Okumura's Sex Fairy Tale

Summary: This is a story, about a prince and a princess and how they show their love to each other. The simplest and dumbest sex scene you'll ever encounter in your record of reading...

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Ao no Exorcist..




"Nii-san, I have something to say to you"

"What is it Yukio?"

"I want to Shahafuhu with you and humahoho your hoai, will you let me?"

"Only if you let me hanohoi your huba and suck your jowaiho"

"Ok. The pact had been signed. Let's do this princess!"

"I'm yours my prince."




"Ah Yukio!"

"Hngh Nii-san!"

And they Shahofu each other happily ever after..

Happy Ending is the BEST!

Eh? It is the end already?

~The End~

... I don't even know what has gotten into me to write this... I only wrote this in like.. 5 minutes.. =.=

Please don't flame me!