Title: Angels and Airwaves

Rating: T (For now, don't know if it's going to change or not)

Pairings: Castiel/OC, hints of Sam/Dean

Summary: When an angel falls, they take on a human form. There are rare instances where another human, born at the exact same time, gets a hold of some sort of power or knowledge that fell with their angel. This just so happens to be the case for one seemingly normal Elia.

Disclaimer: Supernatural or any of the characters do not belong to me. I am writing this solely for entertainment purposes. The title is not mine either. It is a band name that I felt fit well with my story; but it is not mine.

Nothing besides Elia and some of the plot is mine. They are made up by me. That is all.

NOTE: Elia (El-ee-a) is usually just called Ellie. So, for clarity, Ellie=Elia. Ellie is her nickname. With that, enjoy!

"So, run this through for me again. We're going into this tiny diner, because there is a girl who works there, part time, who just so happens to have some sort of freaky connection to the angels, in her dreams?"

"Yes, Dean. Her name is Elia. She is 22 years old, a college student, and she works part time in this small eatery. She is going to help us find out what is being planned up there. We need her around for some time."

Sam, who had been standing silently by Dean the whole time, decided to speak up. He noticed Dean was growing more and more agitated by the second. "Okay, how exactly did she get this?"

Castiel sighed and rolled his eyes, a habit he had picked up living with the pair—and Bobby, of course—. "It doesn't happen often, but sometimes when an angel falls, a normal human baby can pick up a sprinkle of some of the lost grace. When Anna refound her grace, she saw that her power of entering and communicating during dreams was gone, which meant a human baby had picked it up."

The boys were silent for once, paying close attention.

"I had to do some searching on my own, which was quite difficult with the angels' lack of trust in me, but I managed to find out that Elia Stone, common working college student, had acquired this power."

"Okay," Dean dragged out, taking a couple more steps toward the diner. They were going to have to go in eventually. "Why isn't she in the loony bin like Anna was or somethin'?"

Sam managed to resist a snort, as the three of them began their descent up the stairs, nearing the door.

"She keeps her dreams hidden, I'm sure. She thinks nothing of them. She sees them as just dreams, nothing to tell anyone about."

"Right, okay. Well, Cas, if we're going to get any sort of time with this girl, we cannot, by any circumstances, tell her the truth right this second. Do you hear me?" Dean and Sam watched this angel scrunch his eyebrows together and tilt his head.

"Of course." He ended up saying, and that was that. They were inside the diner.

"Table for three?" A petite girl asked, looking up at the three tall men. Her hair was honey-colored, falling in loose waves down her back and over her shoulders. Her eyes were a striking green color, almost like looking at jade. She had full lips, a cute nose, and all in all, was a downright adorable looking girl.

Her nametag said Elia. Dean mentally thought they hit the jackpot of chicks, and Sam unconsciously leaned closer to Dean.

Castiel couldn't read her, however. It seemed that her mind was blocked off, as were her emotions. He just couldn't tell what she was feeling. If it weren't for the clear friendliness—and now, at their silence, confusion—projecting from her eyes, she would have been more rock-like to him than Dean.

"Yeah, table for three. Sorry." Sam ended up chuckling out, noticing the way the girl was starting to inch back.

"Right this way." She murmured, tucking a silky strand of hair behind her ear. She was a little weirded out, but she knew that everyone had their off days, and these three seemed friendly enough.

As they sat down, Elia handed them some menus. "I'll be back in a second with some water."

They all held their breaths for a few seconds until the gentle tap of her feet was unnoticeable.

"Dude, that's her? Cas, why didn't you tell me we were going after the damn daughter of Aphrodite?"

Castiel blinked, confusion in his eyes. "Her mother's name is not Aphrodite, Dean."

"He means that she's beautiful, Cas."

"Damn, that girl is smokin' hot! Did you see her? Why is no one as shocked as I am? Is no one as affected? Holy hell, Cas, God was showing off when he made her."

Castiel could respond with how Sam was not affected by her because he was showing clear signs of anger and jealously, but he kept silent. He knew from last time that Sam was very secretive about his feelings, and he didn't want him to be upset. Sam upset is kind of…well, not happy.

"I didn't notice her looks. I was trying to figure out why I couldn't tap into her thoughts. It has never happened before." Cas frowned.

"Maybe it has something to do with the whole 'having a fraction of angel grace' in her?"

Before Castiel got a chance to reply, Elia was back.

"Hi, I'm Elia, and—"

"I know." Cas deadpanned, and Elia stared, looking a little freaked out.

"Your nametag." Sam offered with a smile, trying to ease the tension. Dean kicked Castiel's leg under the table.

"He has a hard time with pretty ladies." Dean all but purred, and Elia snorted a little, shocking the boy out of his 'she is a perfect human' mentality. She was human, hand human qualities and flaws.

"Right, well, nothing to worry about here." She laughed again, sending a small smile at the three. They seemed a little odd, but ultimately harmless. Besides, she found awkwardness adorable.

"Anyway, as I was saying, I'm Elia, and I'll be your waitress for today."

"Are you on the menu?" Dean grinned, sending a wink her way. She only ended up rolling her eyes and pulling out a bunch of crayons, setting them next to Dean.

"For the little kid incase he wants to draw pictures." She winked, and Sam let out a guffaw of a laugh. Dean was a flirt with everyone, so it wouldn't be fair to hate her. Besides, she seemed pretty likeable. And she wasn't interested in him. Which was a plus.

She continued saying the specials, and in the end they ordered burgers, even Cas, because it would have been weird if he just sat there—and okay, maybe he ended up liking burgers a tiny bit—.

Dean devoured his burger and fries, practically drooling.

"Dis was da besht burger I hab eber had in my life"

Castiel noticed the way Sam left Dean some of his fries, as Dean actually put the crayons to use.

"So, if she's not interested sexy and handsome, then we're going to try to set her up with Cas. Cas, you lucky son of a bitch, you."

"Why not me?" Sam questioned, his voice kind of quiet. Cas didn't really like where this was going.

He could hear the way the constant jumble of thoughts in Dean's head quieted for a brief moment, as if he were actually looking for something to say, before they started up again. Cas stared at his food, trying hard not to really invade in such a moment.

"You're a sasquatch, that's why." Dean grinned, but Sam wasn't wavering.

"What if she did end up in love with me, though?" Cas could hear the way Sam knew he was pushing boundaries, but it wasn't stopping him. Dean's mind went quiet for a few seconds long, and in the end, Cas ended up saving him. That's what he does; he'll always do it for these boys.

"I don't think she should be set up with anyone, we need her because she has a power that is useful in our journey." Castiel pointed out quietly, noticing the relieved look on Dean's face, and the slightly upset one on Sam's. He would be fine, though, Cas knew he didn't want a conversation like this to happen in a diner.

Dean, true to his 'keep everything hidden' attitude, spoke first. "But Cas, it would be a sin if those lips of hers weren't put to work." He winked. For some reason, Cas felt a little protective of the girl who wasn't there to really defend herself.

"She is going to be working with us, Dean. It'd be best to treat her like a person, like one of us, for the time being."

Sam just gave him an unreadable look—well, readable if he attempted figuring out his thoughts—but Elia came back over with a smile. Cas watched her lips for a moment before looking away.

She loaded the three plates onto her arms. "Any dessert I could get for you boys?" She—as well as Sam and Cas—gave Dean one of those 'don't push it' looks and he held his arms up in mock surrender.

"Got any pie?"

"Best apple pie you'll ever taste." She smiled, looking at the other two for any other requests.

"I'll take a slice, too." Cas voiced, staring at Elia. He was trying to get into her mind, because really, not being able to do something was frustrating him. When he was on borderline creepy, Dean kicked him again, and he looked down.

"I'll have a coffee, thanks." Sam said, smiling at Elia. It seemed that Dean and Castiel were incapable of treating people normally, so it was really up to him.

Elia just chuckled good-naturely. "Coming right up!" And she was off again.

"What are we going to do after this? I mean, I'm glad we got some food, but what plan is there to get her to come with us?"

"Well, I had officially just planned on knocking her out and taking her. We could explain when we were on the road. But I can't tap into her mind." Cas sighed, frustrated, while Dean and Sam stared. They were used to his un-human like tendencies, but still Abduction?

"Cas," Dean started, trying to word it right. Last time he upset Cas, the guy sat there pouting. "Judging by the way everyone around here seems to know her, shows that she's an extremely well liked girl. People would put some obvious search into finding her, and I really don't want the cops on our asses. Besides, kidnapping is—we're not kidnapping anyone."

"Dean's right, Cas. Besides, your powers don't work on her. We'll think of something different, okay? Maybe stay a coupe of days, befriend her or something."

Cas had planned to get the information as soon as possible, and if there were complications with his plan, then he guessed he had no choice.

"Can somebody tell me what the flying fuck just happened?" So, Elia had more of a potty mouth than the guys expected, but like Dean, Cas found it a little endearing.

They were pretty much just shocked that she wasn't screaming, or fainting. All in all, things seemed to be going pretty well.

Elia was wide-eyed, staring at the three men as if they were aliens. At this moment, that seemed like the most logical reasoning. She had been walking home, same way she does every night. It's late, sure, but nothing has ever happened to her before.

Tonight, however, was different. It started off normal; a little colder than usual due to the oncoming winter. She pulled her soft scarf tighter around her neck and continued walking, doing her best to keep her pace quickly. She was bus distance away from school, and walking distance away from her job, and she really didn't have cash to spare on a car.

The streetlights started flickering. Creepy-style, almost. Elia barely managed to turn around before she saw—well, she had assumed it was a man, but when he just out of no where appeared right next to her, clearly he wasn't a human. She tried to scream, but, she couldn't move.

She couldn't breathe much, either, but she only had to take two gasping breathes before another man appeared in front of her. This was…it was that awkward guy she served earlier today. The one with the adorable, scruffy look. She heard two voices call from behind, but she wasn't paying attention. She was trying to breathe.

Suddenly, the man said a couple of words that she didn't understand, and then, she could breathe. She inhaled deeply, ignoring the way her chest burned. Elia turned her head, catching a glimpse of the first man. Her stomach dropped; his eyes were blacker than night.

Elia saw the two other guys run up after the guy. The taller one was saying something, but she wasn't paying much attention. She was focused on the way the guy with the black eyes just…well, disappeared; anger and hatred on his face.

"Elia? Hello?" The floppy haired guy said, concern actually in his features. She figured someone said something, and she didn't respond. Well, whatever. She was the one who should have been asking the damn questions.

"Who the hell are you guys?" She said, taking a couple of steps away from the scruffy, blue eyed one. He looking confused.

"My name is Sam," The tall one—well, Sam—said, his voice soothing, like talking to a scared animal. "This, this is Dean." He continued, indicating the one who had hit on her earlier. He gave a little grin, and she thought it looked a little sympathetic at first, but then it was gone.

"I am Castiel. I am an angel of the Lord." Elia looked over to the blue eyed one, about to laugh, when she saw how serious he looked. She noticed Sam and Dean grimace.

"Cas, man, I told you…you don't introduce yourself like that to people anymore. You'll freak them out." Dean grumbled, but Elia couldn't miss the amusement in his voice.

"But, I am simply telling her the truth." The guy, well, Castiel replied, eyes pooling in confusion. She shouldn't have found someone so crazy, so adorable.

"Um, hi," She interrupted, clearing her throat rather loudly. The guys stopped their banter, and looked over, slightly sheepish. "So you're telling me, that this guy here is…an angel? And what was that weird guy from before, a demon? She chuckled, but stopped short at their solemn expressions.

"You can't be serious." She continued, staring at them with something akin to complete and utter shock on her face. The three men continued to stay solemn.

"Actually, that is exactly what it was." Castiel said, looking at Elia curiously. He was upset, it would be helpful if he could know what she was thinking right now.

"Okay…" she trailed off, trying to get all of this in her mind. It was completely impossible, but these guys seemed completely serious, and she figured the best way to stay safe would be to not anger the crazies.

She felt a cold chill run up her spine, and Castiel took a step closer to her. "We must go, I can't hold him off for much longer. Come here."

She was beginning to resist, but Castiel pulled her against him, getting a hand on both Sam and Dean as well.

"It'd be best if you cooperated, Elia. I'm going to have to do this regardless, it'd be best if everyone was pleasant." She felt his breath against her ear, before everything went black.

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