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Kimiko's Pov

"Ms. Tokushima! How many times do I have to tell you to pay attention!" My literature teacher snapped as I looked at her in boredom, "Thank you."

"Welcome." I replied in a snarky attitude as she glared and continued to read from her textbook. I felt something nudge against my foot and looked over to my orange haired friend, giving me the stern look. That look that wasn't uncommon because of his over-protectiveness he has for his friends.

"Why is it that every day, you always go off into space?" He asked as I gave him a short smile and shrugged.

"Don't know, but I do know that I can rely on you to wake me up, Ichi." I teased and smirked as his eye twitched.

"I swear, it was a bad idea to sit next to you."

"That was your own choice. You just can't stay away from me." I taunted to him as he scoffed and leaned back in his seat, "Am I right?"

"You are delirious." He replied as I laughed and punched his shoulder, looking outside. Maybe I should skip class again and relax outside.

"Kimiko Tokushima, I won't tell you again!" My sensei threatened, slamming her hand against the side of her desk as I looked up at her with narrowed eyes.

"Tell me what, Anzu?" I mocked as I saw her peach face becoming a light pink... Was that steam on her glasses? I heard Ichigo grumble under his breath and snickered as our teacher went to lecture our class about misbehaved students; it was obviously directed towards me.. It was a change though; at least she didn't kick me out. I looked to Ichigo at the corner of my eye who was trying to focus on his book. He just didn't want to seem like he was bored as well.

"All your fault." He said under his breath as I gave him a placid smile.

"I'm the only excitement in your life, so deal with it." I replied, crossing my arms over my chest. My calm façade didn't last long because of that cursed thing in Ichigo's pocket.

"HOLLOW! HOLLOW!" It screamed over and over as Ichigo tensed, his eyes almost bulging.

"Well, that is the second thing that is exciting in your life." I added on and looked outside once more, "You ready?"

He was not really ready... "What makes you think that you are coming? Our teacher is making a lecture just about you. Not only that, but it's doesn't feel like small fry." I huffed a bit as his reasoning.

"Ichigo, we both know that you suck at sensing spiritual pressure when it comes to Hollow. Just ask Chad or Kisuke. Besides, Being here is making me all stiff." I complained to him as he sighed.

"What's your excuse to leave...? She won't let you go to the bathroom." Ichigo spoke as smirked at his statement.

"I'll show you how it is done." I cleared my throat and standing up as my wooden chair creaked against the floor; this made out teacher stop talking.

"Sensei; I understand that I am causing you problems and I have delayed you on your agenda for the class. I will take it upon myself to escort myself to the Principal's office and explain the situation as any normal student would." I said with a straight face as I could Ichigo mutter 'Bullshit' under his breath as if it was his mantra.

"I am glad that you have taken this responsibility upon yourself so that you won't disrupt the other students. You can go and see the Principal. See one of your classmates for the homework after class." She said as I nodded and smiled, looking over to Ichigo with a smug smirk.

"You little liar..." He muttered as I grabbed my belongings and stuffed them into my already cramped and messy backpack.

"Hey, be glad that you have me as a partner." I said with a wink and tapped his shoulder, "Hurry up; as soon as I leave this room, I'm leaving through the side door to the gym; I will meet you there." I made my way down the steps before sliding the door open, closing it after I left, and dashed down the hallway, smirking as I felt the rush of adrenaline running through my body. I haven't been battling hollows for a long time, but I can sure as hell put up a damn fight.

I rolled over to the side to dodge the spewing saliva coming out of the creature's mouth; trust me, it is not pretty at all. Ichigo was the air patrol as I was left with one hollow. Though, whenever I would not pay attention, his yelling always snaps me back to earth.

"Stop moving!" The hollow roared up with hatred as I smirked a bit; at least I was giving it trouble. I took a deep breath and clenched my hand, holding onto the rusty chain tightly. I moved up hand up to make the chain making a 'crack' sound before bringing it up and wrapping it around its arm. I clenched the chain tighter as it glowed a crimson color. I watched as steam was rising in the air off the hollow's arm; it cried out in pain.

"Off you go!" I yelled, pulling on the chain as hard as I could as the chain clenched around the arm tighter before pulling it off completely. I watched as the arm fell to the ground. I looked up, wiping my forehead; that took more spiritual pressure than I wanted it too. It wasn't like I could do anything about it except for train with Kisuke and hope for the best. I saw the hollow getting closer to me and rolled over to the side, dodging the hit as rubble fell all around me. I put my arms across my face and squinted a bit. Where did it go? My instincts told me to pivoted over to the side and I did, trying to clench the ground as it shook once again. I wonder what everyone thinks when they see this...? I crouched down and watched as the dust finally settle into place. The hollow still had his arm on the ground and the sight was not pretty at all. It seemed like it will never stop bleeding.

"One chance." I said under my breath and sprinted towards the hollow. I jumped onto its arm, the one still connected, as it started to scream at me. Some of the things I do is something I wouldn't have imagine of doing a few months ago. As I was on its' shoulder, I gripped my chain with two hands and stepped onto its mask, using it to propel me behind its body. I looked over my shoulder and made sure the chain went across his face. Ichigo always did tell me to always go after the mask.

I landed on the ground—not in the gentle way— and pressed the soles of my feet against the ground as hard as I could, pulling on the chains as if it was a tug-of-war. I sent a burst of spiritual pressure into the chain as it glowed a bright red. I felt almost sadistic to hear a satisfactory howling as it was in pain. I heard a loud 'thud' on the ground and looked over my shoulder to see the hollow disappearing in little particles.

"I manage to survive so I guess I did something right actually." I mumbled to myself and looked up as I saw large streaks of red and black painting across the eye; it must of been Ichigo's powers. I put my hands above my eyes to shield them from the sun. I knew that Ichigo was done with the hollow as soon as I didn't feel it anymore. He approached my ground level and glanced at me.

"You okay?" He asked as I scoffed and put my hands on my hips.

"Please? I handled that thing as if it was nothing. I actually finished faster than you." I said as he grunted and rolled his eyes.

"You idiot. I was making sure you didn't kill yourself or if you were acting too reckless." Ichigo replied.

"Yeah, sure. Whatever you say." I said, crossing my hands over my chest, "Do we have to go back to school?"

"Yes, it would be bad enough since we already skipped four days from all these hollow attacks." He chuckled as I gave him a small pout, "As soon as I find my body, we can head back."

"Aye, aye, captain." I taunted as I started to follow him, "Where did you put your body anyways?"

"Well, I couldn't put it out in the open like last time because people would think I am dead, which would freak out Yuzu and the others. I left Kon home so I couldn't use him. Leaving my body at school is a big no so I left it at that alley." He explain, pointing to an area. I followed to where he was pointing at and raised an eyebrow, "That was the closest place that I could find."

I laughed under my breath and started to jog my way over there, peeking around the corner and laughing at the sight of Ichigo's body; his head next to the dumpster and a little mouse nipping at the side of his shoe. There were a few more approaching the body... I think I see one on his head.

"Hurry up or else the mice might think you are dinner." I called out as I saw his eyes widened as he went to my side, his jaw almost dropping at the site.

"My body!" He shrieked as I put my hand over my mouth to stop laughing, "This is not funny!"

"What did you think was going to happen if you leave it in the alleyway? You are lucky some person didn't decide to steal your clothes." I said, shaking my head with a smile, watching as his Shimigami formed glowed before it looked like his soul was being absorbed into his body. He opened his eyes quickly and shot forward, scaring the mice that were surprised by his sudden awakening.

"Hold on..." I said, moving over to him and brushing off the mouse that was in his hair. He made a disgruntled sound as he rubbed the sides of his pants.

"This is the last time I ever put my body in the alleyway." He said as I raised an eyebrow.

"That should have been your last choice after leaving it at school. You could have made Chad watch over it- better yet, put it into the dumpster." I said, leaving the alleyway since the smell was getting too strong.

"Putting it into the dumpster would made it look like I was murdered." He snapped, shaking his head, pinching his shirt delicately, "Sheesh, I smell."

"You don't have to tell me." I said with a chuckle as he sighed, "Well, let's go to your house."


"I refuse to go back to school while you are smelling like that." I said, making a disgusted face as he sighed and looked down to his phone that he pulled out of his pocket, "Come on, they don't even yell at you. If anything, just say I dragged you because you are scared of me."

"I'm not scared of you; besides, it will make me look like a wussy." He said as I smirked and walked towards the directions towards his house.

"You make it sound as if you weren't before." I insulted, quickly moving forward to escape a punch to the head.

I lightly tapped the wall with my head, scanning Ichigo's room for the fifth time. He told me to wait downstairs, but there is nothing to do in a quiet house when the only noise you hear is the shower. I thought about playing with Kon, but Ichigo already took the pill out of its mouth and locked it in the drawer. I blew a raspberry and closed my eyes.

"Ichigo, hurry the hell up." I uttered under my breath, hitting the wall that was near the bathroom with my knuckles; I smiled as I heard a thud back, "Such a punk..."

I brought my knees closer to my chest and stared at the stark wall. It reminded me of my dull few months before I met Ichigo, not trying to sound depressing and pathetic. A few months ago, I wouldn't even think about getting involved with Hollows or even actually fighting them. I would have been worried about if Alistair was fed, how was Hana, and wondered about my father... Not only that, but hanging out with Ichigo didn't even cross my mind—not even once. But now, I practically see him everyday now; it was that or I was trying to skip school and he would pester me with text messages. All in all, I spent most of my days, from eight in the morning to around the evening time, with him. I would have thought I would have been annoyed after a while, but right now and how far we came, it's is a necessity for me to have him by my side.

"Necessity..." I said under my breath, chuckling at my choice of words. It sounded ridiculous and cheesy, but that is what I felt...looking up from the floor, I heard the door being opened. I looked up, my face twitching as my cheeks felt hot; my eyes widened by an inch. Ichigo's eyes went from one of normalcy, to embarrassment, and to annoyance all in one go. I didn't know what to say when you see a man just straight out of the shower with a towel around his waist, water dripping down his body... What do you say? What do you even do?

"Hey... You don't look fat anymore." I said as the blush on his cheeks were slowly darkening, which in return, formed a sly smile on my lips. That was my only way of getting out of embarrassing situations. Trying to say something funny, but it turns out to be even more weirder.

"I told you to wait downstairs." He said, playing it cool as I scoffed and slowly stood up, narrowing my eyes so that I was only focused on his face. That only gets you so far when a six-pack is in your face that is waiting to be touched with water dripping down to places that would classify me as a pervert, know. It's not like I am the only person who thought about it. [A/N: I mean you readers .]

"Ichigo, you should know that I don't listen to you." I said with an eye-roll, rocking on my heels, coughing nervously. He shifted his eyes left and right and clenched the towel with two hands. I was shameful to hope that he lost his grip on his towel. Damn you perverted side...

"Well, do you mind listening now and getting out of my room so I can change?" He asked as I leaned against the wall.

"By all means, change. Don't let my presence hold you back." I said as he glared. And thus, the perverted side decided to show itself...

"Get out."

"You will need two hands for that."


I laughed under my breath and passed by him, moving away from the door as it was slammed closed. "I will be downstairs—doing nothing." I called out.

"Like hell. You are probably going to break the refrigerator somehow." He retorted and I didn't doubt it. I scampered downstairs and plopped myself on the couch, putting the pillow over my head to block out the lights—even though it is for a few minutes. I heard a door closed through my muffled ears and moved my pillow down a bit, hearing Ichigo's footsteps.

"Nothing is broken."

"Don't act surprised." I said with a scoff, twisting onto my stomach and glancing over him, "At least you have an extra uniform."

"Yeah." He replied before looking at his phone, sighing under his breath, "It's lunch right now."

"Does that mean we go can and get something to eat?" I asked, a smile forming on my lips as he rolled his eyes, but smirked. That meant a 'yes' to me. I quickly got off the couch and strode over to the door to put on my shoes.

"They opened up a deli place down the corner and they have a lunch speci-"

"Did you plan this?" He asked suspiciously as I shook my head, tapping my foot against the ground so that the shoe would stay firm.

"Please, as if I could make some elaborate plan? I follow your stupid motto: Attack first and ask questions later." I said, grabbing my bag and opening the door.

"I don't do that!" He argued as I snorted and opened the door, looking over my shoulder.

"You do."

"I don't!"

"Thank you." I said with a smile, carrying my plate outside, seeing Ichigo with his food already and a drink by his side.

"What did you get?" He asked as I looked down at my plate before sitting across from to him. "Tempura." I replied, "Seafood and meat deep-fried. What about you?"

"Yakitori." He replied. I rubbed my hands together and grabbed a piece of the Tempura, biting little by little.

"We need to come here again—oh, and thanks for paying for me." I said as he shrugged.

"It's fine." He said shortly as it went to a comfortable silence...

"We make a good pair." I said out loud as he glanced over to me, "When it comes to fighting. By next week, I will be saving your butt left and right."

"You are joking." He said with an piqued look as I shook my head.

"I mean, with enough practice, I could hold Zangetsu."

"You can't even lift up a 50 pound bag; what makes you think you can carry my zanpakutō?" He questioned as I thought for a moment.

"Because I am Kimiko Tokushima; that's all." I said simply and reach over and flicked my neck.

"Please, the only thing that Miss Tokushima can do is complain and get fat as well as be annoying. She likes to nag while her eyes squints her eye in a weird manner. She liked to bother me constantly no matter what. That Tokushima who would visit me when ever I am not around in school—the annoying girl who has a lopsided grin whenever-" Ichigo continued before stopping once I gave him a sly look, "W-what is it?"

" notice all those things about me?" I said as his cheeks reddened for a moment as he rubbed the back of his head. I was honestly curious. I really don't look at my own actions carefully.

"It is kind of hard to ignore it once you see them every single day." He excused himself as I let out a laugh. It was good to know that from him.

"If that is your excuse, I will accept it." I said, eating the rest of my food as I kept a close eye on him. He looked relieved that I didn't ask him any questions...yet.

"We could just not go back to school." I said honestly as he said nothing. Needless to say, Ichigo was not going to change his mind. He kept quiet and I have been hearing is my voice—hearing my voice talking for so long gets tiring after a while. I glanced up at him to see his slightly slumped figure, bag in his hand that was over his right shoulder, a pensive look on his face. His lips were protruding outwards every once and a while, but never too much to look like a pout. I know he was listening to me sometimes because each time I stopped, he would glance down at me, wondering why I was quiet all of a sudden. I would talk again so my pitiful heart would stop beating too fast and he would look towards the side of the road again. I didn't ask him questions because I knew that I would be greeted with a shrugs and a quirk of an eyebrow that would be his way of constituting an answer, "You listening?"

"I am..." He finally said as I mumbled under my breath. I watched as we were approaching the gates of the school and let out an agitated sigh. I have to ask him now. I quickly got in front of him and put my hand out to stop him.

"What's wrong? You haven't been talking and you just look like you are pouting all the time." I complained, crossing my arms over my chest.

"I..." He started and ruffled his hair, closing his mouth, not knowing what to say. I waited, not knowing what he is trying to say, but it was a struggle, "Let's go inside."


"We're missing class." He said stiffly as I watched him pass by me. What the hell was that all about? One minute, he looks like he was on the verge of telling me about some dark secret; the next minute, he plays it off as if nothing happened. I clenched my teeth before relaxing. I just need to get over it. It is nothing serious. He will tell me when he wants too, but still...

-Hours later-

"Class is dismissed." The teacher said as I let out an unexciting cheer. After hours of lectures, the class was more vibrant again. Students were talking about plans to do after school. I got up from my seat, putting my books and papers within my bag without a care, and left the room. I didn't necessarily wanted to go back home and do nothing. My mom probably already walked Alistair so there was no use. I turned the corner and climbed up the stairs leading me to the next floor. I swiftly turned to the right and knocked on the door.

"Toru-sense-" The door immediately opened and I smiled at the bob-cut, glasses wearing, teacher in front of me. "I was wondering if you are you going to be here for a while because I just wanted to draw a little bit."

"Of course. You are welcomed here anytime. I haven't seen you in a while, but it must of been all those classes you have to take—I have another student in here id you don't mind. He is working on a project even though he is caught up on anything." She said as I passed by her and cocked my hip a bit, looking at the figure at the table. I barely heard Tori-sensei saying that she will be right back.

"You like drawing now?" I asked in amusement as I saw Ichigo's head lifting away from his paper and looking at me. I walked over as he shook his head.

"No, it was just that I knew you usually...come here..." He said as I pulled up a stood next to him and looked over to his drawing and smirked, "Don't laugh."

"What is that, a mermaid?" I mocked as he took the paper and crumpled it up. I couldn't hold my laughter back this time, "It's not bad!" It was horrifically bad.

"Sure." He said with a sarcastic look, throwing it into the trash bin and passed a paper over to me as well as a dark pencil. I thanked him and just made little lines on my paper, unable to form an image in my mind. I propped my elbow up and looked away from Ichigo."So..."

"Are we going to talk about why you were being such a moody-pants earlier today?" I asked him as he sighed. He should have known that I was going to ask him sooner or later "I am not sure if I said anything wrong."

"You usually do." He mocked as I snorted a bit, "But not this time. It was my fault." I looked over to him and nodded, wanting him to continue. "I am not sure how I am going to...get this out. You obviously know that I am sometimes not good with words."

"You never were to begin with." I said in a matter-of-fact voice, "But I know... what does that have to do with anything...?"

"The reason I was so hesitant to talk to you—...this is going no where." He said as I laughed, shaking my head, "Just want to say thank you and...—never mind..."

"No." I said, stopping my drawing and looking at him as he was puzzled, "No, I want to hear what you say; finish that sentence. I don't give a shit if you are embarrassed and feel that your head might turn so red that your head burst. You are going to tell me." I tapped my pencil against the desk until the lead point was gone. I demanded to know what he was going to say. He was not getting out of this one. Not now. I looked over to him as his eyes widen before he softened a bit.

"If you don't tell me and I will ignore you for the rest of your orange-haired life." I said as I heard him growl, "You heard me."

"You are being ridiculous-" I started to hum loudly, grabbing the pencil from his hand and sketching anything that came to my mind. He was trying to raise his voice over my loud humming. Was this being a child and ignorant to the fullest degree? I knew it was, but I didn't care.

I saw from the corner of my eyes Ichigo's hand reaching out to me. I yelped a bit when I felt his hands flick my neck. Rubbing my neck, looking over to him with a glare. "Hey!" I snapped, "You don't—"

I stopped myself when I saw him so close, closer than I thought he would be. I can't even describe the way he was looking at me because... It was nothing that I saw before. I leaned close to him to meet him halfway. He was not going to move any closer so I decided to make the first move. I gripped the front of his blazer and pulled him into a kiss.

A lot of people say that their first kiss felt something out of a movie, but this one felt different. The strange, but addicting feeling of his lips on my. That tingling and thrilling feeling it give me that vibrated throughout my body as if I was in a rock concert near a speaker. I pressed harder once I felt him kiss back. I didn't know it, but I closed my eyes once I kissed him in a matter of seconds, afraid that his facial expression might be one of disgust. I felt my hair being brushed back and I knew that it was his touch. I could recognize that soft, but rough touch anywhere. I let out air through my nose as I was just a loss for words.

I reluctantly pulled away and only hear mine and Ichigo's shallow breaths trying to take air in. I lightly tapped my lips with my fingers as a smile went on my face. A small giggle building in my throat.

"...Woah..." He said as I looked up to his now slightly-pink lips and flushed cheeks. I laughed harder at his words as I smoothed my hair even though it was already fine.

"I wanted to do that for a while." I said, looking over to him with a gentle smile. He briefly met my eyes, but kept it there and chuckled as well.

"I agree with that. That's what I've been trying to tell you from all those time I was acting like a... 'moody-pants' as you would like to call me." He said as I leaned against the desk, him having my full attention, "I like you... a lot."

"Well, after that kiss, I kind of expected it." I joked lightly as he smile back, "Though, this kiss was weird?"

"How so?" He asked, seeing as he looked slightly alarmed; he probably thought he did something wrong. I glanced around the room and saw the blank face in awkward body poses.

"We kissed in front of mannequins..." I said, making a face as he made a face way as well and flicked my neck before pulling me closer. I balanced myself on the chair and held onto his arm to support me, but I wasn't too worried about it. I know that he was not going to let me fall anytime soon...

I twisted my self around, reaching up to kiss him again, briefly brushing my lips against him again—

"I just ordered some new paper type that we can hot press—" I looked over to Toru-sensei surprised, getting out of Ichigo's grasp and nearly falling out of my seat. Forget Ichigo not letting me fall, I need to worry about my own two feet.

"Hi Toru-sensei!" I said far too quickly as she gave an mysterious smile and slowly left.

"So...which one is more awkward—the mannequins and Toru-sensei. I still have to go with the mannequins." Ichigo said sarcastically as I shook my head.

"Shut up." I said under my breath, moving next to him again and pressed my head against his shoulder, grinning to myself, "But... I like this."

I heard make Ichigo make a voice under his voice—one out of confusion, but he then hummed under his breath as he realized it. I felt his palm on my head.

"Yeah, I like this too..."

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