Title: A Little Town in Maine: Chapter 3
Pairing: Regina/Emma & Jane/Maura
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters

Summary: Crossover of OUAT/R&I

"I'll drive," Jane said as she followed Emma out of the Sherriff's office, and onto the street. It had been a long day and Jane thought it wouldn't be hard to find a 10 year old in a small town. At least she hoped it wouldn't be hard. She was no stranger to all night stakeouts and searches, but she was out of her element and far from her resources. She quickly tried to categorize the limited information she had received. Henry had only been missing for an hour or so tops so she knew he could not have traveled far, especially on foot.

"No, no- I know how to get there. I'll drive," Emma countered. She was not sure what to make of this tall woman who had just swooped in, and offered to help find Henry. The night had taken hold of Storybrooke and in the dark, the old signs and deserted streets seemed downright ominous.

Jane sighed loudly, and sometimes felt like life amounted to one long series of arguments over who would drive. She protested even more when she saw Emma's hideous bright yellow bug.

"Really? Did you see that nice blue Prius right there? You can drive, but let's take her car," Jane said patting herself down looking for the keys to no avail.

"Hey, don't make fun of my car, she has been very reliable," Emma was offended.

Jane realized she had given the keys back to Maura, and once again sighed in defeat, "She? Okay, let's just get going."

Maura and Regina exited the building just behind the other two, and Regina led Maura over to her Mercedes behind the building.

"This is your car?" Maura asked excited, as she immediately observed the 'reserved for mayor' parking sign and took in all the features of the classic car, "You're the mayor?"

"Yes, and yes," Regina bit her lip and frowned. She was worn down and exhausted. She felt deflated, and pure worry had taken over her spirit. She was no mood to discuss automobiles.

"My father has one just like this! Well, he has a whole collection of cars and motorcycle in one of his hangars. I love cars, always have. It's the one thing my father- adoptive father- and I bonded over when I was growing up. May I?" Maura rambled on as she circled the car, and then stopped by the driver's side door.

"Go ahead," Regina said dejectedly, as she flung open the passenger door and climbed in.

"Thank you for helping. You really don't have to," Emma said to Jane as they started to drive.

"No, it's my job, and you and—what's her name?"

"Regina, but you had better call her Madame Mayor if you don't want to make an enemy out of her," Emma said with a lilt in her voice, "she likes when her authority is recognized, I guess."

"Oh, well you looked like you two might kill each other before we interrupted," Jane commented.

"We always look like that, well except when we about ripped each other's clothes off," Emma shrugged, but made sure that Jane knew she was smiling.

"Yeah, about that- you are…partners?" Jane cringed, thinking she sounded stupid asking about Regina and Emma's relationship. It wasn't her business, but she still didn't understand the 'our son' comment.

"It's complicated, but basically I gave birth to Henry and gave him up for adoption, and Regina adopted him. I've only known him for a short time; he just showed up on my doorstep in Boston claiming to be my kid."

"Oh," Jane said trying to wrap her head around the shock that it must have been for Emma.

"I brought him back home to his mother, Regina, of course. The thing is though, Henry- he's troubled. He has these ideas and that is what worries me. That is why I stayed to try and help him. Regina and I- it's been rough. She feels threatened and I feel like I'm intruding. I don't know what to do," Emma was on the verge of tears. She usually wouldn't share so much with a stranger, but she felt compelled, and it was nice to explain some of her feelings.

"Right now, we just need to focus on finding him," Jane tried to be reassuring.

"You said your adoptive father?" Regina asked Maura, trying to keep her mind off of all of the horrible scenarios that could have befallen Henry already.

"Yes, I was adopted as an infant," Maura offered.

"I adopted Henry when he was three weeks old, as early as possible," Regina said with a touch of pride.

"That's so sweet. What made you want to adopt him?" Maura asked as they drove through the forest.

"Many reasons, but mainly I felt like I had done all I could do for myself and I wanted someone to take care of, and someone to be close to. I want Henry to have a good, happy life, but look at what's happened," Regina trailed off and stared out the window, finding it difficult to voice her motivations.

"It will be okay. We will find him, and he will have a great life. I'm sure you are a great mother," Maura tried to reassure her, but Regina was distraught.

"I don't think it will be okay. Ever since Emma – his birth mother- came back into the picture. Things have been chaotic and uncertain," Regina lamented, "Do you know you're biological mother?"

"No, I tried hard to find her, but the records were sealed. I met my biological father, even though I wish I hadn't," Maura didn't mean to say so much, but it was already out there, and Regina seemed like she needed to hear it.

"Why is that?" Regina asked, curiosity besting her.

"He's a terrible person, and by genetics I'm afraid it makes me terrible as well."

"People do terrible things, but it doesn't mean they are only terrible. Everyone is a mix of good and evil, I think. Whatever he's done wrong, I'm sure he had good reasons," Regina said as she briefly let her thoughts drift to some of the things she had done that others had considered evil and horrible.

Maura didn't have a chance to answer, as she came upon the sign giving notice of the dangerous mines. The area was dark and police caution tape crisscrossed over the gravel drive. She parked the car, and they both got out. Regina ran over to the blocked off area and yelled for Henry. There was no answer.

"We should have brought a flashlight," Maura said, chastising herself for not thinking this through.

"He's not here. I can tell," Regina's sorrow was evident.

Maura walked over to her and placed her hand on her arm to try and offer comfort, "We'll look somewhere else. Are you sure he's not here? We can go closer."

Regina's voice grew sharp and she pointedly said, "If I said he's not here, then he's not here. Let's go. I'm speeding up my plan to have this whole area paved, first priority."

Maura was taken aback by Regina's change in demeanor, but chalked it up to stress. She had already seen the more aggressive side of the mayor and hoped to not see it again.

Jane and Emma combed the beach starting at the wooden castle. The ocean was roaring and making it difficult to hear even if he was responding. There was no sign of him.

Emma shook her head in defeat, the area was open and if he was there, they would have seen him by now.

Jane took off her boot and emptied the sand that had accumulated before they headed back to the car.

"What now?" Emma asked more to herself then to Jane.

Emma got in the car and tried to start the engine; it turned over once and then went dead. She tried a few more times and nothing happened.

"Great. I thought 'she' was the best car ever?" Jane said sarcastically.

"She must just be having a little hiccup. I'll just give it a minute."

"I'm calling Maura to come pick us up. I'm not staying out here all night, we have a kid to find and it's freaking cold," Jane punched in Maura's name on her phone and held it to her ear as she leaned up against the car.

A few minutes later, Maura pulled up alongside the beetle, and they hopped out to meet up with Emma and Jane.

"Any sign of him?" Emma asked.

"He wasn't at the mine," Regina was beginning to panic, it had been over 2 hours since he had gone.

Emma forgot how mad she was supposed to be at Regina and put her arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. Regina was in no position to reject comfort, she pulled Emma closer to her.

Jane and Maura conferred by themselves, "He wasn't out there."

"Should we go back to town and start knocking on peoples' doors?" Maura asked.

They were now both emotionally invested in finding Henry.

"Yeah, let's go back to town and find out if there is anyone's house he may have gone to- like his teacher or a friend's," Jane suggested.

Maura walked over to Emma and Regina who were comparing notes and trying their best to work together.

"Let's go back to town. I can take a look at your car tomorrow, I'm very handy at fixing automobiles," Maura offered.

In the meantime, Jane had a look a Regina's two-seater, "How are we all going to fit in this thing?"

"I'll drive," Maura and Emma both said simultaneously.

Jane rolled her eyes and got into the driver's seat before anybody else had a chance.