Was It a Lie?

Was it a lie that you said you loved me?

Do you really mean what you say?

You wonder how I can ask this,

Yet you never heard me cry all this time.

I was like a crop in the field,

Dying from a lack of moisture and care.

You tell me you sacrifice and do other things

Yet the results are very evident.

If your words are true

Then why is the most important crop dying and crying out for you?

It slowly wilts as the days go by,

And it remembers when you cared and nurtured it like it was second nature to you.

Yet the crop…even in its pain and suffering and dying state

Still believes in you.

It wonders why it has to cry out so loud and so long before you notice it's still there,

It wonders if it was someone important to you would you treat them the same?

The crop only feeds people and loves them no matter what.

So tell me then dear farmer and be honest with yourself,

Have you given that crop the proper time it deserves to grow?

Or will you lie to yourself?