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We lay in each other's arms for almost an hour after our love making.

"Wow…that was just…wow…" Edward muttered lazily.

"Yeah, we should probably head back to the others now, though, they'll be wondering where we are." Edward nodded in response, and we began getting dressed. However, just as I was about to put on my panties, all I saw was a small pile of material.

"Uh, Edward, as hot as it was when you tore off my panties, I kinda don't actually have any underwear to wear." I said. Edward laughed in response, before throwing me his boxers.

"Here. Wear these. They might be a bit big, but…" Edward trailed off.

"What will you wear?" I asked, although, I already had an idea of what his reply would be.

"Under my jeans? Nothing." Edward said simply, and I moaned a bit. "Like the sound of that?" Edward asked, smiling smugly. I launched myself at him, and pinned him to the ground. Edward was only wearing his shirt, and I was still completely naked. I saw Edward's eyes beginning to fill with lust, and his penis was getting harder. I leaned down, pretending I was going to kiss him, but quickly ran off to the other side of the meadow before our lips touched. Edward lay there, stunned, and then let out a half groan, half growl.

He quickly got up, and ran towards me. I yelped, and began to run up a tree, but I was too slow. He quickly caught me, while we were half way up the tree. I wonder if anyone has ever had sex half way up a tree?

"You're an evil little vixen, did you know?" Edward said, but the glint in his eyes told me he was joking with me.

"You were being too smug, so I put you in your place." I replied, and Edward began to get a mischievous smile on his face.

"Instead of putting me in my place, I'd rather you put me in your place. More specifically, here." To emphasize his innuendo, Edward ran his finger gently along my clit. My mind was screaming at me to try and stay calm, but my body betrayed me by arching into Edward's hand, and by moaning. Edward smirked again. "I wonder if anyone has ever had sex in a tree?" If I wasn't certain that Edward couldn't read my mind, I would have thought he had.

"I just thought that!" I exclaimed. Edward looked at me like I was crazy, then he suddenly froze, jumped down from the tree, and started running around the meadow insanely fast, before returning to me with my clothes, being fully dressed.

"What the hell was that about?" I asked as I quickly got dressed. Instead of replying, Edward putting his finger over my lips, and shushed me.

I looked down into the meadow, and sniffed, trying to smell any danger. I couldn't smell anything, so I peered into the meadow again.

Suddenly, a blurred form shot through the forest and out into the meadow. Sparkles were coming off his body, in the sunlight I hadn't realised was present. I looked over the still form, and instantly recognised him. Why was Edward hiding from him?

"Edddwwwaaaarrrrdddd! Belllllllllaaaaa! I know you're heeerrrrrrrrrreeeee! Come out; come out, where ever you are!" Emmett's booming voice sang out. Right now, he was facing in the opposite direction, so I decided to scare him.

I jumped down from the tree, angling myself in his direction, and landed on his back. I put my hands over his eyes, and, in my best imitation of Edward's voice, said, "Guess who?" Emmett laughed after the shock wore off, and Edward growled lowly.

"You know, I'm thinking it's Edward. Although, he must have lost some weight, because-" Emmett was cut off as Edward, like me, jumped from the trees. I managed to escape quickly, while Edward tackled Emmett.

"What are you doing here, you big oaf?" Edward asked.

"Aside from interrupting your love making," Emmett announced, at which I blushed furiously at, "I came here on Carlisle's orders. Sorta. He told me to tell you guys that the house is finished, and so we are having a big family meeting."

"Couldn't you just have thought that from a couple miles away?" Edward demanded.

"This way was more fun!" Edward was about to lunge for Emmett again, but Emmett ran off into the woods, leaving Edward and I alone again. "Such a fun spoiler…damn cockblocker…I was just about to have sex in a tree…who does that?...I only just lost my virginity, some time alone would be nice…he'll pay later…" Edward muttered. I giggled, for Edward didn't seem to realise he was vocalising his thoughts.

"For someone who has only just lost their virginity, you've become pretty sex-obsessed." I joked.

"We will have sex in a tree. Just not right now." Edward said firmly. Then, he kissed me, before throwing me on his back and running back to where our new house was. Once we got there, Edward stopped abruptly, and we both stared in awe.

"It's beautiful…and massive…" Edward said slowly.

"That's not the only thing that's beautiful and massive…" I muttered in response. We heard Emmett's laughter booming in the distance, along with Jasper's, Matthew's, Darren's, and Sebastian's.

We ran inside, right into the dining room, where everyone was sat around the massive table. I sat next to Amelia, with Edward on my other side.

"Right, ok, so, firstly, I think we should decide who is going to school first. Since we have 14 in our family, and two of which won't be attending school," At this, Carlisle and Esme looked over at each other, before quickly looking away again. "I was thinking if we wait 2 or 3 years while everything settles down, then 4 or 6 people at a time will attend school. Ok?" Carlisle asked. Although no one wanted to go to school, we knew we had to, to keep up the human interaction.

"There was something Bella and I want to say, if that's ok?" Amelia asked. I looked at her, confused, but she held up her book with all the secrets in.

"Yes, that's fine." Carlisle replied, so Amelia and I walked up to the front.

"Right, so you all know that Bella and I have an extensive knowledge of all things supernatural. I originally compiled all this knowledge, and then I wrote it out into two books, one for Bella, and one for me. Since we have decided to pass on this knowledge, I thought it would be easier to write it out in 12 more books, rather than bore you all with a lecture that would take hours." At this, Amelia passed me a pile with 6 large books, exact replicas of mine, only less wear and tear.

I handed out the 6, while Amelia handed out the others. Everyone immediately began reading, and there were small gasps every now and then.

"Wait, so, there are two different types of werewolves?" Edward asks incredulously.

"Yes. One breed is called the werewolves, and they are more common. They change when there is a full moon, something they can't control, and have to be bitten to become one. No genetics involved. The other breed, however, is a form of shape shifter. They can only change to one form, though, which is a wolf. They can control this, and the gene is passed on through family, and is awakened when vampires, their natural enemy, are present." I explained, hoping to stop any confusion.

"Wow! Pixies are real? People always say I remind them of a pixie." Alice asks.

"Yes, I've met a couple. They're quite nice, the ones I met, but some can be quite the trouble maker. They are usually smaller than humans, but not quite as small as fairies are meant to be." I said.

Amelia and I spent the next couple of hours explaining the creatures some of them had never heard about. We talked about fairies, pixies, witches, wizards, shape shifters, werewolves, elementals, mermaids, and countless other creatures.

"Now on to the next part of our meeting. We need to make some rules regarding our new leadership." Carlisle announced.

"First and foremost, should be, do not reveal yourself to a human unless absolutely necessary. Then, you can expand on that for each different species." Jasper said.

"That's a very good rule." Carlisle said, and then he wrote down what Jasper said on a whiteboard, that took up almost the whole wall.

"Do not change other humans to be like you unless they specifically ask you to. So, vampires can't make newborn armies." Amelia added.

"No immortal children." Edward said.

"You must always have sex with your partner. At least once a day." Emmett said, and Rosalie hit him on the back of his head.

"Well you're not getting sex for a month." She said. The look on Emmett's face was priceless, he looked absolutely devastated.

"But, baby, how will I show you how much I love you?" Emmett said, making his eyes well up and everything.

"By telling me." Rosalie said, trying not to give in.

"How will I be able to resist your gorgeous, beautiful, amazing body?" Emmett asked again.

"I'm beautiful, huh?" Rosalie said. I could already see she was beginning to give in.

"The most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world. I love you so much." Emmett pleaded. Somehow, Rose bought that, and they began making out like hormonal teenagers. I guess, in a way, they were. Soon, they were both running to their new room, to 'Christen it' as they said. Jasper and Alice also went, as Jasper got a big wave of the lust emotion, and also sent out that emotion to everyone else.

The meeting was ended, with everyone going to their separate rooms. I was about to, but Edward stopped me.

"How about we try that tree sex?" Edward asked while kissing my face and neck gently. I nodded slightly, and so Edward carried me in his arms, running until we reached the meadow. He climbed up the tree, still carrying me, and went right up to the top. The truck and branches were really thin here, and it looked quite precarious.

"It'll be fine, love. Anyway, we'll survive the small drop." Edward says, grinning as he sits down on one of the slightly thicker branches. I stand awkwardly on a branch just below him, and hold on to the truck. Slowly, and very carefully, I unbutton Edward's shirt, and rest it on another branch. I climb up to a branch opposite him, and we begin kissing.

We stop, so that he can take off my top, and then we quickly resume. His hands go straight to my breasts, and he quickly takes off my bra. I begin undoing his trousers, and pull them off. I forgot he wasn't wearing any underwear. My hand brushes against his penis and his hips buck, creating friction.

I take off my trousers, and Edward's boxers quickly follow.

"I think you're going to have to sit on my lap for this to work." Edward says. I carefully move over to Edward's branch, and sit on his lap. Edward moans, before taking one of my nipples into his mouth. I moan in reply, and begin moving my hips for extra friction.

My arousal I almost dripping on to Edward's leg. I'm so needy for him right now.

"Urgh, Edward…more…I need…more…" I whisper breathlessly.

"What do you want, my love?" Edward asks, stopping sucking on my nipple, but idly playing with the other one, rolling in between his fingers.

"You, inside me." I tell him honestly.

"What part of me? My fingers?" He pauses, before reaching down and pushing two of his incredible fingers inside me, before taking quickly taking them out. "My tongue?" After this, he lifts me up, so my legs dangle over his shoulders and my pussy is right next to his face. Then, he roughly pushes his tongue ever so slight inside him, before putting me back where I was before, sat on his lap. "My penis?" He lifts me up, and pushes me quickly back down on his penis.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!" I shout out. Edward smirks at me, but I don't care, because I needed this so bad. I begin to tentatively move up and down. Edward helps me at first, by placing his hands on my hips and moving me. After I start to get better moving on my own, Edward's hands move to my breasts, where he plays with my nipples again.

"Oh god…Edward, I'm so close already!" I moan, and Edward chuckles a bit at that. His one hand leaves my breast, and instead moves to my clit. He starts rubbing small, fast circles there. I can feel my body being coated in a layer of sweat at his actions. Soon, too soon, maybe, I'm cumming and riding out an intense orgasm.

I lean my head on his shoulder, tired and spent, but Edward keeps moving inside me. His fingers stay on my clit, keeping up the small circles. It's too soon after my previous orgasm, the pleasure is so intense.

"Edward…I don't think I can go again so soon." I mutter wearily. He, however, keeps going. I then realise that he didn't orgasm when I did, and guess that's why he keeps going, but I don't know why his hand stays on my clit.

"I reluctantly heard many of Emmett and Rosalie's sexual encounters, and this…apparently, gives the woman an incredibly amazing orgasm." Edward explains. I moan and begin to move my hips, to meet his thrusts, but I'm still so tired. It does, though, feel amazing.

"Oh Bella, I'm so close…" Edward mumbles. His hand stays on my clit, and he keeps thrusting in and out of me, getting harder and faster.

Soon enough, I can feel the cum from Edward's penis coating my insides, and there's lots of it. More than before. Still, though, Edward doesn't stop.

"Are you close, love?" Edward asks. His penis is still inside me, but it's not as hard, and it's not moving.

"Sorta." I respond weakly. Edward's mouth quickly latches onto my nipple. I moan very loudly at all the sensations. Edward's free hand grabs one of mine, and brings it down to his other hand. Both our hands work together in massaging my clit.

"I'm close now." I tell Edward. This approaching orgasm feels so much stronger than my other, just like Edward said. He keeps going, going faster and faster until he reaches vampire speed. My orgasm washes through me like a tsunami, and I very nearly black out. I clench down on Edward's penis, and he moans as his penis moves a bit.

I eventually recover, and look up to see Edward grinning smugly.

"Told you it was powerful." Edward grins, proud of himself.

I stick my tongue out at him, like a child, and he responds by kissing me.

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