For subtlynice who gave me the pairing and the prompt, haircut, and for being the biggest DP fan I know.


With a pair of scissors in her hands, Chloe tsked and tutted as she took a good thorough look at Derek's hair. With all the excitement and urgency surrounding their escape from Lyle House and their subsequent life on the run, a haircut hadn't been a priority for them. But now, being relatively safe with Aunt Lauren and the boys' father, a haircut was just what Derek needed.

"I still don't see why I need a haircut," Derek grumbled as Chloe ran a critical eye through his locks. It was not that he relished being dirty or unkempt but in the face of life and death, a haircut didn't seem so important. Beside, after changing into a werewolf, all that hair would give him the additional benefit of warmth.

"Having you look like a vagrant does nothing but raise suspicions on us," Chloe said before diving straight into the task at hand. Derek stiffened at the touch of the cool silver upon his skin but relaxed as Chloe continued with as much care as possible. She had initially wanted to do one of those haircuts she saw in fashion magazines but considering that she had never done a haircut before, she decided that functionality would win over style.

Taking his long fringe in hand, she snipped it, letting bits and pieces fall through the spaces between her fingers. She hummed a mindless tune as she did the same for the rest of his head, making sure the ends of his hair didn't touch his shoulder.

"Stop humming," Derek whispered in haggard breaths, as if the process of getting a haircut was causing him excruciating pain.

"It's so that you'll relax!" Chloe hissed back.

"Well, stop! It makes me think you're not concentrating." Derek looked like he was about to pass up. Whatever possessed him to allow Chloe to come near him with a pair of scissors, made from silver no less, he would never know.

Oh, wait, of course he knew, love. She better not nick him.

Chloe rolled her eyes at him and as much as she wanted to give him a snippy comeback, she decided against it when she saw how much he was sweating. It almost made her worry that he would change right in front of her.

Finishing up her task, she put down the scissors and brushed off the few strands of stray hair on his shoulder. Derek too had started brushing off the few bits of hair from his face but he didn't get them all. Chloe caught his hand mid-air and as Derek closed his eyes, she leaned in slowly, tentatively and blew very gently into his face, clearing the rest of the hairs away. She continued blowing until his face was completely free of the debris.

"That wasn't so bad now, was it?" Chloe laughed weakly.

"No," Derek's own voice was nothing more than a breathless whisper. He closed the space between them and kissed Chloe on the lips, a romantic kiss, just one kiss but so rich and so perfect that Chloe felt it all the way through to her toes. "No, it wasn't so bad."