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The bar was loud and hot. Women in mini skirts and tank tops were dancing with well dressed and not-so-well dressed men on the dance floor.
Patrick Jane scanned the room with pure boredom on his features. He was sitting at the counter, casually leaning on the wood. He had a glass of whiskey in his hand, necessary for his cover. He repressed a yawn and put his glass down again. He did it for at least the fifth time in half an hour.

„She will enter the bar in 2 minutes…" He heard in his ears and he automatically raised his hand to adjust his earplug. „Almost there… Boss can you hear me?" VanPelt spoke and that was when Jane heard her voice too.

„Yeah, I'm opening the door right now…" he heard Lisbon's answer and his head snapped at the direction of the entrance of the bar. His breath hitched in his lungs when he saw her. His always so moderate boss was wearing a really low cut, knee long, green dress and high heels. Her hair was in a bun, and some locks were hanging loosely around her face.

„Well, that's something Lisbon!" he muttered appreciatively and started to walk to her. He almost got there when a man in a black shirt ovetook him. The man maneuvered to Lisbon and the grin on his face told Jane that he wasn't going to back off easily. Lisbon made a small sound of protest when she noticed the stranger but when the man greeted her she forced a smile on. She started the small talk and as her eyes met Jane's she motioned him to wait some minutes.
Patrick went a round in the room, even stopped to flirt with a young blond he was least interested in. All the while he listened to Lisbon's chat with the man about little nothings like drinks, work or Lisbon's dress. He returned when the man was getting quite pushy and he could see the immediate relief on Lisbon's features when he appeared.

„Thank you for taking care of her for me buddy!" he said charmingly as he came up next to Lisbon. He pulled her close to himself and smiled. He loved that she let him hug her like that. Of course he knew it was just because of the undercover work, but it was good to think that she didn't mind it at all either…
The man made a strange face, his lips pressed together and a little wrinkle showed above his right eye. Not that Jane could blame him. He really though he would get Lisbon tonight. And to be honest, she was a great hit. An excellent hit. Probably the most beautiful woman in the whole bar…

„Ehhm…well, then…It was a pleasure to meet you! Bye!" he turned and walked away, into the crowd.

„Bye Greg!" she chirped after him in a tone she never used. „Damn, he was really getting on my nerves…" she muttered to Jane gratefully. „I need a drink." She stated and made her way to the counter. He followed, still adoring her dress.

„Already?" he teased her and when she looked at him from above her shoulder he grinned.

„A martini please…" she told the bartender and turned to him. She wanted to ask him about the people in the bar. If he found anyone suspicious or agressive but her words were stopped from the stare he foxed her with. He was looking her up and down again and again. „What are you glaring at?" she asked and a smug smirk played on her lips at the sight of him totally lack of words.

„You look…Breathtaking!" Jane murmured and turned his gaze to her eyes. Her face was red and she looked away self-consciously. This was his Lisbon!

„Thanks!" she said, clearly embarrassed and she reached for her drink. During she took a sip they heard VanPelt and Rigsby's comments about her dress and how wonderful she looked. She rolled her eyes but smiled. „Thanks guys, but it's just for the work…" she said shyly.

„Jane, you see that guy at Boss's right?" VanPelt suddenly asked. Patrick broke his eyes away from Lisbon's face and glanced in the said way. There he was, in a blue T-shirt and he was chatting with three women.

„Sure, who he is?" he nodded. Lisbon wanted to check the man too but Jane knew it would be really an eye-catcher. He grabbed her arm to stop her. „Don't turn…" he whispered and though Lisbon sighed and grimaced she didn't move.

„I think he is our guy! His name is Christopher Meyer and he has a huge oil company." VanPelt said and they heard the typing. „He was born in Germany, he is single, divorced actually…His ex-wife's name is Katherine Johnson. „

„Can I turn now?" Lisbon asked and Jane could see she was on tenterhooks to catch a glimpse of the man. He smirked and nodded slightly. She turned her head a little bit, and forced her eyes to see in this angle.

„Don't break your neck Lisbon, we are going to go and talk with him!" he said and she shot him a death glare. „Of course only if you say so, dear…" he added with an innocent smile.

„Not tonight…" Lisbon murmured. She was deep in thought for a minute then she sipped another from her drink. „Tonight we will watch and listen…You go and ask around if anybody knows anything interesting about him!" she said to Jane.

„What will you do? If I leave you alone just for one minute men will be around you immediately…" he said and Lisbon for her own amusement heard a little jealousy in his voice.

„Don't worry about me, I will take care of myself!" she laughed „Just go!" she motioned to the dancing floor and he nodded.

„Okay, but if you need me…" he muttered. He stepped away from her and heard VanPelt's tone in his ear.

„Look at there, Jane are you jealous?" she chuckled.

„No, I'm not!" he said quickly and glanced back at Lisbon. She turned back to her drink but he could see the slight shaking of her shoulders as she laughed. He pursed his lips together and kept walking towards the crowd.

Lisbon waited until he was a few metres away from her then she turned and stared after him. He almost disappeared into the crowd of dancers and she saw him doing some dance steps too. She repressed her laugh and shook her head. He was in his element that was sure…


Patrick Jane said goodbye to an indian woman and with a smile placed firmly on his lips he made his way across the room. He was searching for a certain green dressed woman and as soon as he found her with his eyes he quickened his steps.

She was talking with a bounch of guys. Oh, of course…! He thought. He heard the whole conversation in his ears through his earplug. Sometimes he heard VanPelt or Rigsby's comments or the rare sound of Cho's chuckle. It was giving him a feeling of comfort and safety to hear her conversaitons with others. He knew it was unnecessary but he liked to keep things under control. He was well aware of the thing that Lisbon could hear his chats with people too so at times when he was alone he made some critical remarks just to hear her laugh. Or the sound of her trying to repress the laugh.

When he came up behind her he decided it was time to play. He stepped next to her and put his hand softly at her back.

„Good evening gentlemen, and to you love!" he said as they all looked at him. Lisbon's face was a mixture of confusion and amusement. When he said the word 'love' her face winced but then she managed to control herself. Sure, he was never one to use this word… „I heard that the most beautiful woman in this bar is over here so I thought I have to come and meet you…" he winked playfully and extended his hand. „I'm Patrick!"

„Teresa" she shook his hand, obviously noticing his game. „So, I would be the most beautiful woman in this room, huh?" she asked in a flirty tone.

„I heard it…Here and there…" he nodded. Great, she was playing along!

„Yeah, is that so? Really flattering." She smirked.

„They were right though… I haven't met anyone like you before!" he told her, however, they both knew this was not a straight compliment. „And I mean this in the positive way!" he explained.

„Well thank you!" she said and barely noticeably she took a step towards him.

The other three men seemed to get enough of him. The one on the other side of her cleared his throat and when she looked at him he grinned.

„You seem to forget us, gorgeous!" he lifted his hand and smoothed her arm. Lisbon turned to him and for a moment Jane thought the guy will be kicked in the ass but she managed to keep her cover.

„If you are forgettable…" she said cruelly with a sweet smile on her lips. Jane muttered 'Aucs' but she didn't look at him. She kept her attention on the other man who seemed to be offended. „This gentleman here, was so unashamed to come here and I think he won tonight. I like him, so will you excuse us?" she said and with this she turned her back on the other three man to flash a grin at Patrick. He held out his arm for her and Lisbon accepted it.

They walked away from the shocked men and when they were out of earshot he bursted out into laughing. She squeezed his arm to make him stop but it was starting to take over her too.

„Jane stop!" she chuckled. His cheerful laughter was overwhelming and a music to her ears.

„Sure as hell you took care of them pretty cruelly…They won't ever come near you again!" he said, still having difficulties in keeping a straight face.

„That was my intention!" she winked and sat down on a bar stool. „What time is it?" she asked suddenly.

„Ehh…Well, it's 10:13..Why?" he didn't expected this question.

„I think we should head back to the hotel…" she told him.

„What? Really?" he gaped at her in surprise. „But the party only starts now…" he said and motioned around them. He was right, most of the people came in the last ten minutes and the bar was visibly more crowded than half an hour ago.

„Patrick Jane the party man? Woah, I never thought you had such a side…" she teased him. „Well, you can stay as long as you want but for my part, I'm exhausted. I will go back alone if you decide to stay." She stood up and smoothed her dress. „Well, good night!"

„Wait! If you aren't staying then I won't either…" he said and fell into step with her in the direction of the exit.

„Why? You think you can't manage without me?" she grinned.

„Nope, I think you wouldn't get to the exit without me!" he shot back.

„Why is that?" she raised her eyebrows.

„Because you look too fantastic to leave alone… Men would hang on you and you wouldn't be able to leave if I wasn't here…" he told her and for the first time she stayed silent. On the one hand she was blushing crazily at the thought that he found her fantastic. On the other hand, she found the fact quite offending that he thought she couldn't make her own way out of here.

They walked to the hotel which was only a few blocks away and entered the elevator.

„Hey guys, where are you?" they heard Grace's voice in their ears.

„We are in the elevator Grace… „ Jane told her.

The ringing indicated that they arrived on the right floor and both stepped outside the elevator. They went to Grace's room where the computers were set up.

„Hi!" Jane said as they entered. Rigsby and Cho sat on the couch and watched some kind of sport on the Tv while VanPelt was typing on her laptop.

„Hey everyone!" Lisbon greeted too and she sat down into an armchair.

„Hello, well Boss you look great!" Rigsby said with a grin. Lisbon noticed Cho's appreciative glance too and she smiled.

„Thanks! You got anything interesting VanPelt?" she turned to the redhead.

„Nope, I analized every one of Jane's conversations with the guests but nothing…" the agent sighed then smiled tiredly.

„Maybe tomorow!" Jane said cheerfully and went into the kitchen to pour himself some tea. When he came back with a cup in his hands he got some weird looks from hsi colleagues. „What?" he asked

„How can you drink tea at this time?" Lisbon questioned.

„Why? It's not like I drink coffee…I'm thirsty." He told her and Lisbon just rolled her eyes.

„Well, I'm tired…I will go to bed now!" she stood up.

„I'm coming too!" Jane said quickly and put the teacup down on the table. Lisbon looked at him but decided not to comment it. They said goodbye and left the room. When they were walking on the corridor Patrick turned his head to Lisbon. "They think we are going to the same bed now…" he told her and she stopped.

„What? How do you know? Why?" she freaked out.

„You should have seen their faces…" he grinned.

„Well, I don't care what they think! They are wrong!" she said and she continued her march towards her room.

„I know…I was just letting you know…" he said as he hurried after her.

„Next time you can keep these things to youself!" she hissed and stopped in front of her door. „Good night!" she said and she disappeared, shutting the door after her.

Jane went to his own room, quietly laughing at Lisbon. He entered and without looking anywhere he sat down on the edge of his bed. He had a strange feeling in his stomach. Something like longing… But no, it couldn't be. The only things that he could long for were Angela and Charlotte but he hadn't thought of them. He was thinking about… About Lisbon!
He rubbed his eyes and let out a tired groan. He stood up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. When he was ready he put on his pajama and stepped to the window. He had a great sight of the street and he watched people walking. Some of them clearly heading home and some had just started the night.
Jane turned away from the windown and threw himself on his bed. He grinned at the feeling of the soft bedding then he crawled under the blanket and closed his eyes.

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