A New World

Chapter 1

Hello Tokyo.

Louise and Saito made their way to the cafeteria as usual after Louise's morning classes at Tristain Academy of Magic. Louise continued to bicker about her familiar's latest dismay.

"WHY YOU? Why did I have to end up with you? How about a dragon? Or even a salamander, Hell! I would be okay with the likes of a cockroach in comparison to you! But no no no. I had to become stuck with a lowly, mangy, girl obsessed, in-heat dog like you! BAKA BAKA BAKA! How dare you! Looking at other girls! And even hugging her! What's Siesta got that I haven't huh?"

Unfortunately for Saito, Louise caught on to his implications when taking a, what he thought to be an unnoticeable glace at Louise's flat, A-cup chest.

Louise glared at Saito in fury. Oh. No…. No no no way was he getting away with this one. How dare he compare her chest to… to-to-to… that peasant! She was a noble! The highest of all highs! Her lack of chest was nothing considering that dirty maid's citizen stance.

Saito seemed to take notice of Louise's angry glare towards him. Oh God. "No no no! I-I-I didn't mean it like that! You're seeing things! I wasn't thinking that you were a flat chested little girl at all!" he exclaimed.

"…. A flat chested… LITTLE GIRL?" Louise whispered with clenched teeth. Was that how he looked at her? As a little girl with no breasts? Oh. She should show him. Louise raised her wand ominously at Saito.

"NO NO! Please!" Saito begged, "I like your chest! Really! It's… very nice."

But no empty words were going to ease Louise's infuriate emotions. With a flick of her wand she pointed her wand aimlessly at Saito.

"EXPLOSION!" she screamed.

The beam of power that was sure to inflict pain on Saito for his wrong doings seemed to have had a missed target because of Louise's unstoppable rage. Instead of pointing at Saito's chest, it seemed to have taken a direct hit to the inscribed markings on his hand.

The beam then bounced back, leading to an incredulous explosion. Louise and Saito ducked spontaneously because of the raging boom of the blast.

As Louise and Saito coughed up the nasty black smog that claimed the sky, Louise's eyes became fixed on the newly appeared portal.

The portal was a green that looked iridescent, but when Louise peered through curiously she could not see what it led to on the other side.

Louise became suddenly very curious of the never before seen portal. It's meaning seemed to vex her. What was it? And how did it get here? She slowly reached to touch the swirling green mass.

Saito then raised his head from the ground to see the clearing black fog, only to see Louise reaching to touch the portal that was oh too familiar to him from when he had mistakenly touched it and been transported here.

Oh no. Louise! Who knew where it would take her! He needed to stop her!

"Louise! NOOO!" he screamed wildly as he quickly sprung up form the ground and attempted to tackle Louise away from the ominous green, but mistakenly, as Louise turned to face Saito, he then crashed into her, sending them both into the portal.

The portal quickly consumed them and closed, swallowing Louise and Saito into the unknown.

Saito clenched his eyes shut, feeling the quick rush of moving which suddenly led to the sound of a thud.

Ow. Saito reached to the back of his head, eyes clenched even tighter after hitting his head on something obviously firm. But the dizziness left as soon as it had appeared and he opened his eyes to the place he had grown to become familiar with since he was a child.

The fish market! IN TOKYO! ON EARTH!

He was home! Oh, how he had missed the smell of the pier and the call of venders in the street! He watched as people passed him by on the busy walkway, oblivious to the newly returned boy of Japan.

Saito could contain his happiness and longing for home no longer, he leaped in the air, his fist up high. Not caring about the odd looks he was bestowed with by fellow by passers.

Saito thought quickly of all the things he would do now that he had returned home. He made a list in his head, sprinting at all the things he would return to. His home. His family. School (yes, he was that grateful to be back), computers, manga, television, new clothes; the list went on and on. The only debate was which to do first…

As if on cue, Saito's stomach growled loudly, telling him which event would most definitely take place first. EATING.

Saito grasped the change in his pocket that he had kept since landing at Tristain Academy. He didn't have much. Enough for about two people to share a light snack, perfect! He thought. He and Louise could share something to eat, it was after all her first time being on Earth and experiencing their customs! She must be hungry; Saito chuckled lightly to himself at the thought of a grumpy Louise, pouting at her grumbling belly.

"So how about it Louise, want to get a bite? My treat!" encouraged Saito while turning to face Louise.

Louise? . "Louise?" Saito called confusingly. Where was she? Louise? LOUSE? Oh no. If Louise wasn't here with him… then where was she?

Then it dawned on him that Louise was somewhere, alone, in Japan, a place, rather a planet that she had never been to before. And she was without her familiar.

Saito began panicking, running to find her. "Louise! Where are you Louise?"

Louise opened her eyes groggily, what happened? Ughhh. That idiot Saito escaped his punishment. She would have to punish him twice as efficiently next time then. Haha. That would teach him to look at other girl's chests. Louise chuckled to herself, proud of her logical thinking. Louise then took awareness to her surroundings. Where was she? The sky was an odd blue. Much lighter than in her world, and there seemed to be some circle in the sky, Louise tried to get a closer look at the bright light, but soon winced and shut her eyes closed because of the burning sensation she soon felt. Louise began to waddle backwards because of her inability to see, she stumbled backwards, unknowingly to her, off the curb, tripping and landing her self in the middle of the street.

Louise opened her eyes after exclaiming an "Ooof" as her butt landed not-so-softly on the paved road. She opened her eyes just in time to see the incoming license plate of a taxicab. The lights shone brightly at her, reminding her of the bright light she had been attempting to view earlier. It hurt her eyes. "AHHH!" She yelled covering her eyes with her arm.

"Look out!" someone called out, quickly grabbing Louise out of the streets and pulling her slumped form into his arms safely on the side-walk as the cab sped by, taking the time to honk his horn rudely at the clueless pedestrian.

Louise, with eyes still clenched, took awareness to her change in surroundings. Instead of the hot pavement, she seemed to be in another warm place. She glanced up carefully to see the handsome features of a young boy about her age. She then took awareness to her situation, she seemed to have been slumped in his embrace for quite a few moments. Oh God.

"Oh my. I-I-I'm so sorry!" She glanced back at the street, seeing the strange steel contraptions move breathtakingly fast down the street. She realized that the boy had saved her from a most likely death. "Thank you so much! Oh my goodness! I might have died! Thank you! I am so grateful to you!" Louise eagerly beamed at her hero.

The boy took the time during Louise's thanks to see just how cute this girl was. She was pretty small. He seemed to tower over her slightly and she had very cute features, a button nose, and wide eyes with eyelashes that looked almost too heavy to lift. Had he really been holding such a cute girl in his arms only a moment ago? Maybe he could do it again. Ahh! No. He quickly blushed at the thought. What was he doing? Talking about holding some girl, he didn't even know here name! She may just be crazy! Laying down in the streets and all!

Louise also looked at her savior's features. He was tall. He had dark black hair that looked due for a haircut almost and strikingly light blue eyes. His eyes looked almost clear. He was the kind of a boy the girls at the academy would surely swoon over.

Louise seemed to catch on to his blank stare at her… was he okay?

"Ummm… are you okay?" asked Louise worryingly.

The boy snapped out of his daze quickly. "Are you okay?" asked the young man to Louise.

"Yes. I mean I think." Louise did a quick evaluation of herself, checking for broken bones and such. None seemed to be present. "Yes, I'm fine," she continued "I mean, thanks to you that is…". Louise then gave an unintentional look of thanks to her new friend that he found very, very cute.

Was he blushing before? Because it seemed like nothing compared to the scarlet read that claimed his cheeks now.

"I am Louise." She said proudly. She continued her dignified name to the stranger, " Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere."

"Wow," the boy said. "That's… quite a name you got there." He chuckled slightly at the ridiculous length of the name.

Louise also slightly chuckled as the boy did, not fully understanding why he found such humor to her name. She was after all, a highly founded noble.

"And you are…?" asked Louise curiously. She felt slightly awkward and shy in his presence for some reason unknown to her. Maybe knowing his name would change that.

"Oh. Yes, my name. I'm Ash. Ash Miagi. It's very nice to meet you Louise."

"As it is you." Replied Louise politely as they both shook each other's hands.

A moment of silence filled the space between them on the sidewalk.

Ash slightly blushed before mumbling about having to leave. "It was very nice to meet you Louise, and I hope to see you sometime soon maybe."

Louise blushed at his intent stare at her, "Thank you again, so much. You really saved me out there. And yes, I hope to see you again sometime too."

Ash slowly walked backwards away from the girl. Wow. She was really something. Although, her get-up was kind of weird. He eyed her school uniform, for some reason lacking the gape curiously. I wonder what school she goes to. With a chuckle at his strange new crush he turned and walked away, genuinely hoping to see her again sometime.

"Ayaaa!" Louise exclaimed. That was close. I almost died! Thank goodness for Ash. But really… where am I? She looked at the tall buildings that seemed to dominate the sky. Crazy…. She thought to herself. What a strange world.

Louise, in hope of figuring out where she was began to think back of what she could remember. She was yelling at Saito, because of the breast thing… okay. And the explosion… something went wrong. Something happened. And a green portal suddenly appeared… I went to touch it and then… Saito tackled me. And now I'm here. But if I'm here… Where's Saito?

She began wandering aimlessly down the streets of Tokyo, Japan.

Saito became more and more worried, as the day seemed to get darker and darker. It was getting late. Where was Louise? He searched endlessly everywhere he went. What would happen if he didn't find her before the day ended? And how would she find her way without her familiar?

Louise's feet dragged along the pavement. She glanced up once again and saw the sun beginning to set. The sky became a darker hue of a purple blue and her mind became foggy. She was exhausted. She hadn't even noticed that the farther she walked on, the more rustic and run down the buildings began to become. Little did she realize, she was in a bad, bad neighborhood.

Someone's car alarm blared somewhere off in the distance, sounds of liquor bottles being smashed to the ground became suddenly louder.

The night was almost completely dark, and she was so tired. Maybe she would rest for just a bit.

She walked to the entrance of a dark, deserted ally way, leaning against a dumpster, oblivious to the men drinking down noisily and obnoxiously along the sidewalk. She slumped against the hard metal of the can and closed her eyes in exhaustion. Sleep did not come.

The rowdy group of men a few years older than Louise watched as she trudged into what they knew was a very deserted ally way. The four men glanced at each other with a knowing smile. The ally was deserted; no one would here the pretty girl's screams.

The quickly set down their drinks roughly and stumbled towards the ally.

Louise did not see what was about to come.


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