Author's Note: This is my conclusion to this series. Granted, it has been a fun ride, but it's now time to move onto something else. I think this Twilight Zone story is the best way of concluding this fun series.

Once again to those who have read through all the stories, thank you for your time.

Now, for the last time in this series, enjoy!


Sweet Nostalgia

A Hetalia Axis Powers / Twilight Zone story

Based on the episode The Changing of the Guard


Alfred – America


"Mr. Alfred Jones, a country that has accomplished so much over many years, who is about to discover that life still has certain surprises, and that the campus of the Gakuen Hetalia World Academy lies on a direct path to another institution, commonly referred to as the Twilight Zone."


One night in the distant future…

Alfred was about to enter his spacious office at the Gakuen Hetalia World Academy when he saw its lights were already on.

"That's strange," he thought as he slowly opened the door to the room

Before he even said anything, Alfred saw that his fellow colleagues, the other countries, were smiling in his office.

"SURPIRSE!" they shouted happily.

Alfred smiled sadly as he remembered that he was about to retire from the academy soon. As he looked around, he was also reminded the fact that none of his former states were there. They have all gone their own separate way and vanished into the unknown.

"Even dear Catherine…," he thought as he kissed his jovial wife, Amelia, on the cheek, "She couldn't even resist time."

As he tried to enjoy the party the other countries kindly decide to throw for him, Alfred was only thinking how he probably didn't achieve everything that he wanted to do in the academy.

"I wish I can talk to my states one more time," he softly muttered to himself as he blew out the candles off his Happy Retirement cake.

"Just one more time…"


After the party concluded and the two Americans went off to bed, Alfred couldn't really fall asleep peacefully knowing that tomorrow will be the day that he packs all of his belongings in his office.

In despair, he slowly got out of bed, carefully not waking up Amelia, and drove back to the academy, which was completely dark.

He used the key to get into the building and started to wander the halls in a depressed manner.

"No," he thought with regret. "I wish I could've achieved more at this school."

"I wish I could've spent more time with my states and tell them how much I love them all."


However, as he was nearing his office, Alfred heard the school bell go off. After that, he heard noises coming from a nearby classroom.

Thinking that it was pranksters from the neighborhood, Alfred was surprised to see Catherine, dressed in her academy uniform, sitting in her old seat

"Isn't time for class, Dad?" Catherine said sweetly, just as Alfred remembered her awhile back.

Elated at seeing his eldest daughter, the man attempted to hug Catherine, but instead went right through her and fell headfirst into the desks on the other side.

Catherine smiled sadly as she watched her father slowly get up and crack his back.

"So," Alfred mournfully asked. "You're not really here?"

Catherine shook her head slowly.

"I'm still gone," she answered solemnly. "Nothing can change that."


With that statement, Alfred started to cry on the ground as Catherine, trying not to tear up, watched her dad in the midst of his depression.

"WHY?" he cried as he banged his fists on the ground. "WHY COULDN'T WE STAY TOGETHER?"


As he continued to weep over his apparent failure, Alfred felt comforting hands on his back.

As the man got up, he was face-to-face with all of his old states, who were all smiling at him.

"You did do a lot, pops," Amanda chirped as she winked at her adoptive father.

"You taught us how to be proper states and how to survive this world," Maddie followed cheerfully.

"On that note," Alexis gently said as she adjusted her glasses. "Enjoy your retirement."

"You, out of all the people in the whole building, deserve a break."

As Alfred stared into the eyes of all his precious children, he saw that the sun was beginning to rise quickly outside and that the states were beginning to become more transparent.

"P-Please," Alfred asked as he tried to grab Catherine's hand. "D-Don't leave me…"

She smiled one last time before finally vanishing in the radiant morning light.

"Don't worry, Dad," her voice echoed. "We are always going to be with you."



As Arthur was heading toward the academy, he noticed that the door was already open.

"Thieves," he thought to himself. "No respect these days…"

As he marched through the aisles of the school, he noticed that Alfred was on his knees in the middle of overturned desks.

"Bloody hell!" Arthur exclaimed as he rushed over to his colleague. "Are you alright?"

However, as the British man looked at his friend, he saw contentment and acceptance in his eyes.

"I'm fine," he answered as he got up and dusted his jacket.

After a couple moments of silence, Alfred decided to ask one request to his fellow teacher.

"Say, Arthur," he said. "Can you help me pack my office before the students arrive?"

Arthur smiled as the two walked toward Alfred's office.

"Not a problem," he responded sincerely.

"Not a problem at all…"


"Mr. Alfred Jones, country, who discovered rather belatedly something of his own value. A very small scholastic lesson, from the campus of the Twilight Zone."