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Aang and Jin sat quietly with their respective mates as the wolf girl that had attacked Aang sat in front of them, in a pair of black shorts and sports bra, drinking some juice. She put it down on the table and sat back, "Thanks, now, let's get down to business."

"Can I say something before we start?" Katara asked, "Sokka, how did you not catch her before she got to the backyard?"

Everyone looked at Sokka, "Yeah Meathead, how didn't you catch me?" Toph asked.

"Um...well...I thought this was about the new girl and Zuko, not me!" Sokka argued.

Zuko shook his head and turned back to Toph, "Okay, how about we start this off by learning about you?"

Toph crossed her arms across her chest and put her right foot on her left leg, "You want to know about me? Okay. I was born in the 1800s in France. It was around the first rule of that short guy started his rule."

"You mean Napoleon the First?" Zuko asked.

She nodded, "Yeah, that guy. My parents had ties with him and all that kind of stuff," Toph told them. "Once he died, they had lost pretty much everything, including me. I was their damn porcelain doll that they would only take out on special occasions. I ran away from them, I went into the forests. Then I was attacked...by some crazy wolf. Once I realized what I became, I just lived in the forests...then that's when I met my mate. His name was Zach. He worked on a boat that would travel to America...not a lot of people survived the trips, but luckily he did." Toph continued.

"That's amazing."

She nodded again, "Yeah, it had to be fate. I told him my secret and he accepted me. Once I changed him, we ended up here on this land and stayed here, living peacefully. My only regret is not being able to have pups...unfortunately our powers come with that curse."

"Wait...so if you're a werewolf...you can't have kids?" Jin turned to Zuko.

He sighed, "Yeah...that's really the only downfall. Even if we could have kids...we can't age and all there would be is...well, a fetus."

She nodded silently as Toph returned to her story, "Everything was going perfectly...but then your 'grandfather' showed up a couple years ago. At first he wasn't a problem, he stuck to his own side of the forest. Then...then that asshole picked off one of own. His name was Hahn...he wasn't the nicest guy...but he was one of our own. We started to go after him...but one by one...he took them all out. He finally got Zach. Zach missed one step...just one...and he got him. I've had to totally abandon our den. Living out in the wild. He gave up searching for me last year. I've been waiting to attack, but now with him slaying every human that comes across him...or anyone he feels like."

"Like my father," Aang said bitterly.

"Exactly. But, that's me." Toph said.

Zuko got up, "Well, if we're working together and you have no place to stay, would you like a place here?"

"If you're offering, yeah sure." Toph agreed.

"Whoa, how do we know we can trust her?" Sokka questioned, "She could smother us in our sleep."

"If that offer is on the table, she could smother you," Katara offered, making everyone laugh.

Toph chuckled, "If I was going to kill any of you, I would have already tried, don't you think?"

"Relax Sokka, she's right. A wolf as smart as her wouldn't have came into our den to try to sneak attack us," Zuko told him. "Now, I think we should probably get dinner start, Sokka and Suki, go get us some dinner."

Sokka groaned, "Why do we always have to get food?"

"Because I said so...and no mating in the woods," Zuko ordered.

"If you wouldn't mind, I'll go help them," Toph stood up, "If I am going to stay here, I might as well pull my weight."

Zuko smiled, "Thanks Toph."

"No problemo, come on pups, let's get going," Toph went towards the back door, she stopped, "Oh and one more thing, about that changing humans thing...you aren't setting up some army or some shit like that are you?"

"No..." Zuko answered her, "Why? Are people doing that?"

She shook her head, "Just wondering. Go ahead and do whatever you want then...I would just warn them before changing them."

"What does she mean warn us?" Aang asked as the three of them went towards the back door. "I still don't know if I want to be a werewolf."

"Think of it this way," Azula started, "If you become one of us, you and your she pup can live together forever." She said in a fake cheery voice.

Katara growled, "Stop calling me she pup."

"Katara, go talk with Aang, Jin and I will talk about it," Zuko told her, taking Jin's hand and leading towards his room. Katara did the same and went upstairs.

Azula turned towards Jeong-Jeong, "Well this has been fun..."


Zuko shut the door behind him and motioned her to sit on his bed. They both sat down and Zuko turned to her, "I know we've only been together for a little bit and I'm asking for a lot here...but could you see yourself being with me forever?"

Jin's eyes went a little wider, "You and me, together...forever?" He nodded, "I don't know Zuko...I mean...I love you...but...well, it's just that I really want to have kids. And, if I become one of you, I won't be able to have one..."

"I understand..." He said sadly, "You want the only thing that I can't give you...I don't blame you."

She cupped his cheek, "Zuko please don't be sad. I do want to be with you...but I don't know if I can give up one of my dreams to do it...I could be like Jeong-Jeong and watch over you when he passes away. But then I guess I would get in trouble for being a pedophile..."

"What can I do to help you make a decision Jin?" He asked. "Other than time to think about it?"

Jin bit her lip, one thought came to mind. "What will I tell my parents?"

"After you graduate, we'll tell them that we're going to get married." Zuko said.

"M-Married?" She nearly yelped. "You want to marry me?"

Zuko laid her back on the bed and caressed her cheek, "You're my mate, I wouldn't want to marry anyone else."

"How different would I be?"

"Not too different, no one will be able to tell. Well except you'll be stronger and your body heat will increase." Zuko explained.

She let out a shaky breath, "Okay..."

He placed a light kiss on her lips, "We don't have to change you, you can still live a normal life, find someone who loves you and start a family."

Jin shook her head, "If it's between you or going back to normal life...I am willing to give up one of my dreams to be with you. But I have one condition..."


"Make love to me right now," Jin demanded.

Zuko's hand softly rubbed her side, "That's what you want?" She nodded. He got up and took off his shirt. Jin admired his rock hard body. Zuko got back on the bed with her, "This is your last chance, do you want this? You can't change your mind half way through, I won't be able to stop myself."

"I want you to be my first and only." He took off her glasses and put them on the side table. As soon as the glasses were down, Zuko smashed his lips against hers. She moaned against the kiss, his body was pressed up against hers. He pulled at her shirt and they broke apart so he could get the shirt over her head. His eyes roamed over her breasts. Her bra seemed to barely contain her breasts. She reached behind her and undid the strap, instantly springing off her chest. He squeezed her giant breast, her dark nipple escaped past his fingers. Jin moaned in delight. Taking one of her nipples in his mouth, he also unbuttoned her jeans. Pulling off the rest of her clothes, Zuko smiled at the sight of Jin naked beneath him. Her mound was perfectly bare and her lips were wet with arousal. His animal instincts noticed her wide hips, making her perfect for mating, even if they weren't able to conceive. Jin started to cover up herself up, feeling a little self conscious since Zuko hadn't said anything for a little bit. "Do you not like what you see?" She asked.

Zuko shook his head, "No...I love what I see. You are amazing." He spread her legs and inched closer to her heat. His hot breath tickled her nether region. Without wasting any more time, he drove his tongue deep into her and moved her legs over his shoulders. Jin moaned loudly and arched her back, loving the way his tongue moved in her. His nose pressed against her clit as his viciously lapped up any of her nectar.

"Oh Zuko, right there," She happily moaned, running her fingers through his hair. "Please don't stop, oh God, right there, I'm cumming!" Jin grinded her hips against his face as a wave of pleasure crashed over her. Zuko wiped his face and took off his boxers and shorts, his throbbing erection popping out in front of her. "Your huge..." She said breathlessly.

He smiled, "Eh, I'm about average." Zuko got in between her legs, he was pressed up against her sex. "Are you ready?" Biting her lip, she nodded. He placed himself at her entrance and pushed. She felt him slowly slide in her, until he came at her virginity. He kissed her as he gave a thrust, fully putting himself inside her. Jin cried out in pain, tears escaped her eyes. "I'm sorry, it will stop hurting soon." He wiped her tears away and kissed her again. Holding still, Zuko closed his eyes, not letting his animal instincts take over and start pounding into her. She moved her hips a little, getting use to new intruder. Jin gave him a kiss, telling him he could continue. He pulled out slowly and he saw the streak of blood across his shaft. Zuko pushed back in slowly, Jin moaned softly. She spread her legs wider, allowing him deeper access with each stroke. The pain she felt with each thrust started to subside and pleasure took its place. She wrapped her arms around his neck, forcing his face into the crook of her neck.

"Zuko, it feels so good," Jin whispered. She inhaled sharply as he thrusted harder. Loosening her grip around his neck, he pressed his forehead against hers, looking her in the eyes while he joined with her.

"This might hurt a little more than your virginity," He told her. Zuko went back to her neck and gave it a light kiss, she knew what was coming next. He continued thrusting into her as he sunk his fangs into her neck.

She cried out in pain, "Zuko!" Zuko pulled back and looked into her tear filled eyes.

"I'm sorry," He kissed her. She felt her heart rate pick up, not knowing if she was closer to climax or it was the bite. Zuko felt her grow hotter and focus back on the pleasure he was giving her.

"Don't stop," She moaned, "It feels so good." Zuko grabbed her legs and put them over his shoulders then increased his pace. She began to thrash wildly beneath him and her walls constricted around him. "Oh God I'm cumming," She threw her head back and her fluids coated him, bringing him to his climax. Zuko gave one last thrust and came inside her. He collapsed to the side of her, both of them catching their breath.

Zuko stroked her cheek, "How do you feel?"

Jin kissed him, "I feel...I..." Jin clenched her teeth and back arched, she whined in pain. "Zuko...what's happening?"

He quickly put on his boxers and shorts, "Relax Jin, your just morphing, just let it happen." Jin felt her body tried to fight the change but it was quickly over coming her. "Just relax, trust me." She let go and felt the change overcome her. Jin opened her eyes and saw everything in red. Zuko was looking up at her, "Jin...don't freak out. You're in your wolf form." She looked down at her feet, which were now paws. He put his hand on her snout, which she instinctively rubbed against his touch. Her nose filled with what she could only assume was his scent, it smelt like cinnamon. "Now, to change back, just imagine changing back into a human." She closed her eyes again and did as she was told. When she opened them again she was back at Zuko height...and could see him clearly.

She touched his face, "I can see perfectly without my glasses."

Zuko wrapped his arms around her, "Being a werewolf increases your senses and fixes your ailments. When Katara changes Aang, his arm will heal."

Jin kissed him, "I love this...and I love you."

"I love you too."


Katara continued to stoke his hair as Zuko and Jin's mating had ended. Aang had agreed to join their pack, but he wasn't ready. She didn't mind as long as she got to take care of him. But she did want to change him before they fought with the wolf that was supposedly Zuko's grandfather, just in case he tried to attack Aang. He had fallen asleep on her as soon as Zuko and Jin started to mate. Katara enjoyed watching him sleep. When she would watch over him, she would sneak into his house and lay with him in bed. He would never wake up, so Katara did whatever she liked, lay with him, put his arm around her and even sneak a few kisses. He began to stir a little and he dug his head into her cleavage. She smiled as he froze, realizing where he was. Aang opened his eyes and looked up at her, "Uh...I'm sorry."

She kissed the top of his head, "It's fine. How did you sleep?"

"Great," He yawned. "I really see why every guy loves boobs. They're soft and can be used as pillows."

Katara laughed, "I'm glad you like them. They're yours now...I can't have kids so they really have no more use."

He frowned, "Do you ever wish that you could have lived a normal life and have kids?"

"I use to," Katara told him, "But Zuko continued to tell me I would find someone that would love me...then a kid with a orange 'Fanta' shirt landed on the hood of his car."


"No, another kid with a orange 'Fanta' shirt landed on his hood. It happens every day," She teased.

"Seems kind of like...fate," Aang said.

Katara smiled and snuggled into him, "That's what I thought the first time I smelled your scent."

"What does my scent smell like?" Aang curiously asked.

"It's like going outside and having a fresh air blow in your face...that's really the only way I can describe it," Katara explained. "Every time your scent comes across my nose, it's like a breath of fresh air. I can focus when it comes to you. I get so excited and can't stand when I'm away from you."

"Is that how Zuko feels about Jin?"

Katara nodded, "Yeah, but he's just good at hiding it...I need to ask you something Aang...because of what happened with your father...do you not want to be one of us?"

He was silent for a little bit, "Kind of..."

"Do you...not like that I am a werewolf..."

Aang shook his head, "If you weren't a werewolf...I wouldn't have ever met you...I love that you're a werewolf Katara. And some day, I want to join your pack...so we can be together."

Katara kissed him passionately and flipped them over so that she was on top of him. She held his hands and pushed them above his head. He felt her head right above his crotch and felt himself harden. Katara stopped kiss him and smiled, "You really hard. You have no clue how much I want you Aang."

"R-Really?" He stuttered.

"Yeah...but I'm high strung right now...I wouldn't be able to handle myself if we made love without me hurting you..." Katara got off of him.

Aang got up on his side, "So...I have to become a werewolf...for you and I to..."

"To mate? Yeah," Katara said. She kissed him, "But I'm willing to wait for you.."

He sat up, "Okay...change me."

"Really?" She smiled.

"Yes...I have nothing else except you and the pack...also I really would like to mate with you," He confessed.

Katara blushed, "Okay, lay back." He did as she said and laid down by him. "I'm not going to lie, this is going to hurt." Aang nodded and closed his eyes. She leaned in and her hot breath tickled. Placing a soft kiss on his neck, Katara's fangs came out and she slowly bit into him. He instantly began to scream, but Katara put hand over his mouth. Taking her fangs out, "Shh, I'm here for you." She kissed his tears away as he began to calm down. "You're going to change in a little bit and it's going to be quick, but you have to remain calm okay?" He nodded and the door burst open.

"I heard a scream," Zuko said, he was followed by Jin in a tank top and his long shorts. He saw the blood coming from his neck. "Katara, get away from him."

"He'll be fine," She told him, "I told him that he needs to be calm." Aang screamed out in pain, like Jin did. Both the girls watched in horror as Aang thrashed around on the bed. "Aang! You need to relax!" Katara repeated. Zuko pulled her away from Aang as he continued to cry out.

"He's not morphing well, I should have known." Zuko mumbled to himself. He gave her to Jin, "Make sure she doesn't leave your grasp."

Jin nodded and held Katara as she tried to get loose, "Zuko! He needs me!"

Zuko went back to the bed as Aang started to grow a snout, "Aang, you need to let it take over you. It's going to hurt a lot less if you just let it do what it's supposed to do." He nodded and shakily took in a breath. But it didn't help, he turned over on all fours and gripped the wooden bed frame and crushed it to splinters. Katara tried again to escape Jin's grasp, but she realized that Zuko had changed her, so she as much strength as she did. His clothes ripped and he turned into a wolf, his fur was a dark as Toph's, but a grey streak of fur down his back. "You need to relax okay? This is normal. Now, just imagine turning back into a human." Aang nodded and closed his eyes. He slowly turned back into his human form. Katara drooled over his naked body. Even if he was a nerd, he had a hard cut body like Zuko did...and a added package. Zuko laughed awkwardly and grabbed a towel that was on one of Katara's chairs, "Good for you bud, but put this on." Even Jin blushed a little, if she knew that her best friend was packing, she would have given Aang a 'test drive'. "How do you feel man?" Zuko asked as Aang put the towel around him.

He blinked his eyes a couple times, "That...was...AWESOME!" They let out a sigh of relief and Jin let go of Katara and ran to her boyfriend.

"I'm so sorry Aang," Katara apologized. "I didn't know how much that would hurt you."

"It's okay Katara," He smiled. "Whoa," Aang touched his face, "I don't need my glasses anymore."

"And your cast." Katara pointed out. He looked at his arm and the cast was gone. Aang touched his arm, expecting it to hurt, but it didn't.

He shook his arm a little bit, "It's completely fixed."

"Benefits of being a werewolf. You and Jin should go down and talk to Azula, she will help you with some clothes." Zuko told him. He nodded and went with Jin down the stairs. Shutting the door behind them Zuko turned to Katara, "Do you know why he had such a hard time changing?" She shook her head, "He wasn't ready. That's what happens when you force the change on him...that's what happened to me, what happened to Azula and what probably happened to Toph."

"He told me he wanted to," Katara explained.

Zuko sighed, "Well he obviously was lying...he's going to have some trouble changing for the first couple times. It's going to be your job to help him...he's your pup now."


Toph laid back by the lake, while Sokka and Suki swam beneath the water, catching fish. Sokka was the first one out and dropped 5 fish from his mouth. He shook the water from his fur and changed back, "You going to fish Toph?" Suki came up a little after, dropping more fish by his and morphed back.

Toph shook her head, "No, I'm not a fish kind of girl."

"Are you sure? We have enough for you," Suki offered.

"No, I'm more of a big game kind of hunter." Toph told them, sitting up as they started to clean the fish. She stuck her nose up and sniffed, "And it looks like dinner has arrived." A roar came from their right. A brown bear came out from the trees and spotted them.

"Do you need help?" Suki asked. Toph rolled on her back and swung her legs over her head, pushing herself up she landed on her feet.

"No thanks, I've got this one," She cracked her knuckles as she walked towards the on-coming bear. Toph morphed into her wolf form and growled at the brown bear, but it still came towards her. Once she got close, it swiped at her, but Toph was too quick. She quickly bit under its neck and finished it off. Once it fell over, Toph morphed back and wiped the blood from her face, "And Toph is the victor!"

Sokka looked at Suki, "I think I like her..."

"Me too," She laughed.

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