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"My turn, darling," Eames said to Arthur as Arthur unhooked himself from the PASIV.

"See, he's like an excited kid on Christmas," Arthur explained as Eames was hooking himself up to the PASIV.

"This makes me wonder what he will see in Limbo," Ariadne said.

"Probably poker chips that breed like bunnies," Cobb guessed.

Eames woke up on the shores of Limbo... To the sounds of somebody yelling?

"Who's there?" Eames asked groggily. Then, an angry, Swedish man holding a jar of mayonnaise approached him.

"Pre-dinner mayonnaise! It's good for you!" The Swedish man yelled before shoving a spoonful of mayonnaise into Eames' mouth.

"Ew! Why the bloody hell are you feeding me this?" Eames cried as a kitchen appeared out of thin air. "Okay, this unconstructed dream space is getting a bit freaky."

"Lettuce! Mandarin oranges! Wontons! Chicken! Soy sauce-based dressing! Ordinary dressing can be used, but this is regular!" The angry chef yelled.

"WTF? Is this supposed to be a projection, or a man who is VERY pissed at the fact he's in Limbo?" Eames thought to himself.

"Twelve is present! We will use eleven!" The angry Swede yelled as he threw the ingredients into a frying pan in a violent manner. About ten minutes later...

"Dinner is served, bitch!" The angry, Swedish chef yelled. Confused, Eames punched himself in the face. That was a suitable kick, right?

Eames woke up, pretty relieved that the angry chef from Limbo wasn't there.

"Cobb, word of advice - Do not hire anybody with anger issues from Sweden as your chef," Eames explained. Everyone else just looked at him confused.

"What the hell did he dream of?" Arthur thought.

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