90. Twenty years later.

As we watch our oldest daughter graduate high school, I am the proudest parent of all. Our two sons and youngest daughter are standing with us, cheering and clapping for their sister. I look at my husband and he's looking at me, smiling and looking every bit of the proud father he is.

I feel so blessed with my life, with four wonderful children between the age of 12 and 18 and a better husband I could've ever dreamed of.

Even with a gap of a couple of years in my memories, that never came back except for some moments here and there that don't matter to me, I don't feel like I miss out on that period of my life. From what everyone tells me it was a bad period in my life, and who wouldn't want to forget about that?

As I hug my daughter, who will be going to college soon, I feel like I have no regrets, no worries, just a family to be proud of and a husband to love until I die.

I have to thank my pre-readers again, kitkat681 and CullensTwiMistress, they've both been through this whole thing with me and helped me out and heard me out when I got stuck. This story wouldn't be here without them!

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