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The trial

When John got home he thought through what Jervat had said. Seeing as he now lived alone, he had got back into a habit that he had picked up while manning Thunderbird 5, talking to his self.

"He thinks that man, whoever he is, is me. This stranger he has found, this man could be my chance. With him behind bars as 'John Tracy' I will no longer be in danger because no one will suspect me. Why should I save his hind, when I come so far?" He asked himself, but then he remembered his deal with Father Thomas. That man had helped him but only if he would become an honest man once more. How was this honest?

His thoughts then drifted to his workers at the factory. He had gave them a job to keep them off the streets and alive. How could he just abandon them? They probably wouldn't make it at all if he where to be imprisoned once more.

He sighed as he sat down on the sofa and ran his hand through his hair. He had a decision to make.

"Who am I?" he asked out loud. "Jean Valjean or John Tracy?"

Having easily made his decision, John grabbed his coat and left the house.

"And so, Mr Tracy, I hereby sentence you to return to imprisonment for…" The judge paused as the doors to the court were slammed open.

"With all due respect your honour, I object."

The old judge peered over his old fashioned glasses. "Mr Valjean. This is very unexpected. Do you have something to say on this case before I close it?"

"Yes. Yes I do. That man is not John Tracy."

"What reason do you have for believing this Mr Valjean?"

"Because," John started before taking a deep breath, "because I'm John Tracy." And with that he ripped his shirt open to reveal the brand on his chest clearly saying 24601.

As anticipated, everyone in the room gasped at this very unexpected outcome. The guards that were previously guarding the accused made a move for John but he nimbly sprinted out of the building.

The accused, a blond farmer, glanced up to see John leave. His brother had been right. He was back.