WARNINGS: non-con (not explicit), suicidal thoughts, kidnapping, violence

Grab a flashlight, kiddies. This one is DARK.

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Written for a prompt by phreakycat on suits_meme on LJ (which I will put at the end of the story to keep from spoiling, as usual).

"Something about the bank accounts," Mike said. He sounded tired, his words slurring just a little. "We need to figure out what's wrong with her bank accounts..."

Harvey looked over to see him digging the heels of his hands into his eyes, then roughly dragging his fingers back through his hair. It added a few more spikes to what had already been a pretty messy style from hours of the same and Harvey made the decision that it wasn't something Mike would be allowed to show in public, even if "public" only consisted of the lobby of Harvey's building and a cab that had certainly seen worse.

It was the principle of the thing.

And, well, the kid looked like he was a perfect candidate for either a mugging PSA or a zombie movie, but there wasn't enough exhaustion, alcohol, or blackmail material in the world to get Harvey to admit that aloud. It sounded far too much like caring and, despite the fact that Mike kept having to frown at his pen and consciously readjust his grip on it, Harvey knew he wasn't so out of it that he'd miss the implication.

Either way, it was time for an executive decision and since Harvey was the executive here...

"And we will," he said and began to gather up files and stack them neatly in preparation for being put into a briefcase or messenger bag. "Tomorrow."

Mike's frown transferred from his pen to Harvey's hands and, after a pause more than long enough to confirm that this was the right course of action, he said, "What?"

Harvey set the last folder on top of the stack and tapped Mike on the cheek so his bloodshot gaze came up to meet Harvey's. "We're stopping for the night," he said.

Mike blinked, squinted a little, then said, "What?" again, followed by a, "No, I can— I can do this. I can— Harvey—" Mike's hands went toward Harvey's shoulders and his fingers tried to clutch the fabric, but Harvey's reflexes were still functioning well enough and he intercepted them en route, firmly grasping Mike's wrists and holding him off with ease.

"Whoa there, Rookie. It's all right. We still have two days before we even have to meet with Leighton's counsel. We've got time," he added, chuckling softly. Harvey knew he'd been a dedicated associate, but sometimes even he was amazed by Mike's devotion to the job.


While Mike was distracted by the formidable task of assembling a coherent thought, Harvey stood up and then pushed the kid down so his head was on the armrest. Mike's feet were obviously in agreement with this plan, because they rose without any prodding or assistance and then most of Mike's muscles went lax and he slumped into the comfortable cradle of Harvey's couch.

Harvey actually got to the door of his room to fetch a blanket and pillow when Mike said, "But it's Monday!"

"Yes," Harvey agreed. "And tomorrow is Tuesday and then comes Wednesday, and Thursday—which is next in line—is when we meet with Leighton. We have time." He tossed the pillow—which hit Mike in the face—and the blanket onto his associate and said, "Sleep now, think in the morning."

"But I have to..." Mike mumbled, "something on Tuesday. Important."

"And you will," Harvey assured him, if only to get him to stop thinking and sleep.

Mike shut his eyes and sighed mightily and Harvey would be surprised if he'd been awake through the entire breath.

He snorted and crossed the room to actually spread the blanket out instead of leaving it a neatly folded square on Mike's knees and got the pillow under his head. He shook his head once more and headed for his bedroom, vowing to chew out Louis tomorrow for overworking his associate.

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