Bardock's story

Chapter 5: Matrika's sacrifice

Unaware of what was happening; Courne and her family were trying to relax for the evening. However, Courne was still very worried about Matrika and Bardock. Tora and Tarro were also concerned. Since Bardock failed to show up for their training session, they were worried about him, especially Tora. He was now sat at his bedroom window staring outside, wondering if his best friend was ok. The two boys saw each other every day. They were almost like brothers. As Tora stared out in to the darkness, he heard knocking at the door. Courne went straight there. Tora and Tarro went to where they could see the door way. Their father, Bane, came out with a towel draped around his neck from a shower. What happened was a shock to everyone.

Courne opened the door. As she did, she just caught sight of the person stood on the doorstep before her as they collapsed, face down, on to her floor. When she looked down, lying at her feet was Bardock. The saiyan boy was completely unconscious.

"Bardock!" Tora exclaimed.

"What happened to him?" Bane asked.

Courne picked up her friend's son and carried him in to the boys' bedroom. There, she put him in Tora's bed. She checked his pulse and breathing to find he was in shock and his body was finding it hard to cope.

"Is he ok, mom?" Tarro asked.

"I think so," Courne replied, "He just needs a rest."

"Someone should tell Matrika we've got him." Bane suggested.

"No, something isn't right here."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not sure."

Before they could discuss further, Bardock started to wake up. Tora and Tarro went to his side and watched. Slowly, Bardock's dark eyes opened and he started looking around the room. That's when he saw his two best friends.

"Tora? Tarro?"

"Hey Bardock," Tora greeted cheerfully, "We were worrying about you."

"Are you ok?" Tarro asked, "You ended up fainting at our door."

Bardock went quiet as he thought back to his mother ordering him to leave. Courne could see the distress and worry in the boy's eyes. It had to do with Matrika.

"Bane," She said firmly, "Take Tora and Tarro for something to eat. Bardock needs some peace and quiet."

"Alright," Her mate replied, "Come on you two."


"See you later, Bardock."

Once the twins had left with their father, Courne sat opposite Bardock. She could see how tired and drained he was but she needed his help.

"Bardock," She said softly, "Where've you been all day? You know Tora and Tarro were waiting for you."

"It was Dad." Bardock replied simply.

"I need more than that."

Bardock wasn't sure how Courne could help but her kind eyes and persistent nature were too much to ignore. He sighed then started to tell her what happened. Her heart broke as he told her about being abandoned on the mountains but she froze with shock when he explained how Aikon attacked him and Matrika.

After he explained, Courne watched in shock as Bardock tried hard not to cry. He had toughened up over the years but all this horror was really testing his solidity. Courne couldn't imagine anything like this happening to her sons. Aikon was becoming dangerous even by saiyan standards. Sure, saiyans attacked each other but usually because of provocation or some form of revenge but Courne wasn't aware of any attacking their mates or their children. She then wrapped her arms around Bardock and hugged him.

"Do you think my mother's ok?" He asked.

Courne paused as she wasn't sure what she thought. Matrika was a tough girl, of course, but Aikon wasn't a commander for nothing. He was a formidable mid-class saiyan with a fearsome reputation. But Matrika had described a more honourable side being around before Bardock was born.

"I don't know, Bardock," She said honestly, "Hopefully she'll be fine but nothing's for certain."

The young warrior looked down and gave a hefty sigh. Then Courne saw he was struggling to stay awake. The day had really drained his energy.

"Go to sleep, Bardock," She said, "Stay in Tora's bed. He won't mind."

"But what about…?"

"Don't worry about your mother. We'll find her in the morning."

Reluctantly, Bardock lay back and closed his eyes. Courne walked out and left him to sleep. She was really worried about Matrika but it was dangerous to go storming to her home now. Aikon could do more damage if aggravated. It was going to be a long night.

The next morning, Bardock got up, threw on his clothes and started heading out the door.

"Hold on, Bardock," Tora called, "Wait for us a minute."

"I need to find my mother."

"Let Mom and I help you."

"What about Tarro?"

"He and Bane have gone training," Courne replied, "Tora wants to help."

Seeing that he had no say in the matter, Bardock waited a few minutes while Courne and Tora finished getting ready. Once ready the three of them flew to Bardock's home. Courne put herself in the front with the two boys behind her. Tora watched his best friend and his mind went to the night before. Bardock had spent the whole night tossing and turning, worrying about Matrika.

"You didn't sleep well, did you?" He asked.

Bardock looked at his best friend and saw the concern.

"No." He replied simply.

"She'll be ok. Once we find her, you and she can be happy."

Bardock wasn't so convinced by that.

After half an hour of flying, they arrived at Bardock's home to find it looking as though nothing was wrong. Bardock landed quickly then sprinted to the door. However, instead of running through it, he crashed in to it, sending him flying. He landed with a harsh thud.

"Are you ok?" Tora asked.

"Yeah," Bardock replied, "Why is it locked?"

Courne peered through the window and switched on her scouter. There was no reading coming from the house and no sign of anyone home.

"Where is Mom?"

At first Courne didn't answer Bardock's question. She had a feeling she knew where.

"Come on boys."

She took to the air, with the boys behind her, and flew. As they got closer, Bardock recognised where they were going, recovery. They landed and Courne led the two boys inside. Bardock could feel his heart thrashing as he followed her through the halls. Soon they met a familiar face. Plenthor had been walking from one place to another when he saw Courne in the hall. He stood then his eyes fell on Bardock and his expression fell.

"Plenthor," Courne greeted, "I'm glad to find you."

"Greetings Courne," He replied, "I gather you're looking for Matrika."

"How did you know that?"

"You'd best follow me."

Anxiously Courne and the boys followed the aging doctor.

Soon they arrived at a room where Bardock got the shock of his life. In the middle of the room was healing tank with a medic monitoring the levels of DNA. Inside though was the biggest shock, Matrika. She was completely unconscious, covered in scars and her normally radiant skin was pale. Tora looked to his side to see Bardock frozen. The boy's body could barely move and his bottom lip was trembling. Finally, he dived to the tank and stared terrified at his mother's lifeless face.

"Mom, I'm here," He called, "Its ok."

Plenthor explained that Aikon had brought her in through the night, claiming that she had over done things during a training mission. Bardock heard what he said but knew deep down what really happened.

For the next couple of days, Bardock stayed right by his mother's tank. He refused to leave her and no one dared try to move him. Plenthor checked on him every day and provided him with food, water and a comfy pillow. Courne also came to see him every day. She could see her best friend was not going to survive. She and Bane had already started to plan what ultimately would happen. Bardock would come to live with them. Aikon had only been seen once since Matrika came in. He appeared at the door of the room and when he saw his son sat next to the healing tank, he snarled. Bardock glared hard at his father. The boy was still scared of the man but he was determined not to show. His mother deserved him to be strong. On the third night, Plenthor walked in to find Bardock fast asleep on the floor next to the tank. His tail was wrapped around his waist and his head was lying on his hands. Plenthor looked up to Matrika and saw something upsetting. Her air mask wasn't giving off bubbles. She had stopped breathing and was dead. Young Bardock's life was now turned upside down.

What's Bardock to do now? We'll see.