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Chapter one

"No I mean it... Don't you dare touch him."

Jane rocked back on her heels, completely taken aback by the ferociousness in Maura's voice. She looked on helplessly, trying to process what had just happened. She then turned and saw Korsak walking towards them, Frost down on his knees, seemingly attending Dean. Shit, Dean!It was only then Jane processed he had also been shot. That was then met with the thought of serves the bastard right. How dare he fucking use me to get to Doyle. How dare he fucking lie to me.

Jane looked back at Maura, who was frantically trying to stem the blood loss from the two bullet wounds. Doyle was no longer conscious, and Jane could tell his condition was grave. If the EMT's didn't arrive soon, she knew he wouldn't even make it past the warehouse. It was then she felt Korsak's hand on her shoulder, and she looked up at him, eye's suddenly full of tears. Blinking rapidly, not wanting to show any sign of weakness, Jane began to slowly unfurl herself from the floor, her knees protesting as she did so, realizing just how hard she had fallen down on to them. She watched as Korsak knelt down, and began to help Maura tend Doyle, Maura giving him a look of thanks. That alone cut Jane deeper than any scalpel could possible go.

When did this become such a clusterfuck?Jane moved and wordlessly left the warehouse, before coming to rest against a wall outside, where she promptly vomited. Harsh bile hitting the back of her throat, since she had eaten and drunk little in recent hours. She wiped her mouth against the sleeve of the jacket that she had brought outside with her since Maura had refused her help.

Shit, Maura. What the hell? Jane knew this wasn't a rift that was easily going to be mended, if at all. At that thought, Jane hunched over and once more was trying to expel something that wasn't there. Bile rose, and it came out in a thin stream, followed by what little saliva her mouth was able to produce, still burning as it went. Nothing more than I deservewas Jane's only thought as she finally was able to stand, her legs still feeling wobbly as the ambulance finally screamed in to the location. The professional mask slipped back in to place with practised ease, completely at odds with the turmoil Jane was feeling internally. She gave information to the EMT's as they piled out of the ambulance, watching as they raced to tend to the wounded. She found herself shaking, and wrapping her arms around her waist, felt the bile beginning to rise for a third time.

"What the hell happened out there Rizzoli?" Cavanaugh had called her in to his office almost the second he had heard she was uninjured, citing that Frost and Korsak could deal with what was happening on the ground. He wanted a report, and he wanted it yesterday!

"Fucking Agent Dean is what happened." Jane replied, her voice taut but so far, she was keeping her true anger at his actions under some semblance of control.

Cavanaugh ignored Jane's immediate words, "You'll need to report to IAD, but in the meantime I am placing you on a standard ten day suspension, pending further investigations." Cavanaugh leaned forward in his seat, looking serious. "It appears that you knew Doyle was in the area, yet failed to put out a BOLO on him. I am also going to be asking the same of your partner. I want to know why? IAD will also be sniffing around with the same question. I don't give a flying fuck what you tell them, but you better be straight with me."

Jane looked at her commanding officer and internally grimaced. She had fucked up, and while she didn't think it would be enough to get her kicked off the force, it was going to be one hell of a black mark on her record. She decided truth at this stage was the way to go.

"Doctor Maura Isles is Patrick Doyle's biological daughter. He apparently reappeared because of Constance Isles accident. I did it to try and protect Maura."

To say Cavanaugh looked shocked at the news was an understatement. "How in the hell do you know this? And why wasn't I informed earlier?" Cavanaugh's expression was turning darker by the second.

"Colin Doyle was discovered murdered last year. As Doctor Isles was running the DNA comparison, it became known she had shared DNA with him. Subsequent investigation showed she and Colin had the same father, different mothers. It became apparent that Colin's death was a direct result of being Patrick Doyle's son. We determined that whoever killed Colin would try to kill Maura if they found out who she is. This threat still stood even after we closed the case. It's why Doyle had Maura adopted, because he knew that his enemies would use his children to get to him." Jane rubbed a hand across her face, suddenly feeling the tiredness she'd been fighting creeping up on her. She lifted her eyes, her expression clear – I'll do whatever it takes to protect Maura, and I still will. "So I didn't want to send out a BOLO until I felt that the time was right to do so. Until I was sure there was no threat to Doctor Isles." Jane finished her explanation, hoping it made some kind of sense, because right now to her, it made none whatsoever.

"So you didn't place a BOLO out on Patrick Doyle this time around because? What made you determine when the correct time to do it was?" Cavanaugh asked, still sounding angry, albeit beginning to understand the protectiveness shown by Jane.

Because Maura was in a fragile state of mind, and I wanted to know that Constance Isles was going to make it before we pulled him in is what Jane wanted to say, but she stopped herself knowing it would make matters worse.

"I didn't know how much danger Doctor Isles was in, if any of Doyle's enemies were watching him, and saw him go to the hospital to visit Constance Isles. It wouldn't have taken much to put it together. I felt that by not putting out a BOLO, we weren't drawing attention to the fact that Doyle was around and showing himself. Put out a BOLO and that gets certain people's attention. Attention that I felt could be dangerous to Doctor Isles."

"For fucks sake Rizzoli this is some kind of messed up shit. I don't know if I can protect you from this." Cavanaugh finally admitted.

"I don't expect you to." Jane looked defiant. She already had the worse possible punishment inflicted, and that was Maura's refusal to talk, or even see Jane. Her dismissals had continued once Jane had gone back in to the warehouse with the EMT's, instead asking Korsak to take her to the hospital to be with Doyle and her mother, leaving Jane standing around looking as shocked as she continued to feel, Korsak giving her an apologetic look as he walked past, making it feel as if someone was twisting the knife. She had barely survived another fit of vomiting at that moment.

"So what in the hell was Agent Dean doing there?" Cavanaugh remembered he hadn't even broached that subject yet. "If you hadn't issued a BOLO, how did he know Doyle was at the warehouse?"

Jane's anger was unmistakable. "I..." Jane slammed her eyelids shut, before slowly opening them again. "I slept with Dean, and I told him Doyle was about. He promised..." Jane's voice finally cracked, and she had to take a calming breath. "He said he wouldn't act as an Agent, but as a boyfriend and wait until I said it would be okay to go after Doyle. He obviously lied."

Cavanaugh shook his head. "So you asked a Federal Agent not to act over a mob boss wanted for numerous crimes. Jesus, this just gets better! So go on, I'm assuming Dean turned up unannounced. Then what happened?"

"He stormed in to the warehouse forcing the issue, and took a shot at Doyle."

"Who was armed and had just shot a man." Cavanaugh reminded Jane none to gently.

Jane sighed, knowing, as much as she hated Dean, he had acted as an officer of the law should have. "Yes... I heard Dean shout 'drop your weapon Doyle' and then Dean fired his own weapon. I don't know if Doyle was complying or not to the verbal command. By that time Korsak, Frost and myself had also entered the building just as Dean had just been shot. Doyle looked down at us, and then raised his weapon, seemingly pointing it towards Detective Frost. I fired my weapon. Doyle then fell backwards and the wooden railings didn't support his weight from the gantry he was on and he fell to the floor." And Maura hates me Jane mentally added. Let alone the fact I was sleeping with fucking Dean while Maura was in hospital, worrying about her mother. What kind of shit friend does that? I should have been with Maura, comforting her, not getting fucking laid! Jane struggled to keep her composure as the latest thoughts flew through her mind.

"So it was a clean shot?" Cavanaugh wanted clarification.

"Yes, it was clean shot. I'm not sure if he was out of bullets or trying to release his clip, but at the time, it looked as if he was going to fire, and I didn't want to wait to find out. I did as I was trained to do, I fired." Jane admitted, as much as it pained her to. Wishing she could take the moment back again if she could.

"Well at least IAD won't be able to do anything about that." Cavanaugh finally settled back in his chair. "You will face sanctions for not placing a BOLO out on Doyle. Did you at any time come face to face with him, or have any opportunity to arrest him?"

"No sir." Jane said, shaking her head. "I never saw him at any time." Jane didn't want to add that Maura had, knowing while she was only the medical examiner, it would still be something that could be detrimental to her and her career. If Jane could at least avoid that line of questioning for now, she would. Jane knew that she had effectively admitted that Maura knew of Doyle being around earlier in the conversation, but unless Cavanaugh asked her outright, she wasn't going to admit it, at least not in so many words.

Cavanaugh sat there for a short while, mulling over what he had been told. "You know what to do regarding the suspension I've just issued." Cavanaugh stood up, showing the meeting for now was over. "Expect IAD, and on this occasion I would highly recommend you have a Union rep with you." He saw Jane's face harden and knew she was about to argue back. "You might have skirted close to the line on several occasions Rizzoli, but you not only went over one this time around, you came back in a fucking tank, drove right over it, tracks spinning, then got out, stomping your boots for good measure and obliterated it from sight. Take a fucking rep in with you, that's an order. I've no doubt the Fed's are gonna be all over this like a rash as well, so expect them to either be in the same meeting as IAD, or pulling your ass in separately. They will want someone to blame, and right now, you're it. At least you didn't see Doyle, so that's one point in your favor, although god knows how it might help you. Now get out of here!"

Jane didn't hesitate and quickly left the office, before collapsing in the chair at her desk. Frost, who had come back from the hospital stood up and walked over, before settling down on the chair alongside her desk.

"Any word from the hospital?" Jane queried.

"Nope. Both in surgery last I heard. Korsak is staying with the Doc."

Jane nodded. "Good, that's good." She looked up and gave a wry smile. "I'm on ten day's automatic suspension. You on the other hand, didn't know anything about Doyle, you hear me!" Jane could tell Frost was about to protest, and put a hand up stopping him. "Listen, there is no point us all getting suspended, or worse. There is no proof I told you about Doyle being back in town... and I want to keep it that way."

"But Jane, we all agreed not to do that." Frost said, keeping his voice low as he leaned in a little closer.

"No, the first you knew of it was when he appeared at the warehouse. As it is, we all might still get our asses kicked for not making it known that Maura is his biological daughter. It all depends on how shitty IAD wants to play it on the day." Jane stood up. "I've gotta get out of here before Cavanaugh gets me kicked out on my ass. I mean it Frost, you didn't know!" Before Frost could make further protests, Jane strode out of the bullpen.

"No I mean it... Don't you dare touch him." Jane jerked awake, Maura's words echoing in her ears,having fallen in to an uneasy nap on her sofa. She pulled herself up in to a sitting position, realizing she was now stiff in more places than she cared to think about. Putting a hand out on to her lower back, she found the scars from her own shooting and cringed as they reminded of her of the days events in gruesome detail. She then grabbed her cell phone, and saw there were no calls. She didn't know whether to be relieved or upset. Placing the phone down slowly on the coffee table, Jane sighed heavily.

"No news I guess is good news, hey Jo?" Jane looked across at her dog, who had crawled up alongside her, and was now curled up in a tight ball, waking up from her own nap, tail wagging slightly, hitting the cushions with a rhythmic thump, which somehow helped ground Jane's thoughts as she shifted position. She saw it was now very late in the evening, so stood up, grabbing Jo's leash, and seeing it, Jo jumped down, and began to run in tight circles around Jane's ankles.

"At least you still love me." Jane found her voice cracked as she spoke, and before she knew it, she was sobbing, sliding down on to the floor. Jo was startled by what was happening, and initially backed off, before cautiously moving towards Jane, nudging her one hand with her nose, Jane not even registering the wet nuzzling against her skin.

Maura wandered in to her house, placing her keys down in the bowl she kept near where she hung her outdoor coats in the small entrance way listening to the unmarked police cruiser that Korsak had driven her home in, leaving her driveway. Patrick Doyle had survived so far, but was now under police guard, and Maura wasn't even able to see him. Patrick Doyle, the man who somehow had gotten under her skin without her even realizing it, until today. Now, she couldn't imagine him not being in her life, and even if he survived his injuries, Maura knew he wouldn't come away unscathed. He had fallen on the worse possible surface. Concrete was unforgiving. Nor was he able to try and orient his body in any way, or protect his head. Maura kept running the probabilities in her mind, his age, weight, the distance he fell. All the data kept turning over, and she knew the mortality rate alone was high. If he did survive, which still wasn't entirely certain, he might never fully regain consciousness, and/or be quadriplegic. If he was truly lucky, he might only ever be a paraplegic. Whatever the consequences, he would never be the same again.

Maura then dropped her purse on the floor, and made her way further inside, before her tears began to fall in earnest and she collapsed on her knees, unable to go any further. Normally she would call Jane, but now... Jane had betrayed her in the most fundamental of ways, and she could no longer trust her. Her heart twisted even more at the thought that she could no longer trust Jane, and without trust, there was nothing. Today, she had been left with nothing. Her life was empty and void.

What am I going to do?

Maura didn't even speak, the same thought simply tumbled through her head continually, and for the first time that she could ever remember, Maura didn't have any kind of answer.