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The sound of people fighting, the smell of blood, sweat and tears, these were the characteristics of where Diana worked. The mixed martial arts gym wasn't exactly a place for a young woman to work, she was probably the only woman who had ever done so. Hey, it paid the rent.

Diana sat down behind her desk and booted up the computer. Her office was a small glassed in area at the entrance of the gym. She was supposed to take in calls, sign up anyone who wanted to join and generally push paper around. A waist high barrier separated the local fight fans and the gym itself. It was a small place, but it was workable.

It always took a while for the computer to boot, so Diana wandered around flicking on the light switches. It was her job to open and close the place, it was a long work day, but Diana didn't mind, she didn't really have anything else to do except work.

Diana had moved to the United States after getting a degree in history in her home country of the Netherlands. Working at the gym wasn't exactly the job she'd had in mind, but it'd do for now. It was really hard finding a job with a major in history. Her parents had warned her that she might not find a job in her field, but Diana always believed that you should do what you loved.

After an hour more people started to arrive at the gym. Almost all the men who trained here were trying to get a spot in the Sparta MMA tournament. The winner would be awarded 5 mill, a lot of money.

Again the entrance of the gym opened and a tall, muscular man stepped inside. All the guys who trained here were extremely muscular, but this one was a beast. He had broad shoulders and huge biceps. He wore simple sweat pants and a hoodie over a t-shirt.

''Can I help you?'' Diana asked the man. She wondered if he was going to sign up.

''Eh… sure'' the man said, his eyes moved around the gym, then back to Diana.

''How does this place work?''

''For 35 dollars a month you can train from 7 till 11'' Diana answered.

''Just fill out this form if you want to join''

Diana handed the man a form and a pen. He quickly filled it out and handed it back to her.

'Thanks' Diana said. She smiled at the man as he went toward the mats.

Before she filed the information, Diana read that his name was Tommy Riordon. Diana found him intriguing, there was something about him. She looked over her shoulder, hoping to catch another glimpse. Through the glass she could see him bandaging his hands and tugging on some boxing gloves, ready to train.

The slap and thump of people sparring didn't bother Diana anymore, she'd gotten used to it. It quite distracting at first, she felt an urge to intervene, but the bruises and blows were all part of the game.

''Diana, call that Puerto Rican kid!'' Colt Boyd shouted. Diana got up from her chair and looked through the glass. She saw a man sprawled on the ground, he had been knocked flat by Pete 'Mad Dog' Grimes. Someone got K.O.'d so regularly, it began to feel normal.

Colt Boyd was the trainer of Mad Dog and the owner of the place. Mad Dog was this gym's hottest contender for the Sparta tournament. Diana never really liked Mad Dog. He was overly arrogant and had a nasty mouth.

'If he can get here in 20 minutes, he'll get two hundred bucks.'

'I'll call him!' Diana shouted from her ''office''. She quickly looked him up in the computer and started tapping his number into the phone.

After waiting a half a minute Diana reached his voice mail. Shit, she thought. ''He's not picking up his phone!'' Diana said while walking towards Colt. She didn't really know who else to call, there weren't many guys who would take on Mad Dog.

'Dammit Diana!' Colt told her. 'Find me someone else!'

Just when Diana was about to turn around and dig deeper into her contacts, Tommy spoke up. He had been watching Mad Dog fight and thought there was an opening for him. It had been a while since he had a real fight, but it would be a good opportunity.

'I'll fight him' he said to Colt.

Diana was amazed, not many would offer to fight Mad Dog. Did you see Mad Dog's arms?

After some hemming and hawing Colt agreed and let Tommy step into the ring.

Diana really wanted to see Tommy in action. He must be good if he wanted to take on Mad Dog.

Tommy knew he could take Mad Dog. He had watched him a bit and thought that his defense was weak, he would go for a K.O.

Just one blow and Mad Dog was down.

Diana was amazed. Tommy was even better than she expected.

Tommy was better than anyone expected.