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Winters cold winds blew through the streets of Satellite as snow blanketed the old run down city. The homeless huddled around barrel fires with oldT tattered blankets, seeking warmth as the cold night wore on. The Satellites rundown buildings provided little shelter for anyone from the season's cruel whims, causing most of the islands inhabitants to be nomadic.

Only one area remained untouched since the incident that split Domino City in two, the B.A.D sector. Rumours of strange disappearances and noises created an immaterial wall that circled around the site, twenty kilometres in diameter. People feared the area, and with good reason, as situated in the centre of the area was a giant hole that ran deep down into the earth. But despite this, the old Momentum Reactor, the cause for all of the suffering in the Satellite, continued to spin in reverse; it's bright majestic light a façade for what it truly spawned.

Suspended high above the machine was a narrow bridge, and on it a single man stood, watching the light spin with a cruel glint in his eyes. He body hunched over and features concealed from the world by a dusty old black cloak. Upon hearing the sound of footsteps steadily approaching him, the man smirked, not even turning to greet the person as he spoke; his voice worn from age.

"Have you found him?"

The newcomer who was also cloaked in a black robe, bowed to his hunched over companion in respect as he spoke, voice deep and husky.

"Indeed, My Lord," he paused, moving to stand up right as the man coughed and spluttered before him. "However he may be difficult to capture."

This grabbed the elder's attention as he spun around to face the other, his blood red eyes glaring menacingly at his scout as the information that was presented to him made his blood boil.

"I do not want excuses!" the old man spat, causing him to suffer another bout of painful chesty coughs, this time hacking up globs of congealed blood as he slowly stumbled forward but to be steadied by his servant gently grabbing one of his shoulders. Swatting away the hand that had fixed him the man snapped,

"Do not touch me!" The hunched over man rasped, "The boy is key if we intend to release our king!"

"Yes My Lord, I know but-"

"But nothing! Bring him to me, no matter the cost!" the elderly man growled.

In order to prevent his master from straining himself any further, the man gave in, bowing in respect once more as he answered,

"Of course, it will be done My Lord." Turning to leave the man listened as he walked away, to the elderly man as he coughed painfully once again.

The elderly man turned back to the reactor, a smirk stretching across his wrinkled face,
"Soon you will be free my king, and this world will fall into chaos."
Insane laughter filled the cavern.

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