AN: This is what happens when you watch YouTube videos of people mimicking the famous scene from the first Harry Potter instead of revising for your AS and A2 modules and doing preparations for your university interview next week.

After the 'events' of Lady Catrina's stay in Camelot; everyone was cautious about how they acted around the king. In hindsight the idea that Uther Pendragon married a troll of all things was both extremely ironic and hilarious. However nobody dared to make jokes or comment in any way about what had happened a few weeks beforehand. You would have to be a certain kind of idiot to even consider making light of such an embarrassing and memorable situation.

"I cannot believe you want to do this." Arthur commented.

"You're going to be killed!" Gwen warned.

"Funny as it sounds; I think you should think about this." Morgana added.

"It'll be brilliant and besides; you know you want to see his face." Merlin laughed. Morgana, Gwen and Arthur shared a look as they considered what Merlin had planned. There was a certain appeal to what Merlin wanted to do but at the same time; the servant must be completely insane to want to do such a thing.

"I need to get ready. Come on Gwen." Morgana said, walking out of Arthur's chambers with Gwen. "He's completely mad."

"Merlin's always been a little bit mad but this is deranged." Gwen replied.

That evening there was a feast being held in the Great Hall. There was no real reason for such a feast; it seemed to be a Feast-For-The-Sake-Of-A-Feast. The lords and ladies were chatting as they were served food and drink. Morgana, Arthur and Gwen shared worried looks as Merlin excused himself from the hall under the guise of getting more wine. As the servant left; Uther called for silent as he prepared to make a speech.

"My friends; tonight we celebrate-"

Uther was cut off by Merlin throwing open the doors and running into the room screaming at the top of his lungs.


Everyone fell silent as Merlin stared at Uther's furious face and swayed on the spot.

"Thought you ought to know." He commented before collapsing in a faux faint.