''The Return of The Rival Gang''


Shinzo Crew:

Sago: Sago was once a member of the rival, but gave it all up after got set up by them, being throw in jail, and release after they discovered that the boss of the gang done it. Now going to village called ''Sunco Village,'' where he was been in jail two years ago, Sago's worst nightmare began as he heard that the leader of the rival gang was a free man.

Mushra: Mushra was friends with Sago and always get themselves in all kinds of trouble, but got separated after police took him away from Sago but they reunited five years later when meeting Yakumo plus going to Shinzo. When they head ''Sunco Village'' he discovering that this was the place where Sago was being set up by the rival gang and the leader was release not too long ago he is willing to help Sago.

Kutal: Kutal is a chief and cooks meal for his friends along with his niece and nephews, no matter he and the group are in trouble or not it always start with food. In Sunco Village, Mushra told Kutal that this was the village where Sago got set up by the rival gang and with that being told the chief is willing to protect Sago and his kittens.

Ray, Sen, Estee: Estee Kutal's little niece and Ray along with his brother Sen are Kutal's twin nephews

Yakumo: Yakumo is the last human who survive the enterrans wars and her father name Diego said to her when she was young that she was being put in a suspending animation than awake to find Shinzo. When she and her friends head to Sunco Village where Sago was set up, she do everything that where is good or bad that she'll help Sago with the rival gang.

Sunco Village People:

Nelly: Nelly is the leader of Sunco Village and doing anything that in her power to make her village safe from the rival gang. When she saw Sago return to the village, she never trusted him but when he was captured by the leader along hearing the story of young girl of what happen two years ago, Nelly is started to see Sago in a new light.

Officer Sodo: Sodo is the police who arrested Sago back in the day after the leader of the rival gang was the one who for given Sago counterfeit money. After the rival leader was releases he noticed Sago return and he was the only person was nice to him.

Police Neiko: Neiko is a person who you do not mess around especially when if a enterran is a gang member. Neiko did not like Sago back when he was a member of the rival gang and didn't like him still even when he release. But suddenly hearing a story from a young girl name Ririn about Sago two years ago he starts to see him in a new way.

Ririn: Ririn is a young seven year old orphan girl who was in a hospital all her life when her legs were paralyzed. Before she was in a hospital she was in adoption home when she was five, where the rival gang took over and burn it and that where she meet Sago who was being order to kill her, but save her instead and he promise her not to tell anyone, but two years later she decide to tell them after she find out her hero was kidnapped by the rival leader.

The Rival Gang:

Hyina: Hyina is a big muscle hyena who is also the head leader of the rival gang, the one who set up Sago, and went to jail by whoever told the cops the truth about the counterfeit money. Two years later after he was release the first thing was going back to stealing and robbing stores, but when his captain told about Sago was back in the village than thought of taking care of Sago once and for all.

Kyoshi: Kyoshi is a sea creature who's also Sago's buddy after being separation from Mushra, Kyoshi was once the weakest member but told Hyina to set up Sago which he felt guilty that he did that plus was announced as the head captain while Sago was in jail and Hyina ten weeks later. As Sago told him to come with him back to Fly Town, but Kyoshi refused. Two years when Kyoshi saw Sago return he tries to tell Sago to leave but instead tells the people of the village that it was him who told the truth.

Gary: Gary is human/lighting enterran and this rival always have his ways of tortured people for their money and jewelery, but back when Sago was a member both Gary and him get into fights plus trying to kill each other. When Hyina was release two years later and Sago return back to the village, Gary first thought was capturing Sago's friends and kill them, but instead they take Sago instead.

Corey: Corey is a mouse enterran a rival member who inventive gang with weapons to uses when robbing area. When Hyina told him about Sago returning to the village both he and Cheeta kidnap Sago, after the kidnapping Corey invention shackle so when Sago couldn't escape.

Cheeta: Cheeta is a cheetah enterran and was know as the fasted of all the rivals member, back than when Sago was a member both he and Cheeta always race to see who can steal more faster. Two years later after Hyina was release from jail, Cheeta along with Corey were told that Sago was back and order the two to bring him to Hyina.

Nia: Nia is a purple elf enterran the first female who ever join in the rival gang, Nia usally have some arguments with Gary when they both robbing something together. Back then both Nia and Gary always tries to convince Sago to see who was better, but Sago always walk off. Two years later when Hyina was a free man, Nia decide to train fighting moves so that way she can protect her boss next time.

Quakers: Quakers may look like a water enterran because he's a duck, but unfortunately he is a fire enterran. This rival member always and never do things without a plan in stored for the gang, back when Sago was a member, both he and Sago always gather information for they next spot to rob. Two years later after Hyina was release from jail he will do as he does all the time making plan and ideas.