Peeps I've re-done Chappie 1…it's pretty much the same just Kalin and Crow are mentioned better…well Crow is anyway….

I own nothing but the plot

A blonde haired man with red-ringed violet eyes stood tall atop of a building, watching the roads and alleyways for anything to eat, preferably human.

Jack Atlas is his name, and yes, he is a vampire. Now I know what you are thinking, vampires are not real; they are just a bedtime or campfire creature in stories told by people who want to scare you. Well they are not imaginary, they're real!

Jack watched the streets like a hawk, breathing in the cool night breeze as he sighed. Suddenly he heard yelling and the clattering of some bins in the alley to the left of the building he was standing on. Slowly walking to the side he looked down and watched the scene unravel right before him.

A tall dark haired, beefy man stood over a small form of a six-year-old boy, yelling and pushing the boy down. "Heh, aren't even going to fight back hugh?" The man's words were slurred together, a sign that the he was drunk, "guess I'll get what I want easier then." As the man said this, he had cornered the boy between a large green garbage bin and the wet brick wall. He knelt down in front of the boy, tugging on his shirt as the boy tried getting away from him. "Keep still!" he growled.

The boy started screaming and Jack had seen enough, he jumped down from the building landing behind the sick man. Startled by Jack's sudden presence the man turned around, but only in time to see Jack sink his fangs into his neck, drinking every drop of the man's blood.

Once done Jack threw the lifeless body down to the ground; blood dripping from the corners of his mouth as he growled, "Disgusting!"
The boy curled up into a ball as he shivered and sobbed. A sorrowful feeling gripped Jacks heart as he crouched down in front of the boy. "It's okay child, I won't harm you," Jack spoke softly; the boy raised his head slightly, glancing over at Jack. Jack gasped as he looked at the boy's eyes, the beautiful cerulean eyes were clouded by so much fear, only then did he noticed how badly the boy truly looked. His blue pants and black shirt were torn, he was covered head to toe in dirt and grime; his spikey raven and yellow highlighted hair a mess and his face tear streaked. He was also extremely underweight as rings began forming around his eyes and his lips dry, evidence that he was dehydrated as well.

The boy slowly crawled towards Jack, reaching down to the bottom of his shirt he tore a small piece from it. He reached up to Jacks lips, hesitating at first as he wiped the blood from his face. When he pulled away he saw Jack smile, "What's your name kid?"
The boy chewed his bottom lip, deciding whether or not he should tell Jack his name; finally deciding, he answered in a barely audible voice, "My name is Yusei."

Jack smiled, stretching his hand out towards the boy he asked, "Do you have a home?"
Yusei could sense the sincerity as he took Jack's hand and shook his head in reply. Jack pulled Yusei onto his lap and chuckled at the strange squeak Yusei made as he squirmed in his lap. Yusei soon relaxed and snuggled closer, he looked up and pouted, "No fair!" Jack chuckled at his cuteness as he smiled down at the crab headed boy on his lap, "I have a nice home you might like…" Jack paused as he watched a light of hope spark in the boy's eyes, "If you'd like to-"
"Yes!" the boy squealed, interrupting Jack, "If it's okay with you."
Jack smiled as he swung the boy onto his back causing the boy to once again squeak and clutch onto Jack,
God he's cute!

They walked through the debris-covered streets for what seemed like hours. Jack knew these streets better than anyone, and the dangers that lurked around each corner. So he stayed alert, not just for his sake but for the sleeping boy slumped against his back. Suddenly a huge rosy brown wolf jumped down beside the vampire and the little boy on his back.
"Hello Crow," Jack muttered. The wolf known as Crow just nodded and nudged the sleeping boy's body, making him stir; getting the hint Jack answered, "his name's Yusei and he's asleep so don't wake him!" Crow snorted as he and Jack continued to walk.

Finally they reached a two story brick building with a row of flowers under the large front windows and a small wooden veranda out the front; and standing in the doorway was a tanned lady in a brown dress. Long black dread locks fell to her shoulders, dark grey eyes pieced the darkness with a scold etched into her face.
"Jack Atlas! Where on earth have you been!" She shouted.

"Out hunting he's been Martha!" a familiar voice spoke up from behind the elderly laid. A boy perhaps not much older than Jack stood behind Martha with a smirk plastered to his face. He had short silvery hair with a purple headband, his ochre eyes seemed to glow in the dark.
Jack growled, "Yes Kalin I have and a good thing too," Jack paused as he pulled the little Yusei off his back and into his arms. The boy stirred a little, his eyes slowly opening and when they adjusted he tensed and he clutched onto his saviours shirt.
"It's okay, you're safe," Jack paused as he gently brushed a few strands of the boy's hair from his face, "this is where I grew up. Martha will give you clean clothes, a warm bed and nice food."
The boy looked at Jack in awe; never had he felt any of life's simple pleasures. "Will you stay?" he asked quietly, hope filling his heart.

Jack looked at the boy's scared yet hope filled face, he couldn't bring himself to shatter the boy's happiness as he replied, "I guess I could stay for a wh-" small arms wrapped tightly around his neck, startling him. Looking down he smiled when he saw Yusei snuggle closer, returning the embrace as he walked into the house.