Based off the DeviantArt "Sniping Contest 1" by Saisoto




Dr Lance Sweets and Special Agent Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo are standing perfectly still as they are tied to two large wooden poles by Jack Hodgins and Ziva David respectively. An apple is then placed on the bound people's heads. Jack and Ziva then hop inside of a SUV and drive back to the other end of the sniper range where the two shooters and audience are waiting.

"Hi! I'm special agent DiNozzo," says Tony introducing himself, "Dr Sweets," replies an annoyed Lance, "Nice to meet you," continues DiNozzo seemingly not bothered with the fact that he is a living sniper target with an apple balanced on his head.

"So why are you here?" asks Tony, "I had a disagreement with Booth over fashion and his choice in clothing," admits Sweets, "what about you?" asks Sweets.

"Me, I volunteered," says Tony grinning, Lance looks at him dumbfounded, he then pulls out a business card and hands it to Tony advising the NCIS agent to give him a call if they survive the shooting competition.


On the other side of the shooting range; The audience are taking up their positions while Seely Booth and Leroy Jethro Gibbs are checking their respective sniper rifles.

"You do realize that this competition is merely to hide Special agent Gibbs and Booths desire to assert their male dominance and Alpha male status over a younger male," states Bones. Everyone nods though a few chuckle when Abby suggests that the sniper riffles are the two shooter's form of compensation. Abby and Bones feels two sets of sniper trained glares burning into the back of their head but Abby shakes it off with a grin while Bones just ignores it.

"So he's your psychologist? No wonder you put him there," says Gibbs conversationally returning his attention back to his firearm.

"FBI consultant. It's not the same thing. I didn't bring him here for that," says Booth defending himself.

"Don't tell me, he made fun of the fact you're wearing 'Hello Kitty' socks," jokes Gibbs. Booth looks mildly upset and mutters to himself about having no clean socks and wondering aloud about how he even owned 'Hello Kitty' socks.

"So how'd you get your Special agent to volunteer?" asks a curious Booth.

"Told him I needed a volunteer for a trust exercise," smirks Gibbs.

"So what'd he do wrong?" asks Booth.

"He touched my coffee," growls Gibbs darkly taking aim towards DiNozzo, Booth fearfully takes a couple steps away.





I was browsing DeviantArt when I came across this little comic strip and decided to write a small ficlet about it. I recommend checking out the comic strip.

I don't own NCIS, Bones or the comic strip that inspired this ficlet but I would like to see a Bones/ NCIS crossover