Chapter One: The Beginning

A group of mismatched fighters had gathered in a clearing. They had come from near and far.

An Inu-Hanyou. A Miko. A Houshi. A Taijiya with a little fire neko on her left shoulder. A Taiyoukai of the Western Lands. A handful of Ookami Youkai. A Kitsune Kit. A Little Ningen Girl who stood off in the distance with a Kappa Youkai. And many more.

Ningen, Youkai, and Hanyou alike – they gathered. With one goal in mind.

They all knew that something was going to happen today. They just didn't know what. For the time of the finale battle with Naraku was approaching and they were ready and waiting.

They also each had their own goals. They had all gained something – both good and bad – out of all this mess.

For the Inu-Hanyou, InuYasha was fighting for Kikyo. Naraku had pitted them against each other – making them think the other betrayed the other, and in the process forcing Kikyo to seal him to the Goshinboku for fifty years. With her dying from the injuries Naraku had inflicted upon her, moments later. Kikyo, who was later resurrected using a part of Kagome's soul, had turned and was manipulated against him – thus not allowing her to rest in peace. Then to having to kill her once again – with her dying once again in front of him.

The only good thing that came out of her dying the second time was that Kagome got the missing piece of her soul back.

But in the end he had gained something he would never let go of. He gained a family, no matter how screwed up it was. He also gained friends. But nothing can compare to his first true friend. Kagome.

For the Miko, Kagome was fighting to put the Shikon no Tama back together, for it was her fault that it shattered in the first place. And to stop the evil hanyou, Naraku, from gaining control of the cursed tama. For the evils said hanyou has done and for all the lives he toyed with – Miroku, Sango, InuYasha, Sesshomaru, Kouga and many more. But more importantly, to guard the tama like she was supposed to since the beginning of her journey – until death has taken her from this world.

She didn't care what happened to her as long as those she considered friends and family were safe. They each had become precious to her. She had gained a second family in the pain and heartache that Naraku had caused.

For the Houshi, Miroku was fighting for the curse that was placed on grandfather and father before him, the same curse he himself was forced to bare. Wishing all the while he bared this curse that he could openly love his Sango and not worry about it sucking him like those before him and causing her pain in the process.

But he gained love for the female Taijiya, Sango, and planned to marry her once Naraku was taken care of. He gained another family in his friends and comrades–in–arms, as well.

For the female Taijiya, Sango was fighting for her village, family and the fact that, up until recently and thanks to Sesshomaru who saved him, her brother who was being controlled by Naraku.

She gain love in a the Monk. She learned that not all youkai and hanyou are evil like she had been taught. She learned to respect them and give them a chance. She also gained a family in the friends around her.

For the Taiyoukai of the Western Lands, Sesshomaru was fighting for all the transgressions against him. One transgression being the fact that Naraku had, on numerous occasions, kidnapped Rin – trying to use her against him to do Naraku's dirty work. Or trying to use her as a weakness when she turned out to be nothing but a strength.

He, like so many around him, had gained something in all this. Unknown to him during the time he had spent with the other around him, he had come to care for the others he fought with – that is until this day. He respected them and considered them…. Friends. Even in his annoying half-brother and the wolf, Kouga.

But Sesshomaru had gained something even more precious to him. He gained a daughter in Rin and the miko, no; Kagome had become a little sister to him. Two people who truly understood him. Two people to protect. When he thought of this, his father's last words to him come back to him.

"Tell me Sesshomaru, have you someone to protect?"

Yes. Yes, he did.

He could not help but think – and gladly admit – that his father was right. He was happy to admit he was wrong for the first time in his life.

For the Ookami Youkai Leader, Kouga was fighting for his clan that had almost completely destroyed by one of Naraku's many creations – Kagura.

Though he lost almost all of his clan and got his revenge against Kagura, he gained trusted friends and allies along the way.

Together they were fighting for all the lives lost and lives permanently changed, due to both Naraku and the Shikon no Tama – a cursed jewel.


"InuYasha, Sesshomaru! Now!" The Blue Eyed Miko yelled.

Grabbing Tokijin in a firmer grip, he attacked. "Dragon Strike!" The Taiyoukai cried. At the same time that "Backlash Wave!" was yelled by the Hanyou as the Miko's arrow flew by following close behind, mixing into the fray – only doing half of what it was intended by hitting the Shikon no Tama.

The whole Shikon no Tama flew out of Naraku's grasp and towards Kagome. Picking it up, she instantly purified it with a single touch, before it floated out of her hand and, hovering for just a moment, before shooting towards her – sinking back into heart from whence it came. Kagome let out a cry of pain as it sank beneath her skin and into her heart.

Kagome glowed brightly before the light that made her glow shot out – covering the entire clearing. All those who were fighting – whether they were ningen, youkai, hanyou – covered their eyes to block the bright light.

They don't know how long the light had shined for, it could have been minutes or seconds, but they knew that when they could see again, something was going to happen.

Something that they knew they couldn't help change no matter what they tried.

Moments later, when the light in the clearing faded, there stood Kagome. She didn't look all that different then she did before but the changes were there.

Her clothes were the same as they were before, which was her "Slayer's" outfit that Sango had made for her to fight in when Kagome learned how to fight from Sesshomaru. Which she normally wore just like Sango under a kimono which were normally made up of different shades of blue, they had blue crescent moons on the backs – saying she had the protection of the Taiyoukai of the West. She gain said protection when she was adopted into the family of the west.

She had long since given up on school and gotten rid of her uniforms and her time, for deciding to live out the rest of her days here in the Sengoku Jidai with her adopted family, after going to see her family one last time to tell them of her final decision after the final battle.

Her hair was the same black as nights of the New Moon; with the silver mixed into it with the tips looking almost like they were dipped in a medium silver color paint. But the length was a bit longer then it was before and on the left side of her face there was a single thick blood red streak in it – there was also a bit of silver on the tip of it like the rest of her bangs and hair in the back.

Her normally beautiful blue eyes still held their shine from before, but now they were a clearer blue almost if they were reflecting the clearest blue sky. Or they were matching the bluest and clearest ocean water ever seen. They were so light they look almost white. They reminded everyone of crystals.

And in the center of her forehead, was a mark. From what the other fighters who close enough to see, they saw what looked like four pink diamonds – one at each cardinal point – with small lines on the inside connecting each of the diamonds at each of the inside points, creating a slightly bigger fifth diamond in the center of the other four. There were also lines on the outside of each diamond that were at a cardinal point. With a blue flame in the background and surrounding it – starting from just past the bottom and working its way up and past the top of the mark, stopping just past.

No one said anything. No one moved, for they were frozen in shock. But it soon wore off when they all saw her nock an arrow and fire it – aiming towards the evil hanyou.

"Naraku! This ends here!" The Shikon Miko screamed – just at the last second and just as the arrow hit.

The Evil Hanyou didn't even notice the purifying arrow till it started to sink into his flesh, for he was still adjusting from the bright light that blinded him moments before.

What happened next happened in slow motion.

Screaming in pain as he was disintegrating into nothing, Naraku sent a tentacle towards her in one last ditched effort to kill her – all the while thinking if he was going to die then he was going to take her with him to hell.

Everyone saw this and screamed at her to move while running towards her to help. But their efforts were in vain. For the tentacle pierced her chest near the heart and had come out her back.

Collapsing to her knees, she started coughing up blood. She knew she was going to die but at least she didn't die in vain. She died doing something considered even heroic, she thought with a small smile – as her friends gathered around her. Naraku was gone and she didn't have to worry about him. He was in hell and, hopefully, getting what he deserves.

InuYasha caught her as she fell, laying her gently on the ground with her head in his lap, as Sesshomaru sliced and gently removed the tentacle from his adopted sister's body – watching as it disintegrated.

"Inu…Yasha…" Kagome whispered when she saw who caught her and coughed up more blood in the process. Looking around she saw her friends all gathered around her – her eyes landing on Sesshomaru.

"Sessho…maru," she coughed up more blood. She was fading and fading fast. Her eyes never leaving his.

He wanted to go to her, but for the first time in his long life his body wouldn't move and his mind, usually clear and calculating, couldn't comprehend what his eyes were seeing. It lasted for the longest of moments, but when he did comprehend a moment later he rushed forward to her side.

"I have a favor to ask you, Sessho…maru. Look after Shippou, I only trust him with you." Kagome whispered. "Please also look after everyone else for me as well…Don't fight with Inu…Yasha, if you can help it." She paused to catch her breath closing her eyes for just a second before opening them once again. Crystal–like blue eyes met golden eyes.

They were so full of emotion that it would have shocked her had it been the first time seeing emotions with him. But it wasn't. It was always there – just hidden.

Only to be found by her.

Kagome was the only one who Sesshomaru couldn't hide from and they both knew it.

"You have my word… Kagome… My Imouto." He promised grasping my hand and holding it in his own. They felt so nice and warm compared to her own.

"Arigatō… Sesshomaru. Aniki." She squeezed his hand gently before turning from his gaze meeting and InuYasha's.

"Behave, Inu…Yasha." She pleaded. "Look after the others…I have one more r-request…take my body home if you still can… My mother deserves to know what happened… If not…"

"You're not going anywhere. So don't talk like this." InuYasha said half to himself, tears streaming his face. But he knew she was dying. That he was losing her, his best friend. His first friend. His Little Sister.

"I don't have much longer… Yasha. So listen…If not my time…" She paused for yet another coughing fit with yet more blood.

"The Western Castle, since you are family." InuYasha and Sesshomaru said together…. This caused her to smile slightly.

"Don't forget to look out for one another."

"We will try." They promised her, again, they spoke together. "We will try, Imouto."

"That's all I ask." She whispered with the last of her strength. The smile from before still there on her face.

'Finally acting like brothers.'Closing her eyes, that was the last thing that passed through her mind before the darkness took over and there was nothing there anymore.

"Kagome! Hold on! Don't you dare die on us now!" InuYasha told her as thunder sounded through the clearing.


There was no reply.

Soon the rain that poured down from the sky – mixing with the tears that were being shed and the sobs that could be heard, over the fallen miko. It was almost as if the rain was joining them in their sorrow.

"Kagome!" InuYasha scream rang out across the clearing. Telling all those who were there that the miko named Higurashi Kagome had just died.

The Final Battle with the evil hanyou named Naraku was finally over and the Shikon no Tama was gone for good.

But at a heavy cost.

To Be Continued.

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Terms Used:

+ Inu – Dog
+ Hanyou – Half–Breed
+ Miko – Priestess
+ Houshi – Monk
+ Taijiya – Demon Slayer
+ Neko – Cat
+ Taiyoukai – Demon Lord or Powerful Demon
+ Ookami – Wolf
+ Youkai – Demon
+ Kitsune – Fox
+ Ningen – Human
+ Sengoku Jidai – Feudal Era or Warring States Era
+ Shikon no Tama – Jewel of Four Souls
+ Imouto – Little Sister
+ Arigatō – Thank You
+ Aniki – Big Brother