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When Bella moves to Forks, she is a little more than human. What will happen when she spots the Cullen's, and see's them for what they truly are?

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I took in my surroundings as I drove away from the airport. All there was by the side of the road were trees, trees, and more trees. Perfect I thought happily. The trees would be perfect cover for flying around.

I should explain. I'm Bella Swan, well, my full name is Isabella, but I haven't used that name for at least a century.


'Mum, can I stay in the garden for just a few more minutes?' I shouted to my mother who was in the kitchen.

'Yes, but try not to get too muddy!' She shouted back.

I quickly went back outside and began climbing my favourite tree. I'm only 11, but I have been climbing this tree forever. I was just nearing the branch I usually sit on, when I saw something small and sparkling hanging on to the tree.

I quickly went to the branch and grabbed the creature just before it fell. I put it down on the branch and looked at it. I was shocked I jumped back and nearly fell off the tree. It was like a miniature human, wearing a dress made of leaves and it had wings!

'Please, don't be afraid.' The creature said quietly. I attempted to nod.

'I am a fairy.' It said. I still couldn't think of anything to say, so I just nodded again.

'I am truly sorry, but you must come with me.' The fairy said, and I finally snapped out of my trance.

'What? Go where?' I asked, really confused.

'To where I live. All humans that see fairies must be changed.' The fairy replied.

'Changed to what?' I said, slowly making my way to the edge of the branch.

'To a fairy. I'm ever so sorry. I truly am.' She said. I tried getting away again, but everything went black.

When I woke up, there were loads of small people surrounding me. I gasped, and they all looked worriedly at me.

'Someone get Amelia!' One of the fairies cried out. I slowly sat up, trying not to scare them. I got some looks, but no one seemed too scared. I started wondering who this Amelia was. And where I was. And why I was surrounded my so many supposed fairies.

'Why did you call me?' A woman said who I presumed was Amelia.

'Well, see, this girl saved me from falling from a tree. My wings were broken so I couldn't fly. Anyway, I took her here to change her to a fairy, since she found out about us. But when I had finished she stayed human size. Just like what happened when you were changed.' The fairy said to the woman I thought was Amelia.

'Ok, clear the area. Let me talk to her in private. I need to find out more about her.' Amelia said, and all the 'fairies' immediately ran off.

'So, what's your name?' Amelia asked.

'Isabella Swan, but call me Bella.' I said out of habit.

'How old are you?' Amelia asked again. I felt like we were playing 20 questions.

'11. What's happening?' I asked, the question just slipping out.

'I will tell you when I have figured out. Ok?' She said, and there was a kindest to her voice.

'Ok, so how will you figure out?' I asked, feeling more comfortable around Amelia.

'By doing some tests. Don't worry though, they won't hurt.' She said, smiling at me for the first time. She was really beautiful.

We spent the next few days doing random things, so she could work out what I was. I thought I was a human, and I told her that several times but she said I definitely wasn't. I thought about my mum a lot, but I wasn't allowed to see her. I don't know why not.

'Ok, I know what you are.' Amelia said after the many days of tests.

'Ok, what?' I asked, trying to keep myself calm.

'You are, part fairy. When you were being changed, something in your mind happened. You have some sort of mind shield, like me.' She said.

'Ok, so I'm part fairy, part what? And what do you mean a shield like you?' I asked, confused.

'I think part human. But you have almost all the fairy qualities. And with the shield, it blocks attacks on your mind. There are other supernatural beings, which have mind powers, but if they try to use them on you, they won't affect you.' She said, and I was beginning to understand.

'Can I use my shield to protect other people?' I asked, needing more information on myself.

'Yes, but it takes decades to learn. I will teach you, I can protect other people.' Amelia said. A few decades? But she only looks at the oldest of 20? And she can do it?

'A few decades? But you only look about 20?' I said, voicing my thoughts.

'That brings me on to your fairy qualities. I think you have the same as me, which are the shield, the ability to fly, you won't need to sleep, your diet will consist of fruit and leaves and you are immortal. You will stop aging when you reach 18. The reason I look 20 is because I was 20 when I was changed.' She said. It was a lot to take in, so I tried to take it all in and make a mental note.

'Ok, I had forgotten about sleeping…and seriously a diet of leaves and fruit? And I'm immortal? I stop aging? What?' I said, my head beginning to spin.

'Don't worry, the diet is actually nice, you won't like anything else any more. You are immortal, you'll get used to that too. And the not ageing. There is other stuff as well. Have you looked in a mirror yet? Because you are stunning. That's a quality you have. And each fairy has their special power, which no one else possesses. Mine is protection. My shield is a big help. But, I can't tell when you will find yours, but when you do, you will know.' She said, and I nodded slowly, taking it all in.

I'm a fairy.


I finally arrived at the house I would be staying in. It was quite big, it had four bedrooms. Not that I needed them. I went to the kitchen and got a drink of water. I wasn't very thirsty, but it gave me something to do.

I looked around the big, empty house. I didn't consider it a home since I wouldn't be living here for long, and I wouldn't leave with fond memories. I turned on the TV to see if there was anything interesting. There wasn't, as usual.

I decided to go into the forest and pick some leaves and fruits. I remember my initial disgust to my new diet, but I loved it. It was so fresh and wholesome. And Amelia taught me how to use magic to grow my own crops. They were even more delicious.

I decided since I was hidden in a forest, I would do a bit of flying. Flying was my joy, I lived to fly. It took away all my worries.

After a couple of hours collecting food and flying, I returned home. Out of my suitcase, I grabbed my gift from Amelia. It was a book, containing all about supernatural beings and everything about them, including fairies. She wrote the book, and we are the only two people to have this knowledge. I have read this book millions of times, and know how to spot every kind of supernatural creature. If they aren't in this book, they don't exist.

I sat at the dining table and tucked in to my basket of leaves and a couple of berries. I didn't have to worry about poisonous berries, because I was almost indestructible.

I started to get ready nice and early, so as not to be late on my first day. I put a series of text books in my bag, and grabbed my keys. I also put my book from Amelia in my bag. I always kept it close, as it kept so much important knowledge and secrets.

I got outside and unlocked my new car. It was a rusty red Chevy. It may have been cheap, but it helped keep me inconspicuous, I wouldn't stand out in Forks. Well, with my car, anyway. My looks might say otherwise.

I found the high school pretty quickly; it was just off the highway. I pulled in and saw a couple cars there already, and a few people looking at me already. This was going to be a long day.

Just as I was getting out, I glanced over to a group of 5 people. All beautiful, all pale, and all with the same golden eye colour. Vampires. And ones that drank animal blood. That was nice, I had met a lot of vampires in my time, and most of them were pretty feisty. It was a good thing they would have trouble destroying me. And their mind tricks wouldn't work on me.

I chanced another glance at the coven of vampires. I noticed the blonde boy looked as though he was in pain; he was probably the most recent to not drinking human blood. Standing next to him was a short girl, with short black hair. She reminded me of a pixie I met a couple of decades ago. Those two were obviously together, as the short girl was hugging him and holding his hand. They were definitely mates.

Next to them were another pair of mates. The girl was quite tall, even without the stiletto's she was wearing. She had long blonde hair, with a slight wave to it. Even for a vampire she was beautiful. Next to her was a big, tall boy with short black hair. He was big in the fact he had huge muscles. He looked slightly intimidating, but I wasn't particularly worried.

Then, I saw the fifth vampire. He was standing on his own, but he was by far the hottest of the lot. I can't believe I just thought that…He had bronze coloured messy hair, and had more subtle muscles than the other one. Just then I noticed he was staring at me, with a puzzled look on his face. He probably had some sort of mind gift, that wouldn't work on me.

I smiled over at them, and walked over to the front office.

'Hello, how can I help?' The receptionist said, barely looking up.

'I'm the new girl here.' I said back, which made her look up.

'Hello, you must be Isabella Swan. I'm Mrs Cope, the receptionist.' She replied.

'Please, call me Bella.' I said, out of habit.

'Ok, Bella, well here is your timetable and map of the school. Also, you need to get this signed by all your teachers today.' She said, while handing me three separate pieces of paper. I said thank you and then walked off to my first lesson, English.

I handed the piece of paper to the teacher to be signed, and then he introduced me to the class. I quickly took a seat at the back, and vaguely listened to what he was saying. It didn't really matter seeing as I had done this topic too many times to count.

The rest of the day went pretty much the same. At lunch time I was encouraged to sit with this girl I met in English and some other lessons. Her name was Jessica Stanley, and she was obviously only being my friend to look popular.

Also at the table was a girl named Lauren, who was very much the same as Jessica, another girl named Angela. She was nice and very polite; I could see I would be friends with her. There were 3 guys at the table, called Mike, Eric and Ben. They seemed alright, although Mike flirted with me most of the time. Which was slightly disgusting.

I went up to go and get some food. People usually questioned my food, but I just said it was because I was on a strict diet. They had a limited amount of fruit and vegetables, but they would do. I didn't need much food to keep me from hunger.

We all chatted through lunch, while Jessica filled me in on all the gossip. I subtly asked about the vampires (of course, I didn't call them vampires).

'Oh, they are the Cullen's. The girl with the short, black hair is Alice Cullen. She's a bit strange. The guy who looks like he's in pain is Jasper Hale. The girl with the blonde hair is Rosalie Hale. She is the twin sister of Jasper, but they are completely opposite, apart from their looks. The guy she is sat next to is Emmett Cullen. The guy sat on his own is Edward Cullen. Even though he may be single, apparently none of the girls at the school are good enough for him.' She said, and I heard some spite when she spoke about Edward. He had obviously rejected her. I let out a low chuckle, that no humans would here.

Edward seemed to have heard, as I heard him laugh out. I have pretty much as good hearing as vampires. A lot of my qualities are like them, apart from my diet. Edward had obviously been listening to mine and Jessica's conversation.

'I will keep that in mind.' I said, referring to Edward.

'Yeah. You know, they are really strange.' Jessica said, very matter – of – factly.

'Why?' I said, thinking she was on to their secret. I saw Edward's head pop up too.

'Well, their adoptive parents, Esme and Carlisle, are really young. Only late twenties. And they are all together. Emmett and Rosalie are a couple, and so are Alice and Jasper. I mean, they live together. It's like, ew.' She said, making a disgusted face.

'Yeah, but they aren't related, so I don't get why you find it so disgusting.' Angela said. I really liked Angela.

We continued going through the other lack of gossip in the school, until the bell rang. I remembered from my timetable that I had biology next. That would be fun.

I made my way to the classroom and had a quick look around while the teacher, Mr Banner, signed my slip. I saw the only spare seat was next to Edward Cullen, the vampire. I think that will be his new title. The vamp. Anyway, I walked over to the seat, and took a sit down. He looked a bit anxious at first, but seemed to relax.

'Hello, I'm Edward Cullen. You're Bella Swan.' He said, with a very attractive velvety voice. I could listen to it forever.

'Hey, how did you know I liked to be called Bella?' It was a stupid question; he was a vampire, so he could hear. And I'm pretty sure he had some sort of mind power. But, I wanted to call him up on his mistake. Just to continue the conversation.

'Oh, one of my siblings has a class with you, and told me you preferred Bella.' He said, in his velvety voice again.

I nodded, and the lesson began. We would be doing a practically today, one that I had done at least 100 times. Ah well, this is what is signed up for.

We began the experiment, and Edward offered the microscope to me first. What a gentleman.

'It's prophase.' I said, only taking a quick look.

'Mind if I take a look?' Edward asked. Go ahead, vamp, but it is prophase.

'Yeah, go ahead.' I said, pushing it towards him.

'It's prophase.' The vamp said. A smug grin worked its way on to my face.

'Like I said.' I couldn't stop myself.

Throughout the lesson me and Edward talked, seeing as we finished the practical after about 10 minutes. He has obviously been to many high schools in his existence. I wonder how old he is.

He spends the whole time asking questions about my life. I feel bad lying, but it has to be done. Amelia always told me never to reveal myself. I have a couple of times, but I have never told anyone my whole story.

Weirdly, I want to tell Edward.

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