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Roughly six months have passed since the competition between Kaguya and Mokou. In the months since, the two have developed one very healthy relationship with each other. Both were very happy with it. Kaguya no longer had an enemy in the world, and Mokou would never, ever be without somebody to turn to, even when the day should arrive that Keine perished. We pick up on the two during the first day of fall…

"It's weird," Kaguya said, looking out at the moon rising in the horizon. "Six months ago, I would have never imagined us in this situation. I wouldn't even imagine myself in this situation with anybody, much less you, Mokou."

"Life works in strange ways. And eternal life is much stranger than any mortal's life. But even eternity has to end sometime, doesn't it?"


"Someday, something will happen. Maybe it'll be tomorrow, and maybe it's billions of years from now, but at some point, something's going to have to happen that will either render us permanently dead, or be so bad that we may as well be. I don't mean to be a fatalist or anything, but it's human nature to believe that kind of stuff."

"Then don't worry about it. We're both as immortal as can be, and whatever happens, even if every other person in Gensokyo dies; even if we're the last two people in the universe…well, we're still here, aren't we?"

"I guess so…" Mokou fished into her pocket. There was something important she had to give to Kaguya today, and getting it was far from easy. She had to go to Yukari, who decided to screw with her and make her go to Rinnosuke. And from there, it took Mokou five months to save up the money to purchase her own rightful property. After all, she was the last of the Fujiwara family. And the Fujiwara family honor was almost restored. Almost.

"Something bugging you, Mokou?"

"Kaguya…" Mokou pulled out a little black box, and said "We've known each other for longer than I care to remember. At first, I just hated your guts because of what you did to my father, but in that competition some time ago, I somehow started seeing past all of that. By the time it was over, I could go so far as to genuinely say that I loved you."

"I felt the same way," Kaguya said, reddening a bit at the cheeks. This whole "love" thing was still taking some getting used to for Kaguya. Spending one's immortal life turning down countless suitors will do that.

"Now I wanna prove it."


Mokou popped open the little black box, and said "Kaguya…marry me."


"Marry me, Kaguya."

"Uh-um…w-well, I-I mean there wouldn't be any harm in it, but…"

"Relax. Just one word is all I want."


"And with this," Mokou said happily. "The Fujiwara family honor-"

"Not yet. We're not married just yet, so it's not restored at the moment."

"Well you're certainly the witty sort."

Two weeks later; Myouren Temple…

"Dearly beloved," Byakuren started, in front of her standing two immortals. One was Fujiwara no Mokou, wearing a fine black suit she picked up at Kourindou. The other was Kaguya Houraisan, either wearing or carrying all of her legendary Five Impossible Requests. "We're gathered here today-"

"Get on with it," somebody shouted from the crowd.

"…Right. Fujiwara no Mokou, do you take Kaguya to be your bride through all and everything, 'till death do you part?"

"I do."

"And Kaguya, do you-"

"Until death does us part," Kaguya said with pure ecstasy.

"Very well. By the power vested in me by the Myouren Temple and Gensokyo, I hereby pronounce you bride and bride. You may kiss the bride."

And not a second later did the crowd erupt in cheer. Mokou and Kaguya, face-to-face kissing to seal the deal that was marriage. "Now," Mokou said once the two parted faces. "Now the Fujiwara family honor is restored."

"And elevated to new heights," Kaguya added. "Reisen, hand me that." And as the two headed outside, hand-in-hand, Kaguya was handed what looked like a metal cane ornately decorated at the top. Kaguya held it by the bottom, and looked up to the birds flying over the Myouren Temple. The Lunarian princess took careful aim, and from the end of the cane fired a red bolt. Direct hit! The bird became a red silhouette, and it began changing in shape. And once it was done doing so, the silhouette colored itself in to reveal that the bird had turned into a shark! The aquatic predator began plummeting to the ground as Kaguya smiled in delight. The Wabbajack worked as it should! "Good job."

"And that," Mokou said, sitting next to a bed. "Is the story of how I met your mother."

"Wait a minute," Kaguya said angrily from the doorway. "You skipped at least a couple centuries, Mokou! That's the story of how we got married. Go back to the part where we actually did meet if you're gonna tell her about how you met me!"

"Alright, let me rephrase that, then." Turning back to the red-eyed child in the bed, Mokou said "And that is the story of how I married your mother."

"Thank you," Kaguya said.

"Then there's the story of how your mother met Reisen, but that's really long and I don't know it."

"She'll get some Hourai Elixir when she's old enough," Kaguya said. "You have plenty of time to share the story."

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