The Love I Found in You

Prologue - Chapter One

Hermione stood in the doorway of the living room at Grimmauld Place and looked at the scene in front of her. Father and Son were sat on the floor playing with the child's toy cars and action men. The Father smiled as his son ran his play cars across the floor and laughed as he tried to crawl away from his father. The scene Hermione looked upon was perfect except one person was missing from the family seen, the child's mother.

Teddy Lupin would grow up without a mother and with a Werewolf father. Nymphadora Tonks had been killed by her own Aunt, Bellatrix in the Final Battle. She has been killed right in front of her husband who tried his very best to save her but she was killed instantly. He resigned himself to bringing up their son alone. Andromeda Tonks, Nymphadora's mother had offered to have Teddy permanently but Remus refused, he was the boy's father and he would bring him up.

It had been a short four months since the end of the War and Remus was struggling. He struggled with his grief and with his challenging son. The little boy was not any easy child one could say he was high maintenance but he was such a lovely boy. The young boy would grow up without his mother but he would know that she died fighting for his future.

Hermione watched as Remus picked up his son and placed him on his lap and placed a soft kiss on his head. Hermione could see he was talking to Teddy but from where she was stood she couldn't hear them. Hermione watched as Remus looked up to where she was stood and smiled. He pointed towards her and little Teddy looked towards her and smiled. He waved and clapped his hands at the sight of her and Hermione's heart warmed.

'How long have you been standing there?' Remus asked as Hermione walked towards the father and son.

'Not long.' She said as she perched herself on the edge of the arm chair. 'What have you two been doing today?'

'We've just been doing stuff around the house. I want to change a few things here. It's too dark and gloomy.' Remus replied as he let go of Teddy who crawled to Hermione's feet and tried to pull himself up.

'That's good.' She replied as she held onto Teddy's hands as he stood up aided by her. 'If you need any help let me know.'

'Actually I could do with some help. Are you around tomorrow?' He asked.

'I can be.' She replied. 'I don't think I'm needed at Hogwarts anymore, the rebuild is practically done.'

'That's good. I heard Minerva saying that they will try and reopen late October.' Remus said as he watched Hermione pick up his son and cuddle him. 'Are you going to go back to school and finish off your seventh year?'

'No but I am going to take by N.E.W.T's at the ministry in three weeks. I've been studying for them, well as much as I can at the burrow.' She replied.

'Have you decided what you want to do after you've got your N.E.W.T's?' He asked.

'I'm not sure really.' Hermione said as she sat back against the arm chair and cuddled Teddy into her chest. 'I'm not sure I want to take a job at the ministry just yet. Kingsley has said that I can have a job now without taking my N.E.W.T's but I want to take them just encase later on I don't want to work there.'

'I can understand that.' He said as he stood up slowly and sat back on the sofa.

'I'm thinking of maybe taking a year off and do some freelance research or something. After the year I've had I need some down time.' Hermione said as she looked at Teddy. 'What about you? Have you decided what you want to do?'

'Kingsley has offered me a job at the Ministry in Werewolf Rights.' He said as he looked at Hermione.

'Remus that's wonderful!' Hermione said as she looked at him. 'Think of all the people you could help who have been affected by Lycanthropy because of the War.'

'I know but I have Teddy to think about. I thought of letting Andromeda look after him while I work but she's getting too old to look after an energetic boy.' He said sadly.

Hermione looked at Remus and then at Teddy and smiled. 'Why don't you let me look after him?' She asked. 'I could be his nanny as such.'

'Hermione I couldn't ask you to do that, you have such a bright future ahead of you and I don't want to hold you back.' He said as he looked at her.

'But it's what I want to do, well for this year anyway. I'm not ready to work yet. It's weird I have always been so driven to get on the career ladder but after the War I have come to see that there is more to life than just working and studying.' She said as she looked at Teddy. 'Let me, I want to.'

'If you're sure?' He asked.

'I am. I would love to take care of Teddy and it will be good for you to get back into work.' She said as she smiled at him. 'And we'll have lots of fun won't we Teddy?' she said as she smothered him in kisses which made Teddy giggle.

'Thank you Hermione.' He said as he looked at her.

'It's fine really Remus. It would be an honour to look after Teddy.' Hermione said smiling.

'Well if you're going to be Teddy's nanny I should offer to a home here. I know you don't particularly like staying at the Burrow I can't understand that it's very camp and no privacy but you know you are most welcome here.' Remus said.

'Are you sure?' She asked. 'I don't want to get in your way.'

'Hermione this house has so many rooms I'm unsure how many, you can have your own room and bathroom.' He said knowing Hermione was itching to get out of the Burrow.

'Well if you're sure.' She replied.

'Move in whenever you want.' He said

'Tomorrow.' She replied quickly. 'I need my own space desperately. I'm still sharing a room with Ginny and most of the time Harry as well, it's becoming rather awkward.'

'I can imagine.' Remus said as he looked at Teddy who was falling asleep in Hermione's arms. 'I should get him to bed.'

'Of course.' Hermione said as she looked down at Teddy who was curled into her falling asleep with his hand wrapped around one of her curls.

Remus stood up from the sofa and walked towards Hermione. He bent down and untangled Teddy's hand from Hermione's hair and lifted him out of her warm arms and into his cold arms making Teddy whinge.

'I'll let myself out.' Hermione said as she stood up. 'I'll be here in the afternoon tomorrow.'

'Ok.' He replied softly as she rocked Teddy in his arms.

'Goodnight.' She said as she leaned down and placed a kiss on Teddy's head.

'Goodnight Hermione.' He replied as he watched her walk towards the floo.

Author's Notes:

A New Year and new pair! I suddenly crave a bit of Werewolf Fiction and I came across a few Remus and Hermione Fictions and now I have this idea in my head.

Happy New Year to you all! Hope you enjoy the first Chapter.