I swore we tried this way at least once already," Jane said puzzled. Sure enough three miles up the road, they passed a sign signaling they had arrived in town:

"Welcome to Storybrooke."

"Storybrooke? Really? This isn't Elk Ridge or whatever," Jane snarled, but was grateful to see some sign of civilization instead of just forest on either side of the road.

"Elk Grove, Jane. At least it's somewhere. They might have a nice bed and breakfast for us to stay in. Anything is better than being trapped in the car," Maura lamented as she rubbed her temples.