"Ms. Tokushima! Please pay attention!" I heard the teacher yell as I stirred a little and opened my eyes. I lifted my head up from my arms and looked at my teacher in annoyance, "Can you please read the text on page 34 for the whole class?"

I blinked at her with my light purple eyes and looked down at my desk to see the blue novel I was using as a pillow. I looked around the room and saw as students heads turned and looked at me expectantly, like behaved students; wearing their white tops, ties or bows and gray pants or skirts. They all behaved obediently in class, treating the teacher with upmost respect, but why? Why do I have to treat this…insignificant teacher with respect? What has she done that she deserves more respect than all of us. So much for everyone being equal in the school.

I opened my book grudgingly slow to the page she had told me before I closed it and looked at her. I crossed my arms and said, "No. I won't." Some of the students murmured, but many were not surprised. They already know what Kimiko Tokushima is like in class.

"Why not, Ms. Tokushima; is there a problem?" The sensei asked, adjusting her glasses and raised an eyebrow at me as I smirked at her figure before I rolled my eyes.

"Yes, there is. I refuse to read this book called, Romeo & Juliet. It's mind-numbing, disconcerting, and a complete waste of my time. If you wanted to kill us with boredom, you might as well tell us about your day." I said, putting my elbows on the desk and lacing them together, "Stop wasting my time-"

"That is enough, Kimiko-"

"I didn't know we were on first name bases, Anzu." I said, tilting my head at her with a bored look. Though, it did bring a small smile on my face when I saw her face turning a clear red.

"Principal's office; now!" She yelled as her voice turned into steel. I sighed in relief and did not question why she did not do it earlier, "And don't come back until you learn decent manners!"

"I would say it was nice seeing you, but…" I sucked through my teeth and gave her a disappointed look, "That would be the whitest lie I ever told you-"

"Out!" She yelled as I chuckled lowly and exited her class with no hesitation and sighed. I slid the door closed behind me. I ran my fingers through my dark chestnut hair and shook it a bit. I loosened my bow and tied it around my neck loosely before tapping my dark brown ankle-sneakers to the ground. I looked left to right before going the way opposite of the principal's office; I am sure they can wait. I went into my breast pocket of my white dress shirt and looked through the contacts for, Hana. I started to call her before shutting it quickly; I can't let my mother know that I got kicked out…again. I groaned in frustration and turned off my phone before turning a corner and bumping into someone. I backed up and looked at the person who was at a towering 6'5". I remember him though; he's in my gym class. I would love to give him a piece of my mind, but…he really didn't do anything. I think his name was like Yatsutaro Sado, or Chad.

"Sorry about that." He said in his very deep voice that made me wonder if he really is a high school student…

"Yeah…kind of my fault by the way-"

"You're Kimiko Tokushima." He said as I looked at him and nodded, "I hear you get in trouble a lot of times."

"Don't forget to include today." I say and sighed, "But, yeah…I do get in trouble many times…why the hell are you out of class?"

"…I just got here." He said as I nodded, but rolled my eyes. I looked around and saw no one in the hallways, "Do you want to walk around?"

"I don't even know you!" I replied in a harsh tone, crossing my arms, "…but yeah…sure." All he did was nod and started to walk as I followed.

"I only play Piano…though, my mother really insists on it. I hate Piano. You're lucky that you get to play the guitar… it's very…soothing to me." I told him and sighed, "I never thought I would be talking to you…like this."

"People say you're very rude, mean, and horrible; I just wanted to see for myself." He said as I nodded.

"At least you're taking a chance. All those other bastards listen to rumors…"

"I don't think that's true…you seem different." He said as I looked up at him, "Different in a good way."

"…I see; so are you…what should I call you?" I asked, looking at him, "I don't know if its Yatsutaro or Chad." I asked, rubbing my chin, "I'm sorry; I'm not well informed-"

"It's Chad." He said as I bit my lip and nodded. It was silent and only our footsteps could be heard… It was nice. No misery or fake emotions I had to use. I didn't have to act tough. But what really got to me was that I was talking to him for more than 30 minutes. I wasn't under a trance or anything, but I was feeling desperate for a friend I guess.

"Chad…" I called out as he looked down at me, "As weird as this may sound…thanks for…hanging out with me…you know… talking and stuff…"

"No problem, Kimiko-san." He said as I raised an eyebrow and snorted.

"Kimiko-san? God, I feel weird; just call me Kimiko. Don't add that random bullshit. I don't deserve respect half the time." I told him and shivered when I heard the bell ring, "That's my cue to leave…Goodbye, Chad."

"Later, Kimiko." He said, standing where he was as I felt his eyes on my back, even when the hallways were crowded. I moved my way to the crowd as people tried to avoid eye contact with me.

"It's her again."

"I still wonder why she's at our school…"

"I heard that she wears eye-contact-"

"I heard she almost pushed a lady in front of a moving bus-"

"Why is she so distant?"

"She's another weirdo-"

I shook my head and looked down; none of them understand…Why should I try to convince them otherwise? It didn't matter to me… nothing can change on what they feel about me and I'm not about to waste my time trying to change their ignorant mind. What they don't know won't hurt them… I soon realized that I was heading the wrong way and quickly made my way to the opposite way…

"Tokushima, what do you think we should play today?" Kagine asked, looking at me as I was staring at the sky and glared at him, why pick me…? I looked at what I was wearing, a gray t-shirt and blue-short shorts, the school uniform, and sighed; sometimes, I think my school is a pervert.

"…Baseball?" I asked, already seeing the equipment out in the corner of the field as I saw the coach roar with happiness.

"Good choice! Pick teams now-"

"Make someone else do this, I refuse." I muttered, crossing my arms and looking away and checking my nails as I saw some students scoff. It wasn't new, I did this everyday if I can…I loved to play sports, but not with them... the students.

"All right- Ichigo Kurosaki; you are late!" Kagine yelled suddenly as I looked over my shoulder and raised the eyebrow. If anyone thought I was a person who is always late for class, they haven't met Ichigo Kurosaki; the bastard as I would like to say. The teachers are all right with him leaving for no apparent reason with lame excuses, but of course, I am the one who gets in trouble when I leave school. He has bizarre spiky orange hair, though, it was cool to me. He was about… 5'9". He had brown eyes and his name meant strawberry for some reason, but I know he mentioned that it means another word. Anyways, he is always late and now that I mention him… he hangs around with Chad, who is also in my class. There was also Orihime Inoue, Tatsuki Arisawa, Keigo Asano, Mizuiro Kojima, and others…Now that I noticed it, I really hate this class… the students I mean.

"Sorry, Kagine-sensei, I was-"

"No excuses, Mr. Kurosaki. You get the punishment of picking teams…!" Kagine said with a laugh as if it was the worst punishment. Are you serious…? This is punishment for this guy? This school can be such a joke, "Ichigo Kurosaki and Sorimachi are captains… Let's get this game moving, but uh… Ms. Tokushima, can I have a quite talk with you?" I said nothing but walked over to him as the others started to pick teams. "Are you going to behave?"

"If no one pushes my buttons, then maybe." I told him as he sighed, "I won't be of any trouble as long as…I am calm. Let's just say that, okay?"

"All right-"

"Yo, Tokushima, you are on our team!" I heard someone yell as I looked over my shoulder and saw Tatsuki waving to me and seeing Mizuiro sitting on the bench, "Why does he get to sit out?"

"Because he has a doctor's note-"

"I don't even care any more." I said, putting my hand up and walking over to the group, which was Chad, Ichigo, Tatsuki, Orihime, and Keigo; great… I rather drown.

"Who wants to pitch first?" Tatsuki asked as I looked at the sky and crossed my arms.

"I am not a real good thrower-"

"I can do center outfield." I said, interrupting Orihime as I felt a twinge of annoyance from Tatsuki.

"All right. Ichigo, you can pitch." Tatsuki ordered as I went over to a bin to get a glove for myself.

"Hey, why me-"

"Cause I said so, you dumbass. Everyone else can fill up as they go." Tatsuki said as I rolled my eyes and rolled my neck; who the hell made her in charge? I rather not be instructed by some… karate-arrogant girl… I didn't bother to say anything to her as I had gotten into my position. Everyone was a lousy hitter in my position; I am just saying that because there were no baseball's headed in my direction. When it was finally our turn, Tatsuki went first for no apparent reason. I was down the last, the last one behind Chad. It wasn't a big idea; everyone was actually decent on my team…

"Purple eyes, you are up!" Sorimachi said as I glared and snatched the baseball bat from Chad's hand and put on my helmet. I heard some booing and glared at Sorimachi's gang that was on the 2nd floor of the building. The thing is that bothered me is that I could hear the words; I couldn't concentrate. I missed the first pitch, getting a strike. I swung too fast on the second, getting another strike and I could hear Reiichi's word so clear; it got me- that's it. I am done.

"Reiichi!" I yelled out, looking at him, "This is aiming at your head, and I hope it lands you into a coma!"

"Kimiko, you shouldn't have said tha-"

"Chad, I am done." I said, getting my arms in position and getting myself ready. I felt that…enraptured feeling inside me; the feeling of revenge. I saw the ball being thrown and I smirked; he is going to wish that he had never messed with me. I swung my metal bat as hard as I could and angled it in a perfect direction to make contact with- I smirked when I heard cries of anger; probably from his gang. I dropped the bat and took off my helmet and walked across the field, getting a murderous look from Sorimachi. Revenge has never been sweeter…

"…do you understand…?" The principal demanded as I gave him the biggest and fakest smile I could muster up and nodded. Pleased with my reaction, he had dismissed me as I left his office with a sour attitude. I made sure my bag was in my hand as I closed the door behind me with a loud slam. I heard the bell bring ringed and that was the cue that school was over, though, I was staying after; I had to see my art teacher, Ms. Toru-sensei; the only teacher I respect in this whole damn building next to Ms. Ochi. I moved through the crowd with some difficulty; I had to shove people out of the way to go to the stairs. I walked past the other room until I reached a special room in the corner as I smiled a little and sighed. I walked in and knocked a bit, peeking inside.


"Kimiko, I thought you wouldn't show up; come in, come in! I'll be with you in a minute, but I have to see another student." Toru-sensei apologized before leaving her room as I looked at her and looked around. I got out a sketch pad from my bag before tossing my bag on one of the tables. I went over to the counters and grabbed a dark charcoal pencil. I heard some talking before footsteps getting closer. As I looked up, my eye twitched; my art teacher was here and so was Ichigo… I stared at him before he stared back with a stern gaze. I glared before going to my sketch book.

"I will be right back. Ichigo, make sure to finish your project before you leave or you will get an 'F' for the assignment. Draw anything you like, Kimiko." Toru-sensei ordered as I nodded and pulled my feet up to my chest as she left the room. All I could hear is the sigh of Ichigo and papers shuffling…

"Do you know where the pencils are?" I heard him ask as I looked at him with an annoyed glance, "I am just asking-"

"The counter behind you; the fifth drawer on the left." I said as I heard him mutter thanks. I looked at him again before sketching into my book.

"Do you come here to draw?" He asked as I suppressed the urge to grind my teeth; why else would I be here.

"Why else would I be here?" I retorted as he glared and went to whatever the hell he was doing.

"No need to be snappy-"

"Who said I was snappy?" I asked as he sighed and went back to work… it was quiet finally and I was able to work in peace-

"It was… funny how you managed to get Reiichi like that." I heard him said as I looked up from my sketch pad and raised an eyebrow, "He kind of needs to shut up once and a while-"

"Just doing justice." I muttered as I heard him chuckle, "I am guessing you don't like chicken head boy…"

"He can be a big pain in the ass." Ichigo said as I nodded, "He seems like a problem for you too."

"He is…you can obviously see that from today…" I said and started to draw more harshly, "But, he is no different from anyone else in this school. Talks here and there; rumors about me…it's nothing new."

"I'm sorry about those…" I stopped drawing and looked at him, "W-what…?"

"You are probably…never mind." I said, ignoring him and went back to my drawings, "I'm talking too much."

"No, I want to hear what you said." He said in a serious tone as I didn't stop drawing.

"You are probably the first one who said sorry, and I'm not sure why." I said as he sighed.

"I was made fun of because the color of my hair so I know where you are coming from sort of." He said.

"All right…" I muttered and kept drawing…Before I knew it, I was done… I looked up and saw that he was deep in thought. I really didn't have to go home yet… I held onto my sketch tightly and walked over to Ichigo, dragging my stool over to him as he watched in curiosity.

"What? Would you rather stay here by yourself and talk to the mannequins?" I asked as he rolled his eyes and started to talk…