''The Return of The Rival Gang''

Chapter 3: ''Never Trust Sago''

''Everyone we are here.'' Hakuba announced.

As Sago look ahead of him it was the village where he was once a member of the rival gang and framed by them, then was innocent after someone found out it was the leader that did it.

''The village hasn't change a bit.'' Sago said to himself softly as they all went in the village.

Once they were in the village, everyone in the village was fill with stores and restaurant which made Kutal drool from his mouth, but what they were more consider will the villagers were staring at them and whispering at each other like ''Oh no, is that who I think it is.'' or, ''Why is that trouble maker doing back here.''

''Yakumo why is everybody whispering about?'' Asked Estee as she stare at everyone whispering while looking at them.

''Estee they are not whispering about you guys.'' Sago says as he drove next to them,

''Then, what are they whispered too than?'' Mushra asked as he hover next then Kutal next to him.

''They are whispering about...'' Sago was about to said the person but got cut when they heard.

''SAGO, WHAT A SURPRISE WE NEVER THOUGHT YOU WILL RETURN!'' Shouted a young women as stand in front of the group staring with anger violet blue eyes, red hair in pony tail, wearing a purple gown with a very light pink scarf around her neck, and wearing light purple boots with pink line as a circle on the middle.

''What Sago you know her!'' The twins asked while pointed at the girl.

Sago sigh before he answered the twin kittens question, ''Sadly to be honest you guys, but I been in this village before and that is Nelly she is the leader of this village.'' when he answered everyone gasp.

''Sago, why did you tell us that you know this place?'' Kutal asked wondering why his helmet friend didn't mention about this yesterday.

''Probably the reason why he didn't tell you is because he nothing but a thief!'' Nelly shouted the answered for Kutal, but it only made Sago kinda angry.

''HEY!, I already told you this my days of being a thief and a my lying days are over!'' Sago yelled angry as the water enterran got off his scooter and walk over to Nelly.

''HA!, you are all talk, so what do want any way!'' Nelly yelled back.

''Well my friends and I are staying here for the night.'' Sago replied, but suddenly the villager were already started to shouting saying ''NO WAY NOT WITH YOU AROUND!'' or, ''LEAVE NOW LIAR!'', But sudden they heard horses coming making the crowed move.

''HEY, COME ON, MAKE ROOM!'' said a voice which made Sago not look to see who was coming.

''Please tell that's not him, please tell me that's not him, please tell that not hi...WHOA!'' Sago begging but got cut when someone grabbed him by the back of the neck from his cloak, than went up in air were his feet is not on the ground anymore.

''Well, well, well, what do I have here, a little helmet water bug.'' shouted a cop wearing a black police uniform, on a gray and red spot horse, a narrowed face with a very thick dark brown mustache and darken green eyes staring at Sago's.

''Geez, I thought someone call me a rat because I'm pretty sure somebody did, but I don't know who?'' Sago said as he was being a smarten person which made the police man made and red as fire.

''Don't get all smarten pants boy, or else I'll make sure you will be back in handcuffs!'' Shouted the red police man.

'' Officer Neiko, put him down.'' command a men who was on a lighter red horse, the men was also was a police officer, but his clothes was well dress like he was in charge, wearing a black and gold uniform, his face was a narrow with a light gray mustache not thick as the police officers who still have Sago in the air, then end it with his light brown eyes.

''Sheriff Sodo, I'm so glad to see you again!'' Sago said cheerfully as he watch the second police man walking between him.

''Neiko, please put Sago down.'' Sodo order again.

And instead of putting Sago down gently, Neiko just dropped the helmet enterran on his butt in the dirt which made everyone except Sago's friends laughing,

''Argh, I can't believe that he did that maken everyone laughing at me.'' Sago said to himself as rub his back then dusty himself off and Sodo got of his horse and offer Sago a hand to help him up.

''Sago, how long were you and your friends are staying?'' Sodo asked as help Sago up.

''We are just going stay here till today and we will leave first thing in the mourning.'' Sago replied calmly seem how he could see Sodo was the only person was nice to him even though he remember it was both him and Neiko that arrested him, but Sago does remember what was Sodo helping him during his time in jail.

''Alright, everybody will respected Sago and his friends with your all best behavior, Sago would you along with your friends come with me please.'' Sodo announced and asked Sago to come with him along brining Sago's friends too. Sodo brought them to a nice motel plus he was kind enough to pay it for them.

The room that they enter was a nice three bedroom, one bathroom, and a medium living room with a large coach. ''WOW, This place is huge!' Mushra yelled in excitement as jump right onto the coach already in comfy and so did Yakumo, Kutal, and the kittens were all inside the room.

''Hey guys, Sodo and I are going out for a while.'' Sago said and gently shut the door behide him, when he and Sodo were about to walk they saw the people that living here or working all quickly shut their doors, when Sodo look down at Sago who bowed his head in shame, the sheriff put his hand on Sago's shoulder which made him look at the man.

''Don't worry, come on let's go get some dinner it's my treat.'' Sodo says as he took Sago out to get something to eat.


On top of a hidden building stand Gary, Nia, and Kyoshi searching for every bank, stores, or any thing else they could robbed when they move out tonight.

''Come on, let's go Kyoshi the boss is waiting for us!'' Gary yelled at the green sea creature who looking threw the village with his binoculars searching the area.

''Hold on I'm missing one more motel then I'm finish.'' Kyoshi said with the binoculars on searching for the last hotel before the three of them will leave.

''Yeah, Gary what wrong with you, idiot.'' Nia said and landed a punch directly to Gary's face, but it only made Gary jump on top of her.

While the two were fighting, Kyoshi was able to find the last motel and check it off, but before he was about to leave his spot he spotting something that was very shocking to him as he saw the sheriff and next to him was none other than the one who was the traitor, Sago.

''SAGO!'' Kyoshi Shouted which made Nia freeze when trying to bite Gary arm and Gary froze a punch that was going to hit directly in Nia stomach.

''WHAT DID YOU SAY!'' The both scream the question and Nia ran to grabbed Kyoshi's binoculars to see it herself.

''Well,well,well, Kyoshi was right it Sago alright the traitor returns.'' Nia said and gave the binoculars to Gary to see himself.

''What should we do now Sago has return?'' Kyoshi asked as his binoculars were toss back to him by Gary.

''What are going to do, we are going tell Hyina across!'' Nia yelled then grab Kyoshi by his shirt and both of them and Gary ran to their hideout to tell their boss of what they seen.

Back at the hideout, the rest of rivals watch their boss to see that he is still have his fighting skills after being in jail for two years.

Hyina look at the two punching bags carefully study his feet prepared for the attack with his skillful knife, and all of sudden the sound of slice and dice from Hyina's knife and the both punching bag were torn in pieces which made the group in awe. When Hyina was make his next move when being interrupted,

''HYINA!'' shouted Kyoshi, Nia, and Gary as they ran to they're boss

''You three better have good reason, I was started to get my fighting skills back.'' Hyina demand as gripped his knife very tightly waited for they're reason why did they yelled for him.

''Sago back sir.'' Answered Kyoshi without no struggle.

''What his back!'' asked Cheeta in shocked

''Are you sure that you saw him?'' Quakers added

''Did you all saw him!'' Corey added also.

''SILENCES!'' Shouted Hyina as he made everyone stop talking and listen when he continued.

''Alright, so the traitor has return than, now you will all listen to me good, you will not touch or kill Sago unless I order, but right now some of you are not sure that he is back or not after we are going to robbed the village tonight so if Sago is there than the real fun begins!'' Hyina finish as he slice the last punching bag in half which made everyone but Kyoshi cheered for their boss.