When Elia came to, she noted that she was in a dimly lit, tattered looking motel room. She slowly blinked her eyes open wider; she was lying on a couch, covered by a trench coat that smelled vaguely of peppermints. Her pulse was pounding so hard she could feel it in her eyes. She groaned.

Suddenly, the blue eyed scruffy one—she should really call him Castiel—was at her side, looking at her slightly frantically. "Dean said that you would be sleeping until he came back. There was no chance of a wakeup, with the way you fainted. I—should I knock you out?"

He placed a palm gently across her forehead before she quickly scrambled backwards, dragging the coat with her. "No, no. You should definitely not knock me out." There was a silence for a few moments, before she completely grasped her surroundings.

"SHIT! Where am I? What's happening? Am I dead? Did you—you sucked me into a white light and I passed the fuck out. Oh my God. Did you roofie me? Oh my God you roofied me." She panicked, pulling the trench coat tighter around herself. So, maybe she was overreacting a little. Her clothes were on and she didn't feel violated. But still, she had every reason to freak out.

Castiel, on the other hand, looked utterly confused. And slightly panicked as well. "I can assure you I did not put you on any roofs, Elia."

"Roofs? What are you talking ab—you mean roofies? That's…you don't know what a roofie is?"

He shook his head, and eyed the way she clung to his coat. "Are you cold? I…I don't know what to do, really. Dean told me not to worry about you waking up…he went somewhere with Sam to research about that demon. I—would you like to hear a joke?"

This poor guy, Elia noticed, seemed to be incapable of conversation. She decided to just go with it; maybe they'd let her go if she was cooperative. "I, uh, sure?"

"Well, do you speak Enochian?"

She paused, blinking up owlishly at the man. He mimicked her reaction without any mocking. "Excuse me?"

"The joke. It—it's in Enochian."

"I…uh, no. I don't speak Enochian."

Castiel opened his mouth as if he were going to say something, but the door suddenly opened, and Sam and Dean walked in with a couple of books.

"Listen, Cas, we didn't find much out, only that around this time, it seems that deaths around that area were common, always in places that had to do with—oh, shit. The girl woke up? Sorry, we didn't mean to leave you alone with socially awkward over here."

"Dean says my people skills are rusty." He mumbled, looking slightly hurt.

"Dean, stop hurting Cas's feelings." The floppy haired one said. He seemed to be the voice of reason of the three.

"You guys are the weirdest kidnappers I've ever seen…"

The three of them stopped bickering and looked over at Elia. She felt scrutinized under their gaze, and shifted further under the coat. With Sam and Dean back, Castiel seemed more levelheaded, and less frantic.

"Elia, we are not really here to kidnap you. We are here to save you." Castiel said, taking a seat at the small table. The other two followed suit.

These words made her think back to when she was standing outside with them, that weird creature/person/thing watching them. Castiel called himself…

"What was it you said you were, again?"

Castiel blinked. "I am an angel of the Lord."

Elia made a little 'tut'-ing noise of contemplation. "So, God is real? And so are angels? Do you like, have offices and stuff? God comes out with coffee and a tie and orders you to do stuff?" She noticed Dean snort, and she bit her lip to resist a smile. She wasn't supposed to be enjoying getting kidnapped.

"No, I—I have never seen God before. We work in orders, there are angels higher up than me who get their assignments, and then assign us ours."

"So, you don't really know if he's there?"

"He is there." His words were firm and almost pointy, for words. By the way Sam and Dean unconsciously shifted, Elia could tell this was a topic they generally avoided.

"Okay, okay. So…why did you kidnap me? What do I have to do with any of this? Where…where am I?"

This time, it was Sam who spoke up first. "You're in Seattle. We had to get you out of North Carolina. I know it might be kind of hard to believe, but we don't have time for the 'in denial' stage. Those demons are after you."

"And those dreams you've been having?" Dean continued, leaning back in his seat, "with angels and demons and death?" Elia looked like she wanted to protest, but Dean just held up a hand to silence her. "Don't argue with me, sweetheart. We know the deal." She kept her mouth shut.

"Well, those dreams happen to be real occurrences. We don't know exactly what's going on in them, because they're your dreams, but we need your help. The angels are butthurt and there's a holy war happening up above, and a war down below, and they're going to clash and kill the whole damn world if we don't stop it."

Elia sat, frozen in her spot. There was a lot of information to process, and while she prided herself on being calm and levelheaded,—usually—she couldn't help but freak out, just a little bit. It's not every day someone tells you you're watching the future, and are sitting in a room with an angel. Who smells like peppermint and coffee.

She figured the safest bet would be to indulge in these crazy people.

"Right," she started, standing up and testing her legs. She was a little wobbly. "That's all a really great story, guys, but I have to get home. What day is it?"

"You've only been out for a night." Sam said, eyeing her as if she were going to bolt. Which seemed like a pretty good idea to her.

"Stop lying. We couldn't get to Seattle from North Carolina in a night. That's impossible. That's a two day, possibly more, drive."

Dean impatiently rolled his eyes. "We didn't drive. Our little angel friend over here did some weird angel-voodoo, like he always does, and got us here. We had to get you far away from that area, so we could buy us some time to figure out what to do. Now, would you sit your pretty little ass down and have some breakfast?"

Elia's face flushed from both anger and embarrassment, and took a seat at the table with the rest of them. As of right now, she didn't really know what to believe, but she could do nothing about it all the way in Seattle, Washington.

"Tell me one more time." She started again, listening to Sam and Dean groan. Cas was more than willing to repeat the story every time she asked.

"Is it so hard to believe?" Dean whined out. They were sitting on the couches, in front of a television. Some cliché horror movie was playing, but no one paid it much attention.

Elia was sitting to the right of Castiel, her legs sprawled on the cushions on her side of the couch. Sam and Dean were on the other one. Sam looked thoroughly exhausted. She figured he was going to fall asleep at any given moment.

"Yeah, actually. Maybe not for you guys, who hunt stuff like this for a living, but…but 'monsters in the closet' was fiction for me. Up until now, at least." She murmured, not noticing the look the three men gave her.

"Sorry about that, by the way. We didn't mean to take away…well, I would say your innocence but that sounds a little…wrong. But, it's true. We didn't mean to expose you to any of this. Sometimes I wish I wasn't. But you're in danger, and frankly, you're a good help to us with your dream thing."

"Which I don't really understand much." Elia pointed out, but understood where Sam was coming from. If this was really true—and, okay, seeing Castiel zap out of the room and then back in with a hand full of pure white sand from the Bahamas in about 10 seconds was pretty convincing—she was in some deep danger; danger that she could be killed for. The thought made her shudder.

"I haven't had many dreams as of lately," Elia started again, biting her lip. Castiel unknowingly followed the motion with his eyes. "The last one I had was of a a pretty red-headed woman. She seemed pretty pissed. She was just talking to a bunch of people."

"That is Anna, one of my sisters," Castiel explained, "When she fell from heaven, her grace scattered a little bit. Some of it went into you. You have her ability to forsee the future and hear the angels."

"Oh, shit. She must hate me."

"It is highly unlikely for an angel to hate one of God's creations." Castiel pointed out while Dean snorted.

"That's bullshit. Uriel was a bitch, man. He hated everything."

Castiel's eyebrows scrunched up in confusion. Elia noticed that he was always confused, really. "Uriel was the funniest in our order."

Sam cut everyone's further responses off with a loud snore. Elia watched the way Dean smiled fondly. She realized that she's seen a lot of his facial expressions already throughout the day, but this was a first.

"C'mon sasquatch, time for bed." He murmured a little, dragging a half-asleep Sam to his feet and into a bed on the opposite side of the room.

"Elia, you want to grab the other bed and I'll get the couch?" He called out slightly quietly, and she shook her head.

"I'm not too tired as it is, I'll get the couch. I don't mind, it's pretty confortable. Besides, I'm shorter than you. My feet probably won't hang off." She smiled a goodnight at him as he retreated to the other bed.

Castiel stood, seemingly awkward again. "Where do you sleep?" She asked, going to some light conversation.

Castiel sat down on the other couch, giving Elia full room to stretch out. "I do not need sleep. Usually I try to get some, because the body I have needs sleep. But, I can function without any sleep. Frequently I stay on a couch and watch TV. Did you know that TV has some strange images?"

Elia chuckled. She could say a lot about strange right now, but she decided not to. "Oh, yeah? Like what?"

"There is a young female named Dora. She is a so-called explorer. But she cannot be more than 5 years old! How do her parents not let her out? And then I thought that she could possibly be an orphan. But that would not explain the talking traveling appliances. And the talking monkey."

"And that is when he broke the TV." Dean walked in, stripped down to a pair of boxers and a teeshirt. He was grinned, and he brought a pillow and blanket for Elia, and a pillow for Cas. "I found some spares. Get some sleep, Elia. We'll try to get a lot done tomorrow."

Elia hoped that getting her some clothes and other things was in that plan, because she needed to have some sort of belongings.

"What are you thinking about?" Castiel asked, intent eyes focused on her. She had been watching tv; but got lost in her thoughts.

"Hm?" she mumbled, more tired than she thought she was.

"I can usually read thoughts if I tap into people," he began, eyes never leaving her face, "But I cannot read yours. It's frustrating."

She grinned sleepily. "Well, it's rude to invade people's personal minds." When Castiel didn't respond, she figured he was still waiting.

"Am I ever going home?"

"I do not know." He said, lowering the TV volume just a little. Elia pressed her face deeper into the pillow; curling her toes into the blanket. "We left a note on your dresser for your friends and family, saying you needed some time off; you are on a road trip with some old friends. You'll have a phone by tomorrow, I'm sure, and you can give everyone a call. We are not trying to stop your life; we are saving it. I'll do my best to make sure it'll go back to how it was before."

"Okay…" She yawned, taking long blinks. "I guess this won't be so bad, though. For now."

"For now." He agreed, looking over at her with curiosity. "Go sleep. We will discuss the events of what is to come, tomorrow."

Elia fell asleep that night with Castiel's strange speak in her ears.

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