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Patrick Jane sat in the same bar, on the same stool, pretending to drink the same kind of alcohol as he did a day ago. And he was waiting for the same gorgeous woman…
He put his glass on the counter and the waitress looked in his direction. She was a young redhead with a lot of make up on her face, but apart from that she was pretty. Of course she couldn't even be compared to Lisbon, not to him at least…
Finally after what it seemed like a decade to Jane he heard the familiar noise in his ear. The sound of Grace's microphone. She was getting ready which told him that Lisbon would arrive very soon.
His muscles tensed in anticipation as he peered towards the entrance of the bar. Just a few more minutes and he would see her.

He had a quite good guess that she would wear something really naughty tonight. She had that expression on her face when she told him about the undercover work. He hoped for something sexy and tight. However every dress on her was sexy and made his blood boil he really hoped she would wear something wild, something that would make him jump and shiver. Like that small dress yesterday… It was just…Oh so amazing… He closed his eyes, remembering on that dress and smiling for himself.

He was so deep in thought that he almost missed VanPelt's warning in his ear that Lisbon was just entering the nightclub. His eyes snapped open and he stood up. He wanted to be the first to meet her, he couldn't let any other man spot her before him. He made his way to a table close to the door and waited there, leaning against the wood with his back.

The crowd was the same as yesterday and he saw a lot of familiar faces too. Some of them even greeted him which was a little strange. Maybe he made a good impression. He smirked at the thought that he didn't even tried to charm any of them…

There was a little tumult at the door and the bouncers had to show a drunk guy out of the bar. When Jane turned his head to see the result of it he caught sight of a red glimpse in the queue. It was only a little sparkle first but then the men moved away and he saw more. He saw a pair of legs in glamorous black heels. Then his eyes travelled up her body and he saw the full lenght of the breathtaking deep red dress that hugged her so perfectly his heart almost jumped out of his chest. He recognised her immediately as he saw her legs…he would recognise them from any legs…
His eyes widened and he swallowed hard as he took an unconscious step towards the door. There was a lady in front of her and as she looked inside the bar and ran her eyes over the crowd they eyes met.
He looked deep into her green eyes and saw the slight twitch of the corner of her lips as she tried to repress her smile. She clearly saw what she did to him, she did it on purpose! What a tease she was… she was dangerous…

He didn't even try to contain his grin and he let the appreciative look on his face talk for itself. He allowed himself to stare her up and down once more, and made sure she saw it. The was she blushed he was sure she noticed and he was satistied with it…

When it was at last her turn to get inside he pushed himself further away from the table and walked to meet her just as she stepped in the club.

„Well, good evening Lisbon!" he murmured to her, his smile reaching his eyes. He couldn't tear his eyes away from her form for just one second. Her face was light pink from her blush and her eyes were glimmering.

„Hi Jane, having fun already?" she asked.

„I'd say I just looked around… You know it's not the same without you my dear!" he winked at her.
She walked to the bar and ordered some coctail he didn't even know was existed. She said the name of it like she had been drinking it every night and he wondered how she could know the drink.

„Have you seen Meyer?" she asked in a professional tone and for a moment he looked at her like a stupid. Like she asked him something in japanese… He had no idea what she was talking about. At that moment, looking at her he didn't feel like they were on a mission, he felt like he was taking her out…. Like on a date. Oh, yeah…he would like to do that!

„I..I no…I haven't really searched for him yet." He admitted and she rolled her eyes. Though she tried to act annoyed Jane could see the smirk hiding on her mouth. Oh dear God, how he wanted to kiss that red lips of hers! He licked his lips and looked back into her eyes, only to find her amused expression.

„Let's start it then…" she beamed at him and took a síp of her drink. She drank with closed eyes and a small shudder ran through her fragile body.

They separated and ran their circles in the crowd, just as last night. Jane had some small talk and didn't even asked about Meyer. Lisbon did her job and collelcted information smoothly, careful not to be conspicuous.
She was just getting ready to find Jane when a man stopped in front of her. She looked up into his face with a slight smile. He was rather tall and broad shouldered, he had some latin blood in his veins she could see it. He flashed her a giant smile and Lisbon saw as his eyes ran over her dress.

„Hey, can I buy you another drink?" he asked in a low, humming tone. She had to admit he was handsome, but she wasn't interested. Not her type…Or at least, right now he wasn't her type.

„Thanks, but I…" she was going to say something to shake him off when he interrupted her mid sentence and grabbed her hand gently to pull her to the counter.

„Hi sweetie, I would like another from whatever she is drinking and a whiskey, please!" he told the bartender and turned back to her.

Lisbon smiled at him friendly, trying not to be rude. After all, he was buying her a drink…

„So, I'm George…" he extended his hand and she shook it.

„Teresa" she said and he grinned, satisfied with hiimself. He thought he was making process.

„What do you do for a living Teresa?" he asked, as he said her name the 'r' was rolling off his tongue like a purr.

„I'm…I'm a …" she realized she didn't really thought about this before, since she never planned to meet someone here. She knew she couldn't tell him she was a cop, that would just ruin the cover. „I'm a journalist." She said quickly and he nodded. He didn't catch up on the lie. „You?" she asked back.

„I play basketball" he told her with a hint of pride in his voice.

„Oh really?" she raised her eyebrow. „Are you good?" she asked teasingly.

„Well…. they say I play OK!" he laughed.

That was when Lisbon noticed Jane in the crowd. He was talking to a group of men but when he looked up he saw her too. His eyes became fixed on her and she felt her cheeks flush from the intense stare. She heard that George was talking about his basketball team and the championship they won last year but she didn't pay much attention. Jane's eyes looked deep into hers and she was lost. His hair fell into his forehead, giving him a childlike appearance and the dark grey suit he was wearing complimented his ocean blue eyes perfectly. And his smile, it was so gentle and warm and happy and in the same time it was playful and teasing. Shivers ran down her spine just from looking at him. Then she remembered on the day they had. The surfing on the beach then the moment in the elevator. Then his voice echoed in her ears ' the question is, can you handle gentleman-Jane for another night?'. Her insides ached as she thought about his touch on her skin as they were standing in the sea, practicing surf moves.

„Teresa, everything's okay?" she heard George's half concerned half offended voice. She guessed he wasn't use to women not clinging to his every word.

„Yes, sure. I'm sorry.." she took a síp from her new drink and avoided Jane with her eyes, only concentrating on the man in front of her.

„Would you like to dance?" he asked his hand moving forward to trace the side of her arm. She was on the edge of slapping him but she stopped herself. It couldn't hurt. Maybe it would divert her mind from thoughts of Jane…

„Yeah, I'd love to…" she grinned at him and put her glass on the bar. She turned towards the dance floor where lot of people were stuffed together, moving to the blasting music. She felt George's hand on her back, guiding her and she didn't say a word.

They almost got to the dancing area when suddenly someone stopped them by stepping in front of George.

„Sorry, but I think you are with the wrong girl, buddy!" said an all too familiar voice. Lisbon looked to her right and saw Patrick Jane's glowing eyes. He was composed but she could see the glimmering jealousy in his eyes.

„Excuse me but who are you?" asked George in a sniffy tone. Lisbon was about to defend Jane with something because the man really was an ass right now when Jane grinned.

„I am the one who will take her home tonight…" he said confidently and when their eyes met Lisbon's breath became erratic. There was a double meaning in his words…

„Oh really?" George asked with a chuckle, totally sure of himself as he looked at her. „Teresa?"

„I..I'm.." she stammered unable to say a word. Her mind still racing from Jane's look on her.

„You know what? Let's fight for her like men!" Jane suggested and her eyes snapped on him. Was he completely out of his mind? She almost yelled at him but then forced herself to keep quiet.

„What?" George laughed up then crossed his arms over his chest „ You want to be kicked out of the club or what? Besides, I would take you down in a second…" he told Jane.

Lisbon had to agree, he was all muscles and Jane wouldn't even have a chance. George would send him to the ground with his first punch.

„I didn't mean it like that… „ Jane trailed off for a minute then he looked up again. A strange sparkle in his eyes as he eyed George. „You know, I was just wondering if this beautiful lady knew that you're a family man and your wife is waiting for you at home…" he said and the air went cold around them. George gaped and as Lisbon looked at him she almost could see his face go green then white. He looked at Lisbon then at Jane as if trying to decide whether it worth it or not. Then he had an expression on his face that was awully like he was pondering to hit Jane.
After a slow minute he turned on his heels and strode off. And in seconds he disappeared in the crowd.
Lisbon turned to Jane who was standing closer to her than she expected. She scowled at him but he only shrugged with a grin. He stepped even closer to her and his eyes travelled to her lips with a longing sigh. Lisbon's heart rate fastened and she found it incredibly hard to stop the buckling of her knees. Jane leaned closer to her and she heard nothing but her own blood throbbing in her ears. He stopped just right beside her ear, his warm breath tickling her neck, his blond curls light at her cheek and her head was spinning.

„I cracked the case Lisbon, so we can have some fun now if you want…" he whispered into her ear. His voice was harsh and deep. Lisbon managed not to fall or faint in that moment and she pulled back a little to look at him questioningly.

„How did you do that?" she asked pointing after George „And what do you mean cracked the case?" her throat felt dry and she swallowed while she waited for his anwer.

Jane chuckled and his eyes were practically laughing.

„That…oh, it was easy…I noticed he took off his ring when you two were talking at the counter! Poor man…he looked like he would just have a heart attack!" he smirked „And, besides, he had black circles under his eyes…I would guess he has a small kid too! „ he said with a nod. Lisbon laughed too, shaking her head all the while. It was just so Jane-ish…

„I can't believe you did that…" she told him with a weird grateful look in her eyes. It felt good to know that he was jealous.

„Well, I couldn't let it slur your reputation Lisbon!" he winked.

„And what do you mean you cracked the case?" she asked again, raising an eyebrow at him.

„I've talked to the right people Lisbon, that's what I did. So, tomorow morning we're going to catch this guy!" he said excitedly, and clearly proud of himself.

„Oh, yeah? Care to tell me about it?" she smiled unbelievingly.

„Nope. You'll see it tomorow, just as everybody else…Why spoil the fun by telling you?" he told her.

„Oh, okay…" she said then something crossed her mind. She had no intention to leave yet but she wanted to see his reaction. „I think, if you had solved this case anyways then I can go back to my room. I can't wait to finally be in bed…" she almost moaned the last part, enjoying the way his eyes darkened. They both knew the double meaning of her words and as she closed her eyes and bent her head back a little to emphasize her words she heard his soft gasp. When their eyes met agian, she was taken aback with the load of desire in his blue ones. She had never seen this emotion before in his eyes, and she wasn't even aware of the thing that he actually could feel that way. And the thing that he felt it from her words just made it even sweeter.

„Yeah?" he murmured and he took a step closer to her. Lisbon breathed in his scent when he was only inches apart from him. „Then let me take you home…" he continued and she couldn't do anyhing but nod.

She turned away from him and started towards the door when she felt his hand slide down her back and stop right on her ass. She repressed her gasp and stopped walking. His hand didn't move but she felt his hand tense a little, knowing full well that he was in trouble. After all, she was still Teresa Lisbon, the tough, badass CBI cop, even if she had flirted with him the whole day and dressed up for him…

She slowly turned back to him her eyebrows raised as she looked up into his eyes. His face was emotionless, though the shadow of a smile was playing across his lips. She lifted her hand and put it on his chest, ready to push him away or slap him if it was necessary.

What was that Jane?" she asked with a playful edge in her voice. Honestly, she didn't mind his hand on her ass….He could put his hands wherever he wanted to but still. He needed to explain it. It was fun to see the flash of fear in his eyes as she put her hand on his chest, then as his eyes ran across her face she saw the desire again, oh that feeling in her stomach…that flutter that she was getting addicted to.

„What…We are together, did you forget? I just won you from that jackass!So we need to seem like we are together…" he said trying to sound innocent. He said it like he had the right to grab her ass just because he had a good guess. And he knew exacly what was in her mind. He probably saw the blush on her cheek and the way she bit her lip. He knew she liked it. He knew she was just playing with him, and he was going to play along. But Lisbon wanted to win!

With a sudden decision she flashed him a sweet smile and started to run her fingers slowly down his chest. She heard his groan and when she glanced up to his face she saw his eyes following the movement of her hand, he swallowed hard and his addams apple bulged out as he did. She repressed her satisfied grin and continued the move, until her fingers met his belt. She stopped there and looked at him again, from under her eyelashes. She blinked very slowly, seductively and took a huge breath.

„Does this makes us seem like we are together enough?" she whispered to him and when his eyes connected with hers he looked like a wild animal, she thought he would jump at her right there and then.

Then without any more words she turned on her heels and started her path to the exit. She heard that he was next to her only with a minute of lag. Before she could take another step, out of the blue he grabbed her hand firmly but gently and pulled her into a dark corner they were just walking by.

„Jane!" she squealed quietly.

He spinned her and pinned her between the wall and his body. Her already racing heart seemed to miss out some beat and she sucked in her breath. He looked deep into her eyes with his darkened gaze before he lifted his hand to cup her face. His fingers slid into the hair at her neck, making her shiver a little. He leaned into her and without a moment of hesitation he pressed his lips to hers.

The kiss was heated and passionate. His lips were demanding but she was happy to surrender. She opened her mouth immediately and greeted his tongue with a sigh. Her hands came up on his back and found their ways into his hair, one hand playing with the soft curls at the back of his head and the other trying to pull him even closer. His fingers ran through her hair, his other hand at her hips.
The world stopped around them as they were kissing in the dark and none of them was about to stop anytime soon. Jane's hand slipped down on her legs and he grabbed her thigh to pull it up to his waist. His slender fingers lingering on the skin of her leg and she moaned from his touch. She pushed her hips forward, against his and he growled, deep in his throat. The sound resonating through his chest. The lack of oxygen waas just starting to hurt her lungs but she fought with it until she heard the nose which brought her back to reality.

„Boss? Jane? Everything's okay?" It was Grace VanPelt's worried voice in her ear and by the way Patrick pulled back with a grimace he must have heard it in his own ear too.

„Eww… Jane, I guess we have an audience!" she whispered into his ear, careful that Grace couldn't hear it.
Jane kissed into her ear affecionately and Lisbon tried really hard not to moan. She ran her hand through his hair one more time then gently she pushed him away. She smiled when he let out a small voice of disapproval and she pushed him with more force when he tried to come back for another kiss.
She was very aware of the thing that if he would kiss her again, she wouldn't have the strength to push him away again…

She stroked his cheek with her thumb and breathed a light kiss on his lips but didn't let him kiss her back. She slipped away from him but after a step she stopped and looked back at him. He started after her like a lost puppy and she extended her hand towards him.
Jane looked at the woman he loved, because he couldn't ignore it anymore. He loved her. He was deeply, crazily in love with Lisbon. He didn't know how long he felt this way, and he didn't know how it happened but in years spent together being there for each other and having the other's back they grew closer and closer. Until it was more than just friendship….
He grinned at her with the happiness filling his heart, the feeling was overwhelming and he wanted to enjoy every second of it. With her…
He took her hand, lacing his fingers with hers and pulled her close to his side as they walked towards the door of the club. Everything looked the same as just minutes ago, but for them it was so different. So much better. Because now they weren't just Jane and Lisbon, the inseparable friends, now there were them!

„Jane, Boss! Do you hear me?" Lisbon heard VanPelt's voice again, this time it was more concerned, almost fearful. Desperate to hear some news form them.

„Yes, Grace. We hear you… Everything's fine! We are going back to the hotel now…" she told the agent and heard the relieved sigh of her team. She winked at Jane who squeezed her hand in response.

„How come you already coming back?" asked Rigsby

„I solved the case…" Jane announced smugly and smirked at Lisbon.
Because the Meyer-case wasn't the only one that got solved that night….

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