"No, nuh-uh, you're lying, Canadian maple syrup is way better than the maple syrup from Vermont." Matthew insisted.

"That's crazy talk! Of course Vermont's is better! Trust me I've had both and Vermont totally hits the spot." You insisted.

"Ugh what are you guys going on about? I can't get my beauty sleep if you guys raise your voices over each other to get your opinions to be heard." Alfred said.

"Well for one thing Al, _'s the only one who can ever make me raise my voice this way. And second to answer question, we're debating on which is better maple syrup from Canada or Vermont, and she doesn't want to believe that I'm right about this!" Matthew turned back to you, "I've went to 37 maple syrup conventions, and at all of them, Canada maple syrup has always won the popular vote."

"Well maybe you guys can agree to disagree." Al said shrugging, "You know, to each his own and all that."

Matthew glared at him, "You did not just say that."

"Like hell I didn't." Al retorted.

Matthew then grinned slyly, and stripped his shirt off and you pulled back in surprise, what the hell was he doing? You thought to yourself.

Alfred looked at Matthew in shock then tried to look away, "Al, why won't you look at me?" He said.

"That's not cool Matt."

"Say I'm right and you can get what you want."

"No!" Al said.

"What's going on?" You asked.

"Nothing!" Al insisted, but kept looking at Matt eagerly but with restraint.

Matt poured some of his Canadian maple syrup into his cupped hand and then smothered it over his neck and chest.

Al took a sharp inhale and bit his cheeks, tinting pink, and his eyes were filled with longing.

"Say it Al, tell _ that Canadian maple syrup is the best."

"Dude that's so not cool, you can't win like that! That's cheating."

That's when it finally clicked, "Al are you-?"

"No…I mean…well…"

"Say it or you will never see me like this again." Matthew stressed.

You could tell, that Al was getting excited from Matthew's endeavor to torture Al into going to his side.

"Matt…" Al moaned pleadingly.

"Say it." Matthew said menacingly.

Al bit his lip but he couldn't handle it anymore, "Okay! Okay! Canadian maple is better!" Then he pulled Matthew to him and kissed and licked at the syrup.

You watched in amusement, "Ah hell, Canadian maple may not taste as good as mine, but heck it's gotta be good if it provokes my two hot friends to fondle over each other like this." You made a second cup of coffee and watched Matthew get suckled until every last drop had been licked clean off the Canadian's chest.